Wednesday 8 April 2009

Uptown Girl by Olivia Goldsmith

Kate left her Brooklyn roots and made it to Manhattan. She has a good job and great friends there. But then one of her old Brooklyn friends shows up heartbroken, Bina has fallen apart after her boyfriend left to explore his "singleness". What to do in a situation like this? Well there is always the enigmatic Billy Nolan, all Brooklyn and all gorgeous. Not to mention that when ever he dumps a girl that girls marries the next guy that comes along, and it doesn't take that long either. Could he be the answer to Bina's problem? She can date Billy, get dumped and wait for Jacks return. But the problem might be what Billy feels about the whole thing.

This book got me thinking because I honestly didn't care for Kate, early on she mentions how glad she is to be out of Brooklyn, and how much better she is because of it, and this cos she dress better. That comes back later on when she thinks that even if she has the most "simple" dress she still looks so much better than the rest at the wedding she is on. I did recent that only because she lives in Manhattan she is so much better, more worth than those not living in the real big city. All this because of the expensive and fine clothes she wears. What kind of message is that? Or perhaps she only wants to diss Brooklyn, but I took it in too, and it means me too then.

And what is with this obsession to get married. Sure I love it in a book, but it was like they couldn't live without it, it defined them. And why marry someone you haven't known for long? Can that really tun out great, it wasn't like they showed in great emotions either, like it was kismet.

Oh and I am really tearing at the book now. It wasn't that bad actually. Yes it never did have me laughing or smiling, first once at the end. I was never that interested, and I quickly understood how everything would turn out. But I am sure others could love this book, well at least like it. I guess that because of what Kate said early on I never warmed up to her, and she was bitchy throughout the book, in a way.

I think I will stop giving ratings, it is so hard. But since I didn't like the book in the end, I can't recommend it. I rather say that it's up to each to make their own impression of it., but..

Books I don't like others love. That is life. Maybe others can laugh at it, if it seems to be something for you.

Though I can say that I give most of my books 3, because it's so hard to choose, and this book wasn't a 3 even if it was an easy read that didn't take much out of you.


  1. Good Morning Blodeuedd:

    There are some books that just don't do it for us and others that do. I haven't read this book but it doesn't sound like my cup of tea either!

    Thanks for your honest review. :)

    Warm Regards

  2. Good afternoon Lea :)

    I do try to tell it like I see it, and I can't go on about books I don't like. But I always do mention that we all have different taste in books :D

    Cos how boring it would be if all liked the same books.

  3. Hey Blodeuedd..

    I agree with Lea, however did the author give enough info on Kate for you the reader to see why she was like.

    There a very materialistic attitude to her...I might be wrong

    Did none of the other character make a difference to the book.


  4. E.H.

    She did seem very materialistic, and even though if it wasn't explained, I would guess she got that way cos her dad was a poor drunk.

    I could have sympathised with her if that explanation would have been given. That would have made me like her.

    But the way it was written just made me feel that better things make you superior, and you can trash others. She was always annoyed with her former friends and wanted to hide them from her new friends.

    All other characters, well the were so secondary, I never got a real feel of them. I guess I was too focused on her.

    Oh I am making it out like the book was so bad, it was actually rather ok, I shouldn't go all psychological on it

  5. I get what you mean..

    I can see you feel really strongly about how the author portray Kate..

    Thats a shame - as it sounds like a good story line.


  6. I completely understand where you're coming from with the rating issue. I do not rate the books I review because I am afraid whichever rating I give it might not give justice to the book (whether negative or positive). i do like when other people give ratings though, I'm just weird this way lol!

  7. E.H.
    To be honest, even though my reservations, if the book had made me laugh and smile, I would have given it a better rating. But now I just came out with nothing in the end.

    And I guess it's hard not the be cliché in chick-lit

  8. Lilly, I have tried rating, but I tend to end up giving a 3, and within that 3 will be good books and just ok books. I am so terrible at it, but like you I do enjoy when others do it :)

  9. Sorry you didn't really like the book. It doesn't sound like one for me mainly because I can't stand when all girls want to do is get married; it certainly shouldn't define your life. Thanks for the honest review.

  10. Dar,
    I agree, why let that define your life. In some books, yes, if they want to get married, it can be ok. But in this one it was done so quickly. Love shouldn't be tkaen that lightly, but then again it was more for the sake of marriage then love.

    I am so glad I am reading a book I love now so i don't have to look at all the faults of a book again ;)

  11. Hi Blodeuedd!

    I quite agree with your review, if the characters don't appear to become involved with each other, where's the story going to go? How do I get involved if they're not that involved? WHY rush to marry?

    Good review!

    I left an award on my blog for you.

    Dottie :)

  12. Hi Dottie :)
    Oh, what an lovely award, thank you so much! I should have known at once when I saw Tink that it was your own :D

    What's up with the rush to marry, of course I understand it, but I rather know my man first.
    And it was hard to get involved and care about them

  13. Materialist characters are a real turnoff. Thanks for your honesty..that is appreciated above all else.

  14. Staci, they sure are. Thnk you, I do hope I didn't come across too honest