Thursday, 11 February 2010

Over at Booklust today, talking about the greatest book ever

I bring you with reverent hands / the books of my numberless dreams.
-WB Yeats, "A Poet To His Beloved"

WB Yeats, I'm sure, gave books to his beloved that he valued highly himself, and that he handled with reverence.  If you had to recommend a book you revered to someone, what would it be?

I'm asking you to highlight one book.  One book that you adore, that you prize, that changed your life, that you would save from a burning building, that you found serendipitously on a library shelf or at a used bookstore, looking lonely and ignored.  A book that thrills you but that, you have come to realize, no one else has really ever heard of, much less read.  With Reverent Hands is all about those books- the ones that deserve a wider audience than they are given and that you want everyone to go out and read, even if they are out of print.

If you would like to participate in With Reverent Hands, please go over to Booklust and comment :)

I was her first guest, and I talked about the book I love to pieces, Magician by Raymond E.Feist, a book well-known in fantasy circles, but I just wanna spread the love to the rest of the world. So I had to pick it. Come on over and say hi.


  1. I have to read this one =)

    I think my answer would be To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout :-) So glad you participated, and that you were FIRST, too! Yay!

  3. Like I said over there. I really should get a hold of this one.

  4. Oh Blodeuedd!!!! Your new header is gorgeous... as are all your headers are! Miss you! {{hugs}}

  5. I wonder if I'll ever get back to reading straight fantasy (as in not urban fantasy)? It's been over 10 years...

  6. Did I just dream it or did you claim my copy of Slave to Sensation on Book Mooch? I cannot find any evidence that I gave away my copy anywhere there when I was looking for your address. I remember your name and country of course but I bet the postman needs a bit more than that LOL

  7. Ladybug,
    Yes read read read it :D
    Can't believe you had it and I will get it, yay

    I am so glad you asked, it was a great feature.

    I could not agree more ;)

    Thanks Cecile,
    I went of the first time away from my paintings and landed in fantasy land, and it fits so well

    10 years is a long long time, can't you hear the fantasy calling for you.

  8. I have two books that I absolutely love...

    To Kill A mocking Bird

    Wide Sargosso Sea


    Thanks for the heads up on this...


  9. I read about your book over at Aarti's blog and couldn't believe I had never heard of it. It sounds fabulous.

  10. I have not read Feist...YET. But I really need to get my hands on this one for sure!!! I love fantasy and I know that he is highly revered!

  11. Cool book, looks really awesome.

    I would say that my book that I would save Rebecca but it's not really a book no one's heard of...

  12. Chris
    Hm...really, listen
    chris chris chris
    There you go ;)

    Have not read them, but if you say they are good :)

    It truly is, I loooove fantasy.

    read!!!! The others are not as good, the Riftwar books yet, some others, but his newest books are rather disappointing.

    De Mauriers Rebecca? tried to read ti once but the letters were so tiny



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