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Pennistan 1, 2 - Mary Blayney

Traitor's Kiss
When an enigmatic beauty rescues accused traitor Lord Gabriel Pennistan from a French prison cell, it's just the beginning of an adventure in mystery and seduction. For Gabriel has no idea who Charlotte Parnell is, or why she has saved him... and Charlotte has underestimated the sensual stranger who awakens in her a passion that culminates in a night of exquisite lovemaking. But when she abruptly vanishes, Gabriel will not rest until he finds her--no matter what the cost.... 

Lover's Kiss
In her worst nightmares, Lady Olivia Pennistan never imagined she would be kidnapped. And retired soldier Michael Garrett never expected to be her rescuer. But he could hardly ignore the naked young beauty scrambling through the forest. Neither anticipates sharing a kiss--or wanting another. The final surprise comes when Garrett is hired to protect Olivia and her family from the insidious threats that persist. As their simmering attraction ignites, rumors of Olivia's indiscretion surface--rumors she longs to make come true.... 

My thoughts:
Traitor's Kiss
I do not really know why I pushed through with book 1. Maybe it was because book 2 was coming after it so i thought why not.

It was just so dull and impersonal.

So this woman Charlotte, who we never gets to know. Whose skin I never get under. Rescues a British soldier called Gabriel. His family had hired her. He might be a traitor. So most of the book is them slowly talking and trying to get out of France. I do get to know him more, and yes yes, she is undercover, but still, if I do not know her I do not care for her!

This one was dull, and I did skim. Eh, I give it a 2.

Lover's Kiss
Omg, how dull these are!
Michael finds Olivia half nekkid in the woods. He has no personality. She has no personality. Dull things happen. More dull things happen.

Srsl, sometimes I do have trouble dnfing. It happens! If this had been two different books they would so have been dnfed. I skimmed this one much more than book 1.

Paperback, 720 pages
Published October 28th 2008 by Bantam (first published January 1st 2008)
Pennistan #1 & 2
Historical romance

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Dukes are Forever - Anna Harrington

Battlefields and barrooms hold much more interest for Edward Westover, Duke of Swarthmore, than a little girl's fondness for dolls and lace. When he takes possession of his enemy's estate, everything that villain held dear-including his daughter-belongs to Edward. Hire a governess, arrange a dowry, give a few reassurances, and be off on his way-that's Edward's plan. But he's in for the shock of his life. For his new ward is a beautiful, impetuous, and utterly irresistible woman . . . 

Kate Benton is stunned. Who is this arrogant, infuriating man who's invited himself into her home and taken over her life? Her vow: to do everything in her power to convince him to leave her-and Brambly House-alone. Yet as chilly days melt into sultry nights, Kate sees glimpses of kindness underneath Edward's cool façade . . . and a passionate nature that takes her breath away. There's so much she doesn't know about this man. But does she dare trust this devilish duke with her heart?

My thoughts:
Oh Edward, so I understand why, but still, why? He is angry at a man, and the man deserves it. Edward buys all his debts, and the one good thing is that he is pushed into is taking that man's child as a ward. So yes that was good, so she would not be out in the streets. Still, revenge...

And he does try, taking a doll to the kid and everything.

Haha, there is no kid, just a 21 year old woman who loves her father. Why? I do NOT know. Her father was an ahole, who took everything of value, sold it, and left poor Kate alone and in debt. But it's hard to stop loving family even if they are aholes.

The rest is obvious;
Oh my ward is hot? Damn. Is she in her father's pay? Will she destroy me? She can't be trusted. All women are bad. But she is beautiful.

Where is my father? Why do I have a Duke as a guardian? Oh he is pretty. No, do not look at him. I will become a doctor. But he is so handsome. One kiss wont kill me.

They dance around each other. There is lots of smexy time (we all know I skim that, but for you who want lots then here it is.) There is drama, and there is a happily ever after.

I'd read more by her. 

Nice, but so not her

Kindle Edition, 384
Expected publication: November 24th 2015 by Forever
The Secret Life of Scoundrels #1
Historical romance

Monday, 23 November 2015

Romance Monday: Maid for Love / Legacy

Maddie Chester is determined to leave her hometown of Gansett Island, a place that has brought her only bad memories and ugly rumors. Then she's knocked off her bike on the way to her housekeeping job at McCarthy's Resort Hotel by Gansett's "favorite son," Mac McCarthy. He's back in town to help his father with preparations to sell the family resort and has no intention of staying long. When Mac accidentally sends Maddie flying over the handlebars, badly injuring her, he moves in to nurse her back to health and help care for her young son. He soon realizes his plans for a hit-and-run visit to the island are in serious jeopardy, and he just may be "maid" for love. 

My thoughts:
It happened fast, but I would not call it instalove. And well dang it, it was so cute!

Mac crashes into Maddie. He feels bad and decides to help her, by living at her place, and helping with her child and work. And he soon realises that he likes her, he really likes her. And he likes her baby. And I was all awwwwww. It was so sweet of how he fell for them both. 

While Maddie fights it, sure he is hot, but she has a bad bad rep. Oh that made me mad. Men are stupid! Poor poor Maddie. So she was the sane one in this book, she wants to take things slow (or not at all).

Oh Mac's mum is an ass! Still not forgiven!

I enjoyed it and would read more


Kindle Edition, 260 pages
Published April 28th 2011 by HJTB, Inc
The McCarthys of Gansett Island #1
Contemporary romance
The last of the Murrays...
Christina Murray is elated to inherit her family's ancestral home in Scotland. But upon her arrival she is confronted by her breathtakingly handsome new neighbor, Ian Douglas...and an ancient family curse that comes with the castle.

A violent legacy of passion...

Seduced by Ian's easy Scottish charm by day, Christina dreams at night of three raven-haired beauties, ancestors who fell victim to the curse one generation after another: Katrine, the fiery Jacobite supporter who lost her heart to an Englishman; Jeanne, an accused witch; and Mairi, who shared a forbidden passion with the King of England.

Now it's Christina's turn to lie in that cursed bed... and loving Ian might just cost her life.

 MY thoughts:
Was this a romance? No Must have been romantic fiction then cos it was sad, and kind of depressing.

I guess it was Christina's story that had the romance, which it had. But it was also foreshadowed by the other tragic stories. See, she is cursed. A very old curse. She has inherited an estate. She meets a hunky man named Ian. She gets visions of other women through out time. And they all met nasty endings.

The first vision is of Katrine. A sad story about a woman falling for an Englisman around the time of Culloden.

The second is of Jeanne. A woman falling for a relative. She is happy, until. This one was so unfair.

And the last one, the one I waited for. Mairi if Shiels, the woman who (well in this story) was the mistress of Edward, the hammer of the Scots. This one was the most sad one. It was the one I liked the most and the most depressing one.

So yes lots of tragedy, heartache and deaths, and Christina is heading that way. Still, I enjoyed it at times, but yeah, sad.

I have been thinking, what to rate it? Would I read more? It was just so depressing. So no.


Kindle Edition, 384 pages
Published March 1st 2011 by Sourcebooks Casablanca (first published December 31st 1984)
Romantic fiction

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Joint Discussion: Shadows of Asphodel - Karen Kincy

This month Carole and I will be reviewing "Shadows of Asphodel" by Karen Kincy.

Author: Karen Kincy
Title: Shadows of Asphodel
Genre: SciFi, Steampunk, Historical Fiction, Paranormal Romance, & Fantasy
Pages: ebook
First Published: September 2013
Where I Got It: My shelf (ebook freebie)

1913. Austria-Hungary. Ardis knows better than to save a man on the battlefield. Even if he manages to be a charming bastard while bleeding out in the snow. She hasn't survived this long as a mercenary without some common sense. 

When she rescues Wendel, it isn't because he's devilishly handsome, but because he's a necromancer. His touch can revive the dead, and Ardis worries he will return from the grave to hunt her down. Besides, a necromancer can be useful in this world on the brink of war. 

A gentleman of questionable morals, Wendel drops to one knee and pledges his undying loyalty to Ardis. She resists falling for him, no matter how hot the tension smolders between them. Especially when she discovers Wendel's scars run much deeper than his skin, and it might be too late to truly save him from himself.

B: Let’s get started, and this time with a book I actually enjoyed. Omg, enjoyed. No snow child, but good.

C: I have to agree! It was good. I didn’t really even notice that it was a Steampunk until I looked on Goodreads. hahaha but i’m not a huge fan of Steampunk, but I actually enjoyed this one! It wasn’t over-the-top and cheesy.

B: I do not need gadgets to be mentioned all the time, that is one bad aspect of some steampunk, but I also need some things to be mentioned cos else it’s just stupid. And I felt that this book walked that line well. Not too much, not too little. The perfect mix that made me believe in this world. And that is so important to me.

C: It was a good mix and I think that’s why I really liked it. Plus I loved the time period. Not Victorian like most steampunks, but during the 1910s.

B: Someone mentioned dieselpunk somewhere, but to be honest, I am not really one that keeps track. it was good, it was a nice period, pre war and all (and war that might not come in this world, but come on, we all know it will.) And I liked the mix of magic and tech. That is always a good mix.

C: I’ll be honest I’m not sure what dieselpunk is. 0_0 But yes, I loved the mix of historical, magic, and tech. It was nice. Did you like Ardis?

B: It’s not like I was all, I love her! She was tough as nails. I could respect that toughness. But yes I did like her. It just took me a while to warm up more to her. You then?

C: At first I really did, but then she fell in love with Wendel and was kinda obsessed with him really quick. I was hoping that the romance aspect would take a little while then. After a while, I did warm back up to her again, but she was overall just okay.

B: You have a point there. I did not think of that, but yes I was actually kind of happy when this other thing happened, and I had hoped that would continue. Instead she just got more into him, and I never felt that he loved, or liked her. She was just means to an end. The romance part did lack. Those two were not meant to be together. Him and someone else, yes, she and someone else, yes. thinking if the same person too.

C: I think he did like her...maybe not love. Honestly, I think she was something different and she was prolly the first girl/person to not judge him based on his ability.

B: I can settle for like, like is easy. But true love? No, not what I saw. That whole HE IS MAD part was really over the top too. I never saw any evidence, give me some evidence. Make it harder for me to like him, and then I will fall more deeply. Cos now he just seemed really nice. At least to me.

C: He had his sarcastic moments and was ruthless because death means nothing to him. But yeah - he was such a gentlemen throughout the story. I liked it, but I do feel he should have been more bitter at his parents…..unless he’s good at hiding it? IDK. I didn’t mind him being kind of a nice guy. I think I liked Wendel more than the other dude (the mage? I can’t remember his name)

B: I did really like Wendel, more than her. But I never felt the whole he is mad, and evil. I wish I had felt it a little bit at least. And yeah, sure he should be angry, but them they could never have kept them, maybe he grew to understand. He did hate the Asphodels more so maybe that took over.
That would be Konstantin ;) I liked him, nice side character. Oh oh, the twist, the person that shows up, that was weird. Her hint hint

C: YES that is his name. I totally blanked. Yes, he was a nice side character, but if I had to pick between the two I would be Team Wendel. I do want to learn more about Konstantin. And the twist was nice! Weird, but nice! I really didn’t expect it.

B: Always Team Wendel, just not, sigh, I wanna FEEL it. I hope book 1 makes me feel it more, I need to feel the romance. But awww Wendel, gotta love him.

C: :3 I loved how his ability was looked down upon by pretty much everyone - it was a nice. What did you think about the twist with Adris’ dad? I have mixed feelings….

B: I am not sure about it either. It felt strange, and did not make sense for me in a way. It felt too much HAHA, look what I did here. Suffer!

C: Honestly, I was hoping for something entirely different. It surprised me and I still can’t determine what I feel about that. I want to know more about how her parents got together now THAT would be a fun short story. ;)

B: That would make an excellent short story! I’d be into that.

C: :D Do you plan on reading the second in the series? I’m not sure myself. Like this was good and I do wanna find out what happens next, but for now I am still digesting this world and story. WHICH, again, I loved the world built in here.

B: I’d like to, but it’s an ebook. I can only buy ebooks on amazon, and I have like 50 cents left on this GC I got 5 years ago! Yes, I saved and saved it. So I actually can’t read more. But I hope it will be free one day *fingers crossed*

C: I think I would like to read especially if it is free or at the library (which...still free of course).

B: LOL. Well, to close this conversation. Would you recommend it? I would, it was an interesting world, sure it had a few faults, but still, interesting.

C: I would. It was fun and I was addicted to the first half. The second half drifted off a little bit, but overall I do recommend this to even those who are not the biggest fans of steampunk like me. ;)

B: Your turn next then to pick a book. And hopefully I will get my war book as soon as someone gives it back to the library.

C: I still really wanna read the war book. :D I’ll send some ideas ASAP!! The end?

B: Das End


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