Saturday 21 November 2009

New Moon: The movie

I am going to keep this short.

- The movie was better than the first.
-The lines were still so CHEESY it was killing me.

-Lautner did a great job, and the wolves were awesome.
-Can't say the same thing about Stewart and Pattison and they lack chemistry.

-Better directing and special effects

-Much much better than the book.

Bottom line: Better than than the books, better than the first movie, and if you survive the cheesy then one can watch it without feeling you're throwing away the money.

Oh I am gonna get so much hating from fans now. But it's not that I am dissing it, no it was ok :)


  1. I agree with all of the above! I thought RPatz did a better job this time around though. And Rosalie looked awful! Loved the fight scenes!

  2. Whenever I watch one of these remake I know there is a reason why I love to read...

    I am still on the fence with this one - One thing I will agree with you, I thought the wolves rock - that fight scene - brilliant...

    And the size of them - very very true to the book


  3. Still have to see it, never understand the hype around the books, but at least now I know I can expect cheesy lines!

  4. I haven't seen it because it looks so cheesy, but I can't believe how much money it made already. Its crazy how popular Twilight is!

    I'm not sure I can get passed the cheese and see it. I suppose I should see the first movie before the second one anyway.

  5. a lot of people seem to like this one better than the first- that's a good thing, i guess!

  6. B,

    Glad you enjoyed it. :) I'm waiting for the DVD.


  7. Agree with your assessment. The one thing in both movies - Why are they fighting over Bella? She really isn't anything special. If you want to fight over someone with p[ersonality, Alice would be the one.

  8. Loved the review!
    I think I will wait for the DVD. Am afraid of all the teeny "fans" in the cinema. They can be quite annoying! And they will probably make me sick will all RPatz love!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  9. Patti,
    Hm perhaps, he looked awfully dead though. And I still don't see why anyone would want a sparkly vampire. But yeah great fights!

    yes nice fights, great with the huge wolves. Even if this one was only ok I will still choose the movie cos the book, yawn

  10. Marissa,
    Oh do not even get me started on those horribly bad written books. They are truly cheesy but this one was perhaps even worse cos you have to see it.

    To get past the cheesy, well, yeah that is truly hard! At least I did not have to hide my face this time. But it was bad bad cheesy.
    And then there are the fans saying it's the best movie they have ever watched,...!

    They do get better, but dunno if ever more than ok for me.

    Oh do, I would have too but had a friend who had to see it at once.

    And who looses herself that much over a guy, she is beyond clingy. Alice would be much better

  11. Susi,
    Oh my, the place was full and it was filled with teenage girls, scary! At least they didn't whistle and went aww like the last time when Ed showed up.

  12. you've got to see my son's one minute New Moon recap, it's hilarious

  13. Thanks Stephanie :)
    Will go at once

  14. Totally agree! Taylor did a great job!!!

  15. LOL....Love your quick licks!!

    My niece went to see it last night and I am anxious to hear her ever candid comments as well.

    Thanks, Wisteria

  16. Mandi,
    Such a great job, I could truly see he wanted her. he was a highlight

    Thanks :D
    Lol, I do wonder what she will say

  17. Great review! I agree with you on every point. This time I didn't almost fall asleep like I did with Twilight. ;)

  18. I went to see the movie last night with some girls from the book club. I must say that I am now officialy.... Team Jacob!!! Yes, you read correctly Team Jacob! lol I used to be Team Edward. A few scenes with out a t-shirt and I was sold! lol.. Edward's scene with out a topless made me a little...hmmm how do I say this... got it, made me a little sick! They should have left him fully dressed. lol

  19. So much to agree with...

    - Jake actually fell asleep

    - We ( and the whole theater) laughed when we weren't supposed to (ie. Alice's vision)

    -Gregory and my mom kept flipping their hair in response to Kristen Stewart doing the same thing

    - They also did the same when ever Stewart breathed heavy (almost all the time) and gasped (often and literally the last line of the movie)

    Would have loved the movie so much more if Kristen Stewart wasn't in it!

    I'm team Edward when it comes to the books but totally Team Jacob in regards to the movies! Does that really make my Team Taylor Lautner?!

  20. Donna,
    Lol, I did drift for a second, but no falling asleep ;)

    Haha I know, those scenes with no skirt, it was all wrong and honestly he looked like a corpse. I guess it would be better to be team jacob really, if book 4 wasn't a bit icky.

  21. Alyssa,
    Lol, no way, really? That is too funny.
    Oh my buddy laughed at Alice's vision too, I was mostly a bit embarrassed. And yes the constant breathing and the open mouth, what is up with that?

    Honestly I might be the same, Team E in the books, but in these movies Edward just seems like a creepy stalker with issues.

  22. Hey Blodeuedd!!! OKay, you know I went see it yesterday and you know I loved it! I am not sure if I even care about some parts being cheesy... I just love the movie. I am a huge fan of the books. I will treasure those books forever in my eyes. (Read my comment on my post and you will see why it has a special meaning to me) but other than that, I loved it. I thought the wolves freaking rocked!!!
    And Yea.. I am swaying.. Team Edward will always be my heart... but my hussy is Team Jacob - Cougar that I am !!! LOL!!!

  23. Cecile,
    I do like that special meaning it has, that is just wonderful. I love that some books can make people who do not read, read :)

    Lol, I am sure Meyer is a big cougar at heart too ;)

  24. Yea, that is one reason this series/movie will always hold a special place. Had it not been for this series (then movie) daughter's bff might not have given reading a second look. But because of it, we have welcomed a new reader to our family! And now she can't stop reading!! Which is awesome for this generation of tv/dvds/myspace/facebook/computers and those type of sorts!!!

    **go cougars, hee hee**

  25. Cecile,
    It is awesome :D I have sure tried to get buddies to read but it is hard. Some just do not want to, even if it is something interesting. I am glad she found the reader in herself.

    Go cougars, go ;)

    But like I said in my MbM post, I have the hots for Carlisle, mmm, he is so yummy. But then I have always liked older men

  26. I will give you that one... Carlise is freaking hot!!! And even in this one!! YUMMY!!! He would not make me out to be a cougar, hee hee!!!
    No I am not jumping ships here... there is a just such a variety of men here... and Emmett, I really want to see his actual character shirtless, just once, hee hee.. I know I have that picture at my place... but still... oh man... yummy!

  27. Oh he is just so mmm, I kept staring at him when he was shown, and he can so be the sexy old wamp. Never really liked blondes but oh yes I like him.

    You and shirtless Emmett, hehe, here is to hoping your dreams will come through. I must say that I did like him in this, still not a fan of Jasper, he looks so crazy

  28. Oh Cecile...

    Emmett yes... Would love to see him shirtless...

    What did they do to Rosalie - She was over Botox and then placed in cement... I think I could take her!!! in a unfair fight -then tie up Emmett for a few hours...

    Don't even start me on Carlise - too hot, too too hot...

    Alice and Esme were lovely...


  29. Yes, I will agree with you about Jasper. I am not a fan of his in this one either. His hair bothered me, I know that is mean... but it did!! 80's hairstyle... to puffy... I don't know what it is... but He is just not "right", lol!!

    Yea, I am hoping my dreams come true too.. .hee hee!

  30. ~Erotic Horizon, yes a big YES on seeing Emmett shirtless. With those big board shoulders of his... and now that I have seen that yummy "V" heading down south... OMG!!! I have to go back to my place and drool, I mean look at that picture for a little while longer. I think if I stare long enough, the pants come down a bit farther, hee hee!!!

    I have no idea what they did to that poor girl. But her makeup was not right, she looked like a deer caught in headlights. I mean for that one line... put some life in it! I mean, we know you do not "like" Bella.. but I mean comeon!
    Yea, we could definitely take this Rosalie... Now the Rosalie from Twilight... Nah.. she was bad a$$... but this one... Daughter could even take her, lol!!!
    Carlise.... Oh man.... Double dipped yummy!!!

    And yes... Alice and Esme were lovely...

  31. It was the hair for me too, it was a bit strange and he looked so crazy at everyone all the time. Nope, and he certainly not had a vamp vibe.

    One can always hope. And was it just me or was he bigger this time around. I did not even look twice at him in the first movie but here he was suddenly tempting.

    You naughty girl ;)

    Oh, yes take down Rosalie and steal Emmett. She did look strange. If we all 3 go after her then yes an easy match, Twilight Rosalie was sure more bad ass

    Alice and Esmee, yes love.

    And Carlisle, I do not need to say more.

  32. I only read Twilight and can't being myself to see the movies. I'm glad it was at least okay, though.

  33. Carol,
    I can totally understand that, the books were, well, the movies were strangely better

  34. LOL, I know what you mean! I thought the best actors were all the wolves haha!

  35. Krista,
    Lol, so funny how everyone thinks that, in the books they sure did not appeal to me

  36. Hi B!

    I loved the movie, so much better than Twilight. I have to say that Jacob's story was not a huge attraction for me, but it meshes so well within the saga, and introduces us to the werewolves.

    Dottie :)

  37. Yes much better, they do improve.
    I didn't like the story of Jacob in it self, but he played it well and the wolves were cool, more than those pasty vmaps

  38. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would considering that New Moon is my least favorite of the Twilight books. I laughed a lot during the movie, as it was very cheesy. I must say that Kristen Stewart isn't a very good actress. I think she brings Lautner and Pattinson down.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  39. Anna.
    So true, she does bring them down. And oh the cheesy, it was too much too handle at times