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Saturday Movie: Dumplin

Happy February!

We'll be discussing 'Dumplin'. I am in red and Carole in orange.

Dumplin' Poster
Title: Dumplin

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical
Running Time: 1 hr & 50 mins
Rating: PG-13
Released: 2018

Willowdean ('Dumplin'), the plus-size teenage daughter of a former beauty queen, signs up for her mom's Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant as a protest that escalates when other contestants follow her footsteps, revolutionizing the pageant and their small Texas town.



I can’t remember the author of the book this was based on, but yes I chose it because it was based on a book, as one does ;D

This was a really good pick. I’ve heard so many people like it, so I’m glad we decided on this one.

I am happy too! I did not know what to expect, and I did not expect this. I honestly do not know what I expected, but it felt more, I do not know, sweet? Ok not sweet, but ugh if I knew what I meant! Lol. It was just nicer. Omg like I imagined something dark. Blah, I am rambling!

Haha. I get what you’re saying. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised I only cried the one time and that was because it was a beautiful scene and it made me want to shake Will! HE LOVES YOU DAMMIT! I loved Bo. He was so sweet. She deserved him.

I was a bit afraid for her, I mean I got her. She had doubts about him and I had ones too. I wanted to believe him, but at the same time, what if he was just being an ass!?
I will also say that I did not cry. But then it took me 3 times to watch this movie so I was not that invested in that scene as I should have. But that is the thing with all my movies these days

I get it too especially since I can relate with her and I get the body issues. I had my doubts when BF and I started dating. Like how can you love me!!?? Me of all people! So I get it, but his speech would’ve done me in if I was her. He was genuine and so sweet. I loved him. LOLLL
It took 2 sittings for me because of work. I have a hard time watching movies now. It takes a couple of sittings for me too. Not enough time in the day!

The car scene, yeah I got it there. But I get why she ran. But dang, that boy was sweet and well, yay for them then ;) And now I do not know what to say. Like what should we discuss? Her horrid mum? The pageant?  Ugh her mum, her mum it is! How can she spend that much time with other things than her kid? I know it brings them close in the end, but too little too late for me.

I get why she ran there too. I would’ve. How I knew he loved her was when he said she was beautiful and screw what people think and that screw those people who make her feel bad about her body.
Ugh. Her mother. She is so blind and living in the past. Maybe they wouldn’t be hard for cash if she wasn’t buying dresses and spending so much on hair and etc. SMH. I was done with her the moment she got mad at Will after she got suspended. You can’t get mad at Will for loving her aunt so much more than you! You love those skinny pageant girls more than your own daughter. Grr!

I forgot about the suspension! Go Will!
And yes her mum was still living her glory days, I mean come on! That was ages ago. And yes she loved those skinny perfect girls. Booo. But Aniston did do a great job with her!
I wish we had seen more of the aunt, she sounded so lovely.

Aniston did a good job. I was unsure of how I was going to take her as a character you’re not supposed to like right away because Aniston is so beloved and normally plays the Girl Next Door characters. But she did awesome.
Yes! I wished we could see more of the aunt. I adored her and so did everyone else. I loved the drag queens. They were fun and I loved how supportive they were of Will and her pals!

They were cool! And so supportive. The girls needed that. Awww yes, I liked that.

What did you think of the whole Dolly Parton influence of the story? The music, the drag queens, etc?

I honestly do not know a lot about her other than blonde and music so I can not really say. Good music

I do not know much either. I liked how that was a huge part of the story. Dolly Parton is all about love and friendship and loving yourself. I felt it fit very well! Plus her music isn’t bad for country ;)

Aha. That is more than what I knew!

Hahaha I only know that based on some of her quotes that have been thrown around here and there.

Sorry! Ooops, forgot the time. My parents came, S woke and SO messed up the pizza!

I wondered what happened! I thought you fell asleep or S destroyed the computer in baby rage ;)

I truly spaced and then I was all damn! I am writing with Carole!

Hahaha ‘tis okay! Did we want to wrap up? Final thoughts?

I did not feel it was amazing or anything, but I enjoyed it because it was light and fun, with some stronger things in it too. Good actors too. I wonder about that movie now

Yess. It was very good overall. Not amazing. Some unbelievable bits that would never work in real life. But this was a fun watch and I liked it a lot. It makes you laugh, feel, and it is a great people story. A unique spin on an age-old story of someone who is trying to make it in the world and love themselves. I liked Will and I loved Bo. The drag queens were amazing. I liked Will’s friends. The mom. UGH. Sure she gets better, but still. SMH.

The end?

Yes! The end. :D 

Friday, 22 February 2019

Audio: Polaris Rising - Jessie Mihalik

Narrated by: Emily Woo Zeller
Length: 12 hrs and 41 mins
Release date: 02-05-19
Publisher: HarperAudio
Series: Consortium rebellion #1
Sci fi
Thank you Harper for this copy

My Thoughts:
OK so there were no shifters, but dang Marcus was all alpha. In my mind he was a wolf. All growly and possessive. I get that he has to play the tough part, but he also was really tough and scarred and scary.

Maybe I should start at the beginning.
Space. 3 rival houses that rule the universe. Ada, one of six children, ran away so not to be married to an idiot. She was tough before, and got tougher on the run. The Houses train their kids well.

Then she is caught and meets another prisoner. Yes, Marcus. Mr Growl. Hunted killer. A bountyhunters dream catch. I already said he is all alpha and grrrrrrrr. The man has the world on his angry shoulders.

Ada needs to get away. Marcus needs to get away. And the tension between these two are sizzling from page 1. True love? Eh. True lust. Always! I am sure they will live a very happily lustfilled life together.

The world was interesting. The houses. The Consortium. Politics and smiling at your enemy as you prepare to stab them in the back.

I do want to listen to more from this Verse. A war is coming. I smell blood. And next up is Bianca!

Narrator Emily Woo Zeller
I like the emotions and tension she puts into her narration. I can really feel Ada about to burst. She puts her soul in it.

I liked her other characters too, well except for Ian. He did not sound hot at all, ha, poor Ian. I liked the differences between everyone.

As the seventh of nine children, Ada von Hasenberg knows that her only value to House von Hasenberg is as a political pawn in an arranged marriage. But after watching two of her older sisters get auctioned off to horrible men, Ada refuses to play her part. She flees off-planet and disappears for two years.

Ada’s father, fed up with her rebellion, offers a bounty for her safe return. The universe is a big place, but mercs are everywhere, and Ada is caught. With the merc ship full, she’s forced to share a cell with Marcus Loch, the Devil of Fornax Zero. Rumor has it he murdered every commanding officer who issued orders during the Fornax Rebellion. All anyone knows for sure is that the Royal Consortium wants his head.

Ada has no trouble believing the muscled man chained in the back of her cell is a killer. But when their ship is attacked by forces from rival House Rockhurst, Ada must decide whether to trust him—because once you release the devil, you can’t put him back. And when the attack heralds the opening salvo of a much bigger war, Ada must determine where her loyalties truly lie.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Audio: Rogues Rush in

Narrated by: Justine Eyre
Length: 6 hrs and 59 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 02-19-19
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Historical romance
thank you Tantor!

My Thoughts:
His Bride for the Taking by Tessa Dare

I liked this one. It was very sweet. Sebastian has been in love with his best friend's sister forever and she who was older never noticed him. And then when she is left at the altar he marries her instead to save her reputation. I mean what a wonderful guy! Also what horrible times when it means being left at the altar ruins her rep cos people will think they did things before.

Most of the book takes place in a little cottage. Oh one part at the beginning made me snort. It was so funny. But they will get to know each other more and more *wink wink* They will have some hurdles to get over and some truths will be had. But it is a funny one. 

Oh I almost forgot...Ikea. That is all I am saying *snorts*

His Duchess for a Day by  Christi Caldwell 
I had a harder time with this heroine. She left her new husband and stayed away for 10 years. Was he an ogre you ask? No, he was her best friend. And then when he shows up she has the nerve to think ill of him cos she has seen his name in the scandal sheets. You left him, for 10 years! He did not know whether you were dead or alive!

Of course we do learn things further in that makes me forgive her a tiny bit, a tiny bit. He is still a great guy all way through. All men should be that steadfast. He loves her and he wants her back.

All in all:
Great Dukes!

The ever awesome Justine Eyre narrates and you might have notice that I do like her style. She can not do anything wrong

Two scandalous brides...
Two rogues who won’t be denied...

His Bride for the Taking by New York Times Bestselling author Tessa Dare
It’s the first rule of friendship among gentlemen: Don’t even think about touching your best friend’s sister. But Sebastian, Lord Byrne, has never been one for rules. He’s thought about touching Mary Clayton—a lot—and struggled to resist temptation. But when Mary’s bridegroom leaves her waiting the altar, only Sebastian can save her from ruin. By marrying her himself. 

In eleven years, he’s never laid a finger on his best friend’s sister. Now he’s going to take her with both hands. To have, to hold...and to love.

His Duchess for a Day by USA Today Bestseller Christi Caldwell 
It was never meant to be…
That’s what Elizabeth Terry has told herself while trying to forget the man she married--her once best friend. Passing herself off as a widow, Elizabeth has since built a life for herself as an instructor at a finishing school, far away from that greatest of mistakes. But the past has a way of finding you, and now that her husband has found her, Elizabeth must face the man she’s tried to forget.

It was time to right a wrong…
Crispin Ferguson, the Duke of Huntington, has spent the past years living with regret. The young woman he married left without a by-your-leave, and his hasty elopement had devastating repercussions. Despite everything, Crispin never stopped thinking about Elizabeth. Now that he’s found her, he has one request—be his duchess, publicly, just for a day. 

Can spending time together as husband and wife rekindle the bond they once shared? Or will a shocking discovery tear them apart...this time, forever?

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Audio: Birthday Suit - Lauren Blakely

Narrated by: Andi Arndt, Sebastian York, January Lavoy, Julia Whelan, R.C. Bray, Shane East, Joe Arden, Erin Mallon, Dion Graham, Savannah Peachwood, Jason Clarke, Robin Miles
Length: 7 hrs and 16 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 01-14-19
Language: English
Publisher: Lauren Blakely Books
Category: Romance, Contemporary
Thank you Audible for this copy!

My Thoughts
Why do not books come with food? I mean omg the chocolate they were talking and drooling about. And then I am left with no choco at all! So cruel. So cruel.

Yes Leo, who is just wonderful, works for a chocolate company. His problem is that he has been in love with his best friend's wife for 10 years. But hey he is a good guy, he has never made any move. They all met at the same time, but hey only one can get the girl. So is problem is more that he wants more but he can not have it, even though said best friend is dead. But hey I get it.

Lulu makes chocolate, drool worthy chocolate. And then she meets Leo again, her great friend, the best man at her wedding. And I did like this, she never had a thought about him. He was just a good friend through out the years.

But yes of course they will fall for each other. And there will be chocolate. And friendship. And more chocolate.

It was a fun and cute story.

SO many narrators! But I never thought of how well a full cast can be. Everyone has a truly distinct voice. You are just swept away and feel more present than ever. I do love all forms of audiobook, and they all have their own charm. And this one sure did well as a full cast. The side characters gets to shine.

The two narrators of Leo and Lulu were great. I liked Leo's voice and I like Lulu, she made her sound fun.

There is no rule in the Man Code as unbreakable as this: no matter how beautiful, smart, clever, and witty she is, do not—under any circumstances—fall in love with your best friend’s woman. 
Yeah. So there’s that. Look, it’s not like I didn’t know I screwed up by falling for her. 
Also, for the record, unrequited love sucks big time.
And, I might have cut myself some slack by now, given everything that went down in the last few years, but Lulu just walked back into my life in a big way.

There are three things I've never been able to resist—my friends, my family, and chocolate.
Leo Hennessy? He was nowhere on that list. He's been a true friend—a friend who walked through hell and back with me.
Now, I'm stepping into my new future. I didn't expect it to include a riddle-filled, race-against-the-clock scavenger hunt across New York City.
With Leo.
Suddenly, I'm looking at this man with new eyes...
But my life spun out because of a man once before, and I can’t risk my fresh start, no matter what the temptation. And Leo is most definitely a temptation of the sexiest, sweetest, and most dangerous variety. 
More irresistibly delicious than chocolate...


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