Thursday 21 October 2021

Audio: Sasha Masha by Agnes Borinsky


By: Agnes Borinsky

Narrated by: Agnes Borinsky

Length: 3 hours 30 minutes

YA Fic


Novella on audio? Yes, I like short, and it worked really well.

It is about Alex, have always felt like in between. Then his best friend moves away. He gets his first girlfriend and wonder if he now will feel like a real boy.

But, a name starts to come to him, Sasha Masha. He is that that name.

This is not a journey book, it is more coming to understand that there might be more to everything. Sasha still goes by him at the end though, and I will not assume I know how their journey turned out in the end. I hope Sasha truly becomes Sasha, and maybe changes pronoun.

I enjoyed it. Short! Haha, well I needed short

I was a bit afraid cos the narration was done by the author. And yes the tone, emotions and lack of distinct voices was there, but I felt like she made up for it because she that had gone through this could really put herself in the story'

Alex feels like he is in the wrong body. His skin feels strange against his bones. And then comes Tracy, who thinks he's adorably awkward, who wants to kiss him, who makes him feel like a Real Boy. But it is not quite enough. Something is missing.

As Alex grapples with his identity, he finds himself trying on dresses and swiping on lipstick in the quiet of his bedroom. He meets Andre, a gay boy who is beautiful and unafraid to be who he is. Slowly, Alex begins to realize: maybe his name isn't Alex at all. Maybe it's Sasha Masha.

Transgender author Agnes Borinksy deftly explores gender identity and queer romance in this heart-wrenchingly honest debut novel.


  1. Short is sometimes the best and all I have time for.

  2. Noooo I'm always wary of authors narrating their own books! Unless they have prior voice acting experience...

  3. It's great that the author managed to do something good!

  4. Risky business when the author reads their own novel!

  5. I love novellas! Sometimes I feel like a book is too long and it's taking forever for the conflict to resolve, so yes, I do like a good short story. Get on with things already! :)

    1. I did like that it got to the point quickly here, yay it worked