Book Reviews In Alphabetical Order According To Author A-N


Some of the anthologies are filed under the name of the anthology, some earlier one under author too. First comes my reviews, then guest reviews, then joint reviews.

                          One good dragon deserves another
                          No good dragon goes unpunished
                          A dragon of a different color
                           Last dragon standing
'                           Minimum wage magic
                           Part-time gods
                          Night shift dragons

Aaron, Richard - Gauntlet
Abercrombie, Joe -Half a king
                              Half the world
                               Half a war
Abraham, Daniel - The Dragon's Path
Ackermann, Sarah - The lieutenant's nurse
Acosta, Marta - Happy Hour at Casa Dracula 
                           Midnight brunch at Casa Dracula 
                           The bride of Casa Dracula
                           Haunted Honeymoon
Adams, Alexa - First impressions 
                         Second glances
                         Holidays at Pemberley
                        Emma & Elton
                        The madness of Mr darcy
'                        Darcy in wonderland
Adams, Ellery - Pies and Prejudice
                         A killer plot
Addison, Katherine - The goblin emperor
Adkins, Mary - When you read this
Adriani, Susan - The Truth about Mr Darcy
Aguirre, Ann -  Blue Diablo
se Ellen Connor
Ahern, David - Madam Tulip and the bones of Chance (Carole)
Ahmed, Saladin - Throne of the Crescent moon
Aidan, Pamela - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Aiken, Joan - Eliza's daughter
Akers, Tim - The pagan night
Albertalli, Becky - No yes maybe so
Alexander, Kim - The demon door
Alexander, Victoria - The perfect mistress
                                  The lady traveler's guide to deception with an unlikely earl
Allen, Lisa van - The wishing thread
Allen, Sarah Addison - The sugar queen
                                   The girl who chased the moon
                                   The peach keeper
                                   Garden spells
                                   Lost lake
                                   First frost
Allende, Isabel . The Japanese lover (caroles)
Altman, Marsha - The Ballad of Gregoire Darcy
Alward, Donna - The house on BlackBerry hill
Aminadra, Karen - Charlotte
Amirrezvani, Anita - The Blood of Flowers
Anders, Andrea - In his hands
Anderson, Evangeline - Str8te Boys
Anderson, GS - Preternatural
Andre, Bella - The look of love
Andrews, Donna - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Andrews, Gordon - Curran vol 1
                               Curran vol 2
                               Curran vol 3
                               Curran vol 4
Andrews, Ilona - On the edge 
                          Bayou Moon
                         Magic Bites 
                         Magic Burns 
                         Magic Strikes 
                         Magic Bleeds
                         Fate's edge
                         Magic Slays
                        Gunmetal magic
                        Magic gifts
                         Steel's edge
                        Magic Rises
                        Clean sweep
                        Burn for me
                         Magic breaks
                         Magic shifts
                          Magic stars
                           Magic binds
                           Iron and Magic
                         Magic Triumphs
Angell, Kate - No one like you
Ann, Brooklyn - Bite me your grace
Anthony, Iris - The miracle thief
Archer, Alex - Destiny
Archer, Juliet - Persuade Me
Archer, Kira - Loving her crazy
Archer, Zoe - Warrior 
                       Skies of steel
Arden, Katherine - The bear and the nightingale
                                The girl in the tower
                                 The winter of the witch
Arend, Vivian - Turn it up
Arenson, Daniel - Kiss me, Kill Me 
                               Blood of Requiem
                           Flaming dove
Argyle, Michelle Davidson - Cinders
Armstrong, Kelley - Broken 
Armstrong, Lyn - The Last Celtic Witch
Arnott, Robbie - Flames
Arthur, Keri - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Aryan, Stephen - Battle mage
                            Blood mage
                             Chaos mage
Ashe, Katherine - I married the Duke
Ashford, Jane - Once again a bride
                         The bride insists
Ashley, Kristen - Wildest Dreams
                            The golden dynasty
                            Broken dove
Ashley, Jennifer - Pride mates
                              McKenzie family Christmas
                              The madness of Lord Ian McKenzie
                              Death below stairs
Ashley, Phillipa - Carries goes off the map
Ashton, Elizabeth - The Darcy connection 
                             Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Astley, Judy - I should be so lucky
                       A merry mistletoe wedding
Austen, Jane see Nancy Butler and many more
Austin, Lynnette - Must love babies
Aveyard, Victoria - Red queen
Ayers, Sydney - Demons prefer blondes 

Bá. Gabriel - The umbrella academy
Bacal, Norman- Odells fall
Bach, Rachel - Honor's knight
                         Heaven's queen
                         Fortune's pawn
Baggot, Mandi - Knowing me knowing you
Bailey, Elizabeth - The gilded shroud (Carole review)
Bailey, Tessa - Too hot to handle
                        Too hard to forget
Baker, Jeanette - Legacy
Baker, Jo - Longbourn
Baldwin, David Women of the cousins' war
Ball, Krista D - Tranquility's blaze
                          Tranquility's grief
Ballantine, Philippa - Phoenix Rising
Balogh, Mary - A Secret Affair
                         Only a promise
Bancroft, Josia - Senlin ascends
Banks, Maya - No Place to run 
                        The darkest hour
Barbieri, Heather - The lacemakers of Glenmara 
Barclay, James - Elves: Once walked with gods
                           Heart of Granit
Bardsley, Michele - Never Again 
Barker, Emily Croy - The thinking woman's guide to real magic
Barker, RJ - Age of assassins
                    Blood of assassins
                     KIng of assassins
Barnes, Mark T - The Garden of stones
                             The obsidian empire
Barnes, Margaret Campbell - My lady of Cleves
Barnes, Sophie - My infamous duchess
Barrett, LM - A reflection of Sophie Beaumont -Carole review
                      You Me and other stuff (carole)
Barron, Stephanie - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Barry, Brunonia - The Lace reader
Barton, Anne - One wild winter's eve
Bast, Anya - Raven's Quest (guestreview on another blog)
Bates, Callie - Waking the land
Bauer, Christina - Angelbound
Baxter, Rhoda - Doctor January
Baxter, Stephen - Xeelee . Endurance
                             The medusa chronicles
Beagin, Jen - Vacuum in the dark
Bear, Elizabeth - A companion to wolves
                            Karen Memory
Beaton, MC - The original Miss Honeyford
Beauliue, Bradley - Twelve king of Sharakai
Bebris, Carrie - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Beckenham, Jane - The royal affair
Beckett, Chris - Dark Eden
                          Mother of Eden
                          Spring tide
                         Daughter of Eden
                          Beneath the world, a sea
Beckett, Macy - Sultry with a twist
                          A shot of sultry
                          Surrender to Sultry
Becton, Jennifer - Maria Lucas
Belanger, Michelle - A conspiracy of angels
                          resurrection game
Bell, Alden - The Reapers are the Angels
Bell, Zana - Close to the wind
                     Fool's gold
Belle, Melissa - Austen's independence day
Belleau. Heidi - Mark of the gladiator
Benedict,Marie  - The only woman in the room
Bendid, Brian Micheal - Powers, the secret files of Deena Pilgrim
Benioff, David - City of thieves
Benn, Mitch - Terra's world
Bennet, Anna - My brown-eyed earl
                          I dared the Duke
                          The rogue is back in town
Bennet, Jenn - Kindling the moon
                          Starry eyes
                          Alex approximately
Bennet, Robert Jackson - City of Stairs
                                          City of blades
                                          City of miracles
Bennett, Sawyer - Reed
Bernard, Jennifer - Drive me wild
Bernard, Renee - Lady falls
Berry, Kit - Magus of Stonewylde
                  Moondance of stonewylde
                  Solstice at stonewylde
                  Shadows at stonewylde
Beutler, Linda - A will of iron
Beverley, Jo - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
                       Forbidden magic
Berverly-Whittemore, Miranda - Bittersweet
Beyea, Renee - A fine stout love
Bickle, Laura - Embers
                        Dark Alchemy
                        Dragon's playlist
Birchall, Diana - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Birks, Derek - The blood of princes (Carole review)
Bishop, Anne - Written in red
                          x2 with Carole
                          Murder of crows
                          Marked in flesh
                          Vision in silver
                          Etched in bone
                          Lake Silence
                          WIld country
                           X2 with Carole
                          Murder of Crows with Carole
                           Vision in silver (carole with)
                            Marked in flesh (Carole)
                            Etched in Bone (Carole)
                           Written in red (Carole)
                            Lake Silence (with Carole)
Bittner, Rosanne - Paradise valley
Black, Holly - Tithe
                      White cat
                      The coldest girl on coldtown
                       The cruel prince
                        The wicked king
Black, Jenna - Dark descendant
                        Deadly descendant
                        Pros and cons
                        Rogue descendant
                        Divine descendant
Black, Stefan Merrill - Oliver LOving
Blake, Rosie - How to stuff up Christmas
                        How to find your first husband
                         How to get a love life
Blake, Liora - True North
Blakely, Lauren - Birthday suit
Blaylock, James P - Beneath London
Blayney, Mary - Lover's Kiss
                            Traitor's kiss
Blount, Patty - Some boys
                         Someone I used to know
Bodoc, Liliana - The days of the deer
Bogdan, DL - The Sumerton Women
Bonilla, Amanda - Shaedes of grey
Boudreau, Héléne - Real mermaids don't wear toe rings
Boyd, CHristina - Dangerous to know
Boyle, Elizabeth - Confessions of a little black gown 
Bowen, Kelly - You're the earl I want
                          The duke of my heart
Bowen, Lila - Wake of vultures
Bowman, Akemi Dawn - Summer bird blue
Bowman, Valerie - The unlikely lady
                               The right kind of rogue
Bracht, Mary Lynn - White Chrysanthemum 
Bradley, Anna - More or less a marchioness
                           For the sake of a Scottish rake
                           More or less a temptress
Braithwaite, Oyinkan  - My sister the serial killer
Brazil, Ana - Fanny newcombe and the Irish channel ripper (Carole Rae review)
Brennan, Allison - Entangled
Brennan, Marie - A natural history of dragons
                           The tropic of serpents
                            Voyage of the basilisk
                             Midnight never come
                             In the labyrinth of drakes
                             A star shall fall'
                             With fate conspire
                             Within the sanctuary of wings
                              Turning darkness into light
Brennan, ML - Generation V
                         Iron night
                          Tainted blood
                          Dark ascension
Brett, Peter V - The Painted Man/The Warded Man
Briar, T . Isle of savages (Carole review)
Briggs, Patricia - The Hob's Bargain
                          Moon Called 
                          Blood Bound 
                          Iron Kissed
                           Bone Crossed
                           Silver Borne
                           River Marked
                          Raven's Shadow 
                         Alpha and Omega: A companion novella (on my Goodreads account)
                        Cry Wolf
                        Wolfsbane and mistletoe
                        Raven's strike
                        Hunting ground
                        Frost Burned
                        Fair game
                        Dragon bones
                        Dragon blood
                        Steal the dragon
                         When demons walk
                          Night broken
                         Dead heat
                          Shifting Shadows
                         SIlence fallen
                         Burn bright
                          Storm cursed
                          Smoke bitten
Brighton, Lori - Wild Heart 
                        The Ghost Hunter
                        The Mind Readers 
                        A night of secrets 
                        Wild Desire 
                        Kiss me, kill me 
                        Love Letters
                        To seduce an earl
Britain, Kristen - Green Rider
                               First Rider's Call
                           The high king's tomb
Britnell, Angela - Sugar and Spice
Brockway, Connie - The lady most likely
                                The lady most willing
Broday, Linda - To marry a Texas Outlaw
Brodsky, Jordanna Max - The immortals
                                          The winter gods
                                           Olymus bound
Brody, Jessica - The chaos of standing still
Bronte, Charlotte - Jane Eyre the graphic novel 
Brook, Meljean - The Iron Duke
                              Wild and steamy
                               Burning up
                               Heart of steel
                              Fire and Frost
Brown. Carolyn - Hell, yeah 
                              Love drunk cowboy 
                              Red's Hot Cowboy
                              Darn good cowboy christmas
                             One hot cowboy wedding
                              Mistletoe cowboy
                              Just a cowboy and his baby
                               The blue-ribbon jalapeno society jubilee
                              Million dollar cowboy
                              Cowboy seeks bride
                              The cowboy's Christmas baby
                              The cowboy's mail-order bride
                              The red-hot chili cook-off
                              How to marry a cowboy
                             Wild cowboy ways
                              Hot cowboy nights
                              Merry Cowboy Christmas
                             Wicked cowboy charm
                              Toughest cowboy in Texas
                              The strawberry hearts diner
                              Long tall cowboy xmas
                               Cowboy Bold (Carole review)
Brown, Pierce - Iron Gold
Brown, Sandra se Erin St Claire
Brownee, NM - Wolf blood
Browning, Sherri - Thornbrook Park
Brun, Theodore - A mighty dawn
Bryan, JL - Jenny Pox
Bryant, Annabelle . London's wicked affair             
                               Londons best kept secret
                               Londons late night scandal
Bryson, Ellen - The transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno 
Buchman, M.L. - I own the dawn
                           Wait until dark
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Beguilement
Burns, Monica - Love's revenge
Burgis, Stepanie - Snowspelled
Burrowes, Grace - The Heir 
                                The soldier
                              The Virtuoso
                              Lady Sophie's Christmas wish
                              Lady Maggie's secret scandal
                              Lady Louisa's christmas knight
                             The bridegroom wore plaid
                            Lady Eve's indiscretion
                             Once upon a tartan
                           The McGregor's Lady
                           The captive
                            Lord of Heartache, Douglas
                            Worth, lord of reckoning
                            Tremaines true love
                            Too scot to handle
                             Daniels true desire
                              Will's true wish
                               A kiss for luck
                                The trouble with dukes
                                No other DUke will do
Burrows, Anne - The Guernsey literary and potato peel pie society
Burton, Jaci - The perfect play
                       One perfect kiss
Burton, Jesse - The miniaturist
Butcher, Jim - The aeronaut's windlass
Butler, Nancy - Pride and Prejudice The Graphic Novel
Butzen, Catherine . The God collector
Byrne, Kerrigan - The highwayman
                              The Scot beds his wife
                             The Duke with the dragon tatttoo

Cabot, Meg - Queen of Babble in the big city 
Caine, Rachel - Ill wind
Caldwell, Christi - Rogues rush in antho
Caldwell, Jack - Pemberley ranch
                         The Three colonels
Caldecott, Andrew - Wynter tide
Callaghan, Carrie - A light of her own
Cameron, Dana  Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Camp, Bryan - The city of lost fortunes
Camp, Candace - A perfect gentleman
Campbell, Anna - Seven nights on a rogue's bed
Canavan, Trudi - The magicians' guild
                           The novice
                            The high lord
                           The magician's apprentice
                           Thief's magic
                           Priestess of the white
                           The ambassador's mission
                           The rogue
                            The traitor queen'
Canning,  The colonel and the bee (Carole review)
Cantor, Jillian - In another time
Carlson, Amanda - Blooded
                               Full Blooded
                              Hot blooded
                              Red blooded
                             Pure blooded
Carlyle, Christy - A duke changes everything
                            ANything but a Duke
                            Nothing compares to the Duke
Carr, Carole K - India Black
                          India Black and the widow of windsor
                         India Black and the shadows of anarchy
                         India black and the gentleman thief
Carr, Robyn - Sheltering hearts
                       Temptation ridge
Carriger, Gail - Soulless 
                        Etiquette and espionage
Caruso, Melissa . The Tethered mage
                              The defiant heir
                              The unbound empire
Cashore, Kristin - Graceling 
Cass, Kiera - The selection
Cassidy, Dakota - You dropped a Blonde on me
Cast, PC and Kristin - Marked
Castell, de Sebastian - Traitor's blade
                                    Knight's shadow
                                    Saint's blood
                                    Tyrant's throne
Castille, Sarah - Rocco
                           Strong hold
Chakraborty, SA - City of Brass
Chadwick, Elizabeth - The Greatest Knight 
                                 For the King's Favor / The Time of Singing 
                                 To defy a king 
                                 lady of the english
                                A place beyond courage
                                Shadows and strongholds
                                The outlaw knight
                                The summer queen
                               The winter mantle
Chambers, Becky - The long way to a small angry planet
                                A closed and common orbit
Chance, Karen - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Chance, Maia - Snow-white redhanded
Chapman, Laura. The marrying type
Charish , Kristi - Owl and the Japanese Circus
                            Owl and the city of angels
                            Owl and the electric samurai
                            Owl and the tiger thieves
Charles, KJ . Band Sinister
Charles, Natalia - Seeking Mr Wrong
Charlton, Blake - Spellwright
Chase, Ashlyn - Strange Neighbors 
                        The werewolf upstairs
Chase, Clare - You think you know me
Chase, Jemma - Hotter than hell
                          The disciple
Chima, Cinda Williams - The demon king
Chin, Kimber - Invisible 
                        Selling Forever 
                        Breach of Trust
Christianssen, Rebecca - Maybe in Paris (Carole Review)
Claflin, Stacy - Seaside christmas
Clare, Jessica - The bad boy of Bluebonnet
'                          Last hit reloaded
                          Last kiss
                          One night with the billionaire
                          The taming of the billionaire
                         Dirty Bastard
                         All I want for Xmas is a cowboy (Carole R Review)
                          All I want for Xmas is a cowboy my review
                         The cowboy and his baby
                           A cowboy under the mistletoe
Clayton, Alice - the unidentified redhead
Cleeland, Anne - Tainted angel
Clement, Jennifer - Prayers for the stolen
Clements, Katherine - The coffin path
Clenney, Anita - Awaken the highland warrior
Coates, Berwick - The last conquest
Cocks, Heather - The royal we
Coffman, Elaine - The return of Black Douglas
Cohen, Brian - The Life O'Reilly
Cohen, Jennieke - Dangerous alliance 
Cohen, Paula Marantz - What Alice knew 
Coffman, Elaine - Lord of the Black Isle
Colgan, Jenny - Meet me at the cupcake cafe
                           Rosie Hopkin's sweet shop of dreams
                           Talking to Addison
                           The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris
                           Christmas on the island
                            Resistance is futile
COle, Alyssa - Once ghosted, twice shy
                        Can't escape love
                       A prince on paper                         
Cole, Kresley - Demon from the dark 
                       The warlord wants forever   (on my goodreads account)
                       A hunger like no other 
                       No rest for the wicked
                      Dreams of a dark warrior
                     Desires after dusk
                      Kiss of a demon king
                     Pleasure of a dark prince
                     Shadow's claim
Colins, Katy - Chasing the sun
Collins, Manda - Duke with benefits
                             Wallflower most wanted
Collins, Evangeline - Seven nights to forever
                                Her ladyship's companion
Collins, Nancy A - Left hand magic
                             Right hand magic
                             Magic and Loss
Collins, Suzanne - The HungerGames
                            Catching Fire
Colter, Cara - Her royal wedding wish 
Concle, Gina - Meet the earl at midnight
                       Teh lady meets her match
Cone, Libby - War on the margins 
Connelly, Victoria - Dreaming of Mr-Darcy
                               Mr.Darcy forever
Connor, Ellen - Nightfall
Connor, Isabella - Beneath an Irish Sky
                              An Irish promise
Cook, Dawn - First truth
Cook, Kristina - Unlaced
Cooke, Deborah - Flying blind
                              Whisper Kiss
Cooper, Elspeth - Songs of the earth
Cooper, Isabel - Legend of the Highland Dragon
                           Highland dragon master
Cornick, Nicola - House of shadows
Cornwall, Lecia - When a laird finds a lass
                              The lady and the highlander
Corrigan, nancy - Chance on me
Corzine, Amy see Charlotte Bronte
Courtenay, Christina - Trade Winds 
                                 The scarlet kimono
                                   Highland storms
                                   The silent touch of shadows
                                  New England rocks
                                 The secret kiss of darkness
                                 Monsoon mists
                                 The soft whisper of dreams
Cowell, Cressida - How to train your dragon
Cox, Darlene - Web of deceit 
Cox, Edward - The relic guild
Cox, Stephen - Our child of the stars
Crane, Carolyn - Mind Games 
                            Wild and steamy
                            Double cross
                           Head rush
                            Devil's luck
                            Fire & Frost
                             Behind the mask
Crosby, Tanya Anne - Vikings prize (Carole review)
Cross, Kady - The girl in the steel corset
Cross, Kate - Heart of Brass
Crouch, Blake - Dark matter
Cruz, Melissa de la - Blue Bloods
                                   29 dates
Culbertson, Kim - Songs for a teenage Nomad 
                           Instructions for a broken heart
Culley, Betty - Three things I know are true
Cummings, Amanda - Spirits unveiled
Cunning, Olivia - Backstage pass

Dark Secrets anthology
Dead Man's Hand Anthology
Dacosta, Pippa - Beyond the veil
Dahl, Linda - Gringa in a strange land
Dahl, Victoria - Talk me Down 
                            Good girls don't
Dalglish, David - A dance of cloaks
Damsgaard, Shirley - Witch way to murder
                                   The witch's grave
Dane, Lauren - Relentless
Daniels, JC - Blade Song
Daniells, Rowena Cory - The King's Bastard 
                                     The Uncrowned King 
                                     The Usurper 
                                      The king's man
                                      King Breaker
                                       The fall of fair isle
D'Arc, Bianca - The Beast Within 
Darcy, Emma - Priceless Love/Aloha Bride
Darcy, Lilian - The sweetest thing
Dare, Lydia - A Certain Wolfish Charm 
                      Tall, dark and wolfish 
                      The wolf next door 
                      The Taming of the wolf 
                      It happened one bite 
                      In the heat of the bite
                      Never been bit 
                      The wolf who loved me
                       Wolfishly yours
Dare, Tessa - Goddess of the Hunt
                      One dance with a duke
                      Surrender of a siren
                      Lady of Persuasion
                      How to catch a wild viscount
                      Twice tempted by a rogue
                       When a Scot ties the knot
                       Once upon a winter's' eve
                        Rogues rush in anthology
                        The Duchess Deal
                        The wallflower wager
                         Any duchess will do
Daria, Alexis  - You had me at hola
Dark detectives anthology
Dark, Dannika - Keystone
Dartford, Colette - An unsuitable marriage
Dart-Thornton, Cecilia - -The Iron Tree
Davidson, MaryJanice - Undead and unwed
Davidson, Matthew de Lacy - Precept   Carole
                                                  Roses in December (carole)
                                                   Please don't forget me (Carole)
Davies, Peter Ho - The Welsh Girl
Davies, Stevie - Into Suez 
Davis, Charlotte Nicole - The good luck girls
Davis, Barbara - The secrets she carried
Dawson, Delilah . The 3 lives of Lydia
                              wicked as they come
Dawson, Maddie - The opposite of maybe
Dean, Sierra - Something secret this way comes
                       A bloody good secret
                       Deep dark Secret
                        Keeping Secret
                        A low down dirty Shane
                       The Secret guide to dating monsters
                       Secret Santa
                       Grave secret
                        Pitch Perfect
                          Secret Unleashed
                         The perfect catch
                         Cold hard secret
                        A secret to die for
                        Chasing kings
                        Bayou Blues
                       Night moves
                        We don't need another hero
                       Thunder road
                        Secret Lives
Deas, Stephen - The Thief-taker's apprentice
DeLake, Kris - A spy to die for
Dell, Kari Lynn - Tangled i  Texas
                             Rougher in texas
                              Fearless in Texas
Denham, Holly - Holly's Inbox
Denning, CS - Warlock Holmes A study in Brimstone 
Desimone, John - The road to deloano (Carole Review)
Dessen, Sarah - The rest of the story
DeStefano, Lauren - Wither
Derting, Kimberly - The Pledge
Despain, Bree - The dark divine
                           The lost saint
Dev, Sonali - A bollywood affair
                      Pride prejudice and other flavors
Deveraux, Jude - An angel for Emily 
Devlyn, Tracy - A lady's revenge
Devon, Eve - It's in his kiss
Diamond, LL - An unwavering trust
Dickinson, Margaret - The clippie girls
Dickson, Miranda - Welcome to my world
Diener, Michelle - In a treacherous court 
                            Keeper of the king's secrets
                            The emperor's conspiracy
                             Daughter of the sky
                            In defense of the queen
                            Banquet of lies
                            Mistress of the wind
                             The golden apple
                            A dangerous madness
                            The silver pear
                             Dark horse
                             Dark deeds
                             Calling the change
                              Sky raiders
Dillon, Lucy - The secret happy ever after
                        Lost dogs and lonely hearts
                       A hundred pieces of me
Dirge, Roman - Lenore: Noogies
                         Lenore: Wedgies
                          The cat with a really big head
DiPasqua, Lila - A midnight dance
Dixon, Charles -  Gold for steel
Dixon, PO - Pride and Sensuality
Djanikian, Ariel - The office or Mercy
Dodd, Christina - Take by the prince
Doktorski, Jennifer Salvato - August and everything after
Dolan-Leach, Caite - Dead Letters
Donaghue, Emma - Room
Donne, Alexa - Brightly Burning
Douglas, Elyse - The Christmas Eve Daughter (Carole R Review)
Douglas, Michelle - The Loner's Guarded heart
Douglass, Sara - The wayfarer redemption
Dovey, Ceridwen - Only the animals
Downun, Amanda - The drowning city
                                 The Bone palace
                                  Kingdom of dust
Dozois, Gardner - Mash up
Drake, Jocelynn - Nightwalker 
Drake, Piper J - Extreme Honor
Draven Grace  - Radiance
                           Master of crows
                           For crown and kingdom
                            Phoenix unbound
Dray. Stephanie - Lily of the Nile
                            America's first daughter
Dreiling, Vicky - What a devilish duke desires
DSC - Synarchy 
Dulley, Dominic - Shattermoon
Dunn, Matt - The ex-boyfriend's handbook
Duran, Meredith - The Duke of Shadows 
                              Sweetest regret
Durst, Sarah Beth - Ice
                               The deepest blue
                                The queen of blood
                                Race the sands
Duvall, Dianne - Darkness dawns
Dyer, David - The midnight watch

Ea, Susan - Angelfall
Eames, Nicholas - Kings of the wyld
                               Bloody Rose
Eason, KA  - How Rory Thorne destroyed the multiverse
Eden, Cynthia- Entangled
                         Never cry wolf
Edwards, Hailey - A hint of frost
                               A heart of ice
Eikli. Beverley - The reluctant bride
                          The maid of Milan
El, Rachel  The book of ANgels (Carole R Review)
Elizabeth, Anne - A seal with a heart
Eljarbo, Heidi - Trailing the hunter (Carole review
Elks, Carrie - Fix you
Elliott, Anne - Georgiana Darcy's diary
Elliott, Kate - Cold Magic
                      Cold Fire
                       King's Dragon
Ellis, Leanna - Plain Fear. Forsaken
Emerson, Kate - By royal decree
England, MK - The Disasters
English, Christy - The Queen's pawn 
                           The willful wife
Enoch, Suzanne - A lady's guide to improper behaviour
                             Some like it Scot
Ensal, Anita - Contingency plan
Estep, Jennifer - Spider's Bite
Eusun, Kim - A thousand miles to freedom
Evanovich, Janet - Plum Spooky
                             Fingerlickin' 15
                             Naughty neighbour 
                             Sizzling sixteen 
                             Wicked appetite
                             Smokin' seventeen
                            Explosive eighteen
                            Notorious nineteen
                            Takedown twenty
                           Topsecret 21
                            Tricky twenty-two
                            Turbo twentythree
Evans Chris - A darkness forged in fire 
                     The Light of burning shadows
                      Ashes of a black frost
                       Of bone and thunder
Evans, Misty - Entangled
Evans, S Usher - Spells and sorcery
Everhart, DOnna - Road to bittersweet

Fairbanks, Rose - No cause to repine
                              The gentleman's impertinent daughter
                              A sense of obligation
                              Sufficient encouragement
                              Renewed hope
                               Mr Darcy's miracle at LOngbourn
                               How Darcy saved Christmas
                               Courtship at rosings
Fairview, Monica - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
                              Steampunk Darcy
                              Mr darcy's Pledge
                              The other Mr darcy
                              Mr Darcy's challenge
                             Mr Darcy's pride and joy
                             Fortune and felicity
Falkner, Tammy - A lady and her magic
                            The magic of I do
                            The magic between us
Falvey, Patricia - The girls of Ennismore
Farb, ML - The king's trial
Fein, Louisa - Daughter of the reich
Feist, Raymond E - Exile's Return 
                             A kingdom Besieged
                              King of ashes
Fenske, Tawna - Frisky Business
Ferrarella, Marie - Diagnosis murder
Ferry, Kirsty - Some veil did fall
Fforde, Jasper- Lost in a good book
Fielding, Hannah - Aphrodite's tears
Fitzgerald, David - Time shards
Fitzpatrick, Becca - Hush, Hush 
Fletcher, Tom - Gleam
                          Idle hands
Flynn, Kathleen A - The Jane Austen project
Flynn, SC - Children of the different
                     The hidden face
Foley, Gaelyn - Her secret fantasy
Force, Marie - Everyone loves a hero
                        Fatal affair
                        Maid for love
Forester, Amanda - The Highlander's Sword 
                                The Highland bride's choice
Ford, Pamela - Her best bet
Forster, Julia - What a way to go
Fossen, Delores - Branded by the sheriff (goodreads account)
Foster, Lori - When you dare
Four weddings and a sixpence anthology
Fox, Angie - The accidental demon slayer 
                   The dangerous book for demon slayers
Fox, Sarah  Crepes of wrath
Frampton, Megan - Lady be reckless
Francis, JP - The major's daughter
Frederick, Jen - Last kiss
Fredrickson, Jen - Last hit reloaded
Fredsti, Dana- The spawn of Lilith
                        Time Shards
Freeman, Kathryn - Do opposites attract?
                                 Too charming
French, Jonathan - The grey bastards
                                The true bastards
Fremantle. Elizabeth - Watch the lady
Fresina, Jayne - The most improper Sophie Valentine
                         The wicked wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne
                         Miss Ellie Danforth flirts with scandal
                         Once upon a kiss
Friedman, Celia - Feast of Souls
                            Wings of wrath
                            Legacy of kings
                            Black sun rising
Frost, Jeaniene - Halfway to the grave
Fukuda, Andrew - This light between us
Fullerton, Jean - Pocketful of dreams
Fultz, John R - Seven princes
Fussell, Sandy - Polar boy

Gabriel, Caitlynn C - To stand with angels 
Gagnier, Josh . The demon within (Carole's)
Gaiman, Neil - The graveyard book
Gaines, Abby - Married by mistake
Galen, Shana - The rogue pirate's bride
                        When you give a duke a diamond
                       True Spies
                       Sapphires are an earl's best friend
                      a gentleman for all seasons
                      Third son's a charm
                       No earls allowed
                        AN affair with a spare
                          Unmask me if you can
                        Claiming of the shrew
Galenorn, Yasmine - Hexed
Galloway, Steven - The cellist of Sarajevo 
                               The confabulist
Gardiner, Jenny - Something in the heir
Garwood, Julie - The secret
Gay, Kelly - The Better Part of Darkness 
                  The Darkest edge of dawn 
                  The hour of dust and ashes
                   Shadows before the Sun
Gaynor, Hazel - The lighthouse keeper's daughter
Gee, Emily - The sentinel mage
                      The fire prince
                      The blood curse
Gellis, Roberta - Fires of winter
Gemmel, Stella - The city
                            The immortal throne
Giardano, Paulo - The solitude of prime numbers 
Gibson, Gary - Extinction game
Gibson, Rachel - Any man of mine
                            See Jane Score
                            Not another bad date
Gifford, Elizabeth - Secrets of the sea house
                                 Return to fourwinds
                                  The good doctor of warsaw
Gilbert, Elizabeth - The signature of all things
Gilligan, Ruh - Nine ways to fold a paper swan
Giocca, GIna - Busted
                          A kiss in the dark
Gleitzman, Morris - Once
Gloss, Susan - The curiosities
Goldrick, Emma - Duet
Goldsmith, Olivia - Uptown girl 
Goo, Maurene - The way you make me feel
Goodman, Carol - The night visitors
Goodwin, Daisy . My last duchess
Gordon, Alan - Wolfsbane and mistletoe

Gordon, Lucy - The Italian's cinderella bride
Gortner, C.W. - The last queen
                           The Romanov Empress (By Carole Rae)
Gover, Janet - Flight to Coorah Creek
Grace, Maria - Darcys decision
Grace, Samantha - One rogue too many
                               In bed with a rogue
Gracie, Anne - Marry in scandal
                         Marry i n secret
Graham, Genevieve - Tides of honor
                                     Come from away
Graham, Lynne - The Italian's inexperienced mistress
Grahame- Smith (and Jane Austen) - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Grange, Amanda - Mr Darcy, Vampyre 
                              Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Grant, Cecilia - A christmas gone perfectly wrong
                          A gentleman undone
Grant, Donna - A dark guardian
                         A Christmas cowboy hero
                          Cowboy, cross my heart
                          A cowboy like you
Grant, KT - For the love of Mollie 
                   Cinderella and the lady
Grant, Linda - The clothes on their back
Grant, Mira - Feed
Gratton, Tessa - The blood keeper
Graves, Jane . High heels and hot wheels
Grayson, Kristine - Wickedly charming 
                              Utterly charming
Greeley, Molly The glergyman's wife
Green, Risa - The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball
Green, Simon R - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Greene, Vanessa - The seafront tea rooms
Greenway, Alice - The Bird Skinner
Greenwood, Emily - Gentlemen prefer mischief
                                Mischief by moonlight
Greenwood, Leigh - Texas pride
                                To have and to hold
                                 Born to love
Greenwood T . Where I lost her
Gregory, Daryl - Harrison Squared
Gregory, Philippa - The White Queen 
                             The red queen 
                              The lady of the rivers
                               Women of the cousins' war
                               The kingmaker's daughter
Grey, Amelia - A Duke to die for
                        A marquis to marry
                       An Earl to Enchant 
                       Never a bride 
                        A gentleman never tells
                        A dash of scandal
                       A Little mischief
                       The rogue steals a bride
                       A hint of seduction
                        The duke and miss christmas
                        Wedding night with the earl
                         Last night with the Duke
                         The earl claims a bride
                        Mistletoe, mischief and marquise
                        Wedding night with the earl Audio
Grimes, Linda - In a fix
Griffith, Clay and Susan - The Greyfriar
                                       The riftwalker
                                       The Kingmakers
                                       The geomancer
Griffiths, Elly - The crossing places
                         The Janus stone
                           The house at sea's end
Grisham, John - The Appeal
                           The associate
Grooms, Megan - The battlesmith
Grose, Jessica - Sad desk salad
Grossenbacher, Gina - Madam of my heart (Carole Review)
Groves, Annie - Across the mercy
Guhrke, Laura Lee - The trouble with true love
                                   Governess gone rogue
Gustainis, Justin - Hard Spell (guest review on another blog)
Gwynne, John - Malice
Gyasi, Yaa . Homegoing
Gyland, Henriette - Up close
                             Elephant girl
                             The highwayman's daughter

Ha, Khan - Mrs Rossis Dream (Carole review)
Habel, Lia - dearly departed *review on another blog
Haddock, Nancy .- Entangled
Haddon, Mark - The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time
Haines, Jess - Hunted by the others
                         Taken by the others
                          Deceived by the others
                        Stalking the others
                        Forsaken by the others
                        Enslaved by the others
                        Smoke and Mirrors
Hair, David - Mage's blood
                       The pyre
Hale, Shannon - Midnight in Austenland
Hall, Emylia - The book of summers
Hall, Marie - Her mad Hatter
                       Red and the wolf
                       Gerard's beauty
Hall, Stacey - The familiars
Halliday, MC - The King's Daughter 
Halstead, Helen - Mr Darcy presents his wife 
Hamilton, Anita - Mr Darcy and the secret of becoming a gentleman
Han, Jenny - To all the boys I have loved before
                     Ps I still love you
                      Always and forever
Handeland, Lori - Any given doomsday
Hardie, Titania - The house of the wind
Hare, Mimi- The Second Assistant
Harmel, Kristin - hWhen we meet again
Harper, Molly - Nice girls don't have fangs
                         Nice girls don't date dead men
                        Nice girls don't live forever
                          Selkies are a girls best friend
                         ALways be my banshee
Harrrington, Anna - Dukes are forever
                                 If the Duke demands
                                 When a scoundrel sins
Harris, Charlaine - Dead until Dark
                             Living Dead in Dallas
                             Club Dead
                             Dead to the world
                             Dead as a doornail
                             Definitely dead
                             All together dead
                             From dead to worse 
                             A touch of dead 
                             Dead and gone 
Harris, Joanne - The gospel of LOki
Harris, Liz - The road back
                   A bargain struck
                   Evie undercover
Harris, Shelley - Vigilante
Harrison, Thea - Dragon Bound 
Hart, Megan - Friendly Fire
                       Pleasure and purpose
Harte, Marie - The troublemaker next door
                         Just the thing
Hartman, Rachel - Seraphina
Harvey, Kristy Woodson - Lies and other acts of love
Hashimi, Nadia - The pearl that broke its shell
Hathaway, MaryJane - Pride and prejudice and cheese grits
Hatch, Donna - The stranger she married (carole rae review)
                         In the guise of a gentleman (Carole R review)
Hauf, Michelle - The devil to pay
Hawke, Nathan - The crimson shield
Hawke, Sam - City of Lies
Hawker, Maximilian - Breaking the foals Carole Review
Hawkins, Alexandra- After dark with a scoundrel
                                    You can't always get the marquess you want
Hawkins, ALis - Testament (Carole)
Hawkins, Karen - The princess wore plaid
                              The prince and I
                              The prince who loved me
Hay, Ashley - The railwayman's wife
Haymore, Jennifer - A touch of scandal 
                                   Confessions of an improper bride
                                 A hint of wicked
                                 A highlander's heart
                                 Highlander awakening
                                 Season of seduction
Hearne, Kevin - Hounded
Heath, Lorraine - The Duchess in his bed
                            The earl takes a fancy
Heath, Virginia - A Warriner to tempt her
Heitz, Marcus - Righteous Fury
                          Devastating hate
Helm, Nicole - A Cowboy seal homecoming
                         Cowboy seal redemption
                          Cowboy seal christmas
                        A nice day for a cowboy wedding
                        The trouble with cowboy weddings
Hemingway, Collins - The marriage of Miss Jane Austen
Heneage, James - By Blood divided
Henderson, Randy - Finn Fancy Necromancy
                                 Bigfoot loose and Finn fancy free
Hendrix, Grady - The southern book clubs guide to vampire slaying
Henry, Christina - Black Wings *review on another blog
                            Black Night
                           Black howl
                           Black lament
                           Black city
                             Black heart
                           Black spring
                           Lost boy'
                          The mermaid
                           The red queen
Henry, Mark - Happy hour of the damned 
                       Road trip of the living dead
Heyer, Georgette - Venetia 
                                  The quiet gentleman
                                  Bath tangle
Hieber, Leanna - The Strangely beautiful tale of Miss Percy Parker
Higgins, Kristan - All I ever wanted
Higgins, Peter - Truth and Fear
                         Wolfhound century
Higginbotham, Susan - The Stolen Crown
                                  The Queen of Last Hopes
                                  The traitor's wife
                                   Hugh and Bess
Hilaire, Tes - Deliver me from darkness
Hill, Joe - Horns
Hill, Sandra - Truly madly viking
Hilton, Chloe The red pearl
Hines, Jim C - Fable: Blood of heroes
                        The stepsister scheme
                         The mermaid's madness
                         Red hood's revenge
                         The snow queen's shadow
                          Goblin Quest
                          Goblin Hero
                          Goblin war
                          Terminal alliance
                          Terminal uprising
Hirsch, Paddy  The devils half mile
Hislop, Victoria - The thread
Hoang, Helen - The kiss quotient
                         The bride test
Hobb, Robin - Renegade's Magic
                      Dragon Keeper
                      Dragon Haven 
                       Fool's assassin
                        Fool's quest
                        Assassin's fate
Hodder, Mark - A red sun also rises
Hoffman, Beth - Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
                           Looking for me
Hoffman, Erin - Sword of Fire and sea
Hoffman, Paul - The left hand of god
                           The beating of this wings
Hogan, Tamara - Taste me
Holden, Wendy - Marrying up
Hollick, Helen - The Kingmaking 
                        The Forever Queen 
                         I am the chosen King 
                         Sea Witch
                        Pirate Code
                         Bring it close
Holmqvist, Ninni - The Unit
Holzner, Nancy - Deadtown
                            Hellforged *review on another blog
Honeyman, Gail - Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Hooper, Emma - Etta and Otto and Russell and James
Hopkins, Linda. Dragon bound
Horn, Shifra - Ode to joy 
Howard, Catherine Ryan - The liar's girl
Howell, Hannah - If he's tempted
                             The Scotsman who saved me
                              The scotsman who swept me away
Howell, Morgan - A woman worth ten coppers
How the Dukes stole Christmas Anthology
Hoyt, Elizabeth - Dearest Rogue
                           Wicked intentions
                           Duke of Sin
                           Once upon a moonlit night
                           Duke of pleasure
                            Duke of desire
                           Once upon a maiden lane
Hudson, Melanie - The wedding cake tree
Huff, Tanya - Valor's Choice
                     The better part of valour
                     The enchantment emporium
                    The heart of valor
                     The wild ways
                     Valour's trial
                     Truth of valour
                       An ancient peace
Hughes, Maya - Ruthless kings
Hulick, Douglas - Among thieves
Hulsman, Lynn Marie - A miracle at macy's
Humphreys, CC - Vlad: The Last confession 
Hunt, Stephen - The stealers' war
Hunter, Elizabeth - The Scribe
                              The Singer
Hunter, Faith - Skinwalker
Husberg, Christopher - Duskfall
                                      Dark immolation
Husk, Shona - The goblin king
                       Kiss of the Goblin Prince
                       For the love of a goblin warrior
                       The outcast prince
                        Lord of the hunt
                        Yours to explore
Hutchinson, AC - Be careful what you wish for
Höst, Andrea K - Stray

Ingram, Mona - A family for christmas
Ione, Larissa - Pleasure Unbound
Islington, James - The shadow of what was lost
Ives, Susanna - Wicked little secrets

Jacobs, John Hornor - Foreign devils
James, Adrienne - Without you
James, Allyson - Hexed
James, Amanda - A stitch in time
                            Somewhere beyond the sea
James, Eloisa - The taming of the duke
                        The lady most likely
                         A kiss at midnight
                         The lady most willing
                          A fool again
                        Say no to the duke
James, Erica - Katie Lavender
James, Jenny - The lion of the south (Carole Rae Review)
James, Judith - The King's courtesan
James, Julie - A Lot Like Love
                      It happened one wedding
James, Laura E - Follow me, follow you
James, Margaret - The Silver Locket 
                                The Golden Chain
                             The penny bangle
                              Magic sometimes happen
James, Mia - By Midnight 
James, Syrie - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
James, Victoria - Falling for her enemy
Jaswal, Balli Kaur - The unlikely adventures of the Shergill sisters
Jay, Stacey - Of Beast and Beauty
Jeffers, Regina - The disappearance of Georgiana Darcy
                            Mr Darcy's present
                            A dance with Mr Darcy
Jeffries, Sabrina - The art of sinning
                              The study of seduction
                              Pleasures of passion
                              A talent for temptation
                             The heiress and the hothead
                             Danger of desire
                            Married to the viscount
                          Project duchess
Jemisin, NK - The hundred thousand kingdoms 
                      The Broken Kingdoms
                      Kingdom of Gods
                      The awakened kingdom
                      The fifth season
                      The obelisk gate
Jenner, Nathalie - The Jane Austen society
Jenoff, Pam - The last embrace
                       The lost girls of Paris
Jewel, Carolyn - Scandal
Jio, Sarah - The look of love
Johansen, KV - The leopard
                          The lady
                          Gods of Nabban
Johns, Ana . The woman in the white kimono
JOhnson, Art - Marilyn my Marilyn (Carole Review)
Johnson, Debbie - Never kiss a man in a Christmas jumper
Johnson, Jean- An enchanted season
                          Finding Destiny (guestreview on another blog)
                       A soldier's duty
Johnson, Kate - The unTied Kingdom 
                         Run rabbit run
                         Impossible things
Johnson, Sarah -  Chosen
Johnson, Suzanne - Royal street
                                River road
Johnston, Antony -Wasteland
Jones, Catherine - Wonder girls
Jones, Darynda - First Grave on the right
                            For I have sinned
                           Second grave on the left
                           Third grave dead ahead
                           Fourth grave beneath my feet
                          Fifth grave past the light
                          Sixth grave on the edge
                          Seventh grave and no body
                            Eight grave after dark
                           The dirt on ninth grave
                            The curse of tenth grave
                             Eleventh grave in moonlight
                            The trouble with twelfth grave
                          13th Grave
Jones;Diana Wynne - howl's magic castle
                                   Dark Lord of Derkhelm
                                   Year of the griffin
Jones, Linda Winstead - 22 Nights 
                                    The magical christmas cat
Jones, Lisa Renee - The Legend of Michael
Jones, Michael Women of the cousins' war
Jordan, Nicole - To tame a dangerous lord
                            Wicked fantasy
Jordan, Robert - Book 1 The eye of the world
                         Book 2 The Great Hunt    
                          The dragon reborn
                        Book 4 The Shadow rising
                        Book 5 The Fires of Heaven
                        Book 6 Lord of Chaos
                        Book 7 A crown of swords
                       Book 8 The path of daggers
                        Book 9 Winter's heart
                        Book 10 Crossroads of twilight
                        Book 11 Knife of dreams
                        Book 12 The Gathering Storm
                        Book 13 Towers of Midnight
                         Book 14 A memory of light
                         Warrior of the altaii
Jordan, Sophie - THis Scot of mine
Jordan, Toni - Our tiny useless hearts
Josephson, Wayne and Jane Austen - Emma and the vampires
Joy, Jennifer - The honorable Mr Darcy

Kaaberbol, Lene - The Shamer's Daughter
                           The Shamer's Signet¨
Kagawa, Julie - The iron daughter
                          The Iron king
                          Winter's passage
Kaine, Margaret - Dangerous decisions
Kalogridis, Jeanne - Painting Mona Lisa / I, Mona Lisa 
Kandasamy, Meena - When I hit you
Kane, Stacia - Unholy ghosts
                      Unholy magic
                      City of ghosts
Kang, Lydia - Toxic
Kantra, Virginia - Burning up
                              Carolina home
Kappes. Tonya - A ghostly undertaking
                           A ghostly grave
Kaplan, Mitchell James - By Fire, by Water
Kate, Lauren - Fallen 
Kauffman, Donna - Bluestone and vine
Kay, Sanjida - My mother's secret
Kaye, Robin - Yours for the taking
                       Call me wild
                       Romeo romeo
Kearsley, Susanna - The Winter Sea 
                                The shadowy horses
                                The splendour falls
Kelly, Erin Entrada - Lalani of the distant sea
Kelly, Julia - The governess was wicked
Kelly, Mira Lynn -  May the best man win
Kelly, Vanessa - A gentleman of all seasons
                          The highlanders princess bride
                            The Highlander who protected me
Kelner, Toni LP - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Kennedy, Jeffe - The mark of the tala
                            The tears of the rose
                            The talon of the hawk
                            Hopeful monsters
                             The pages of the mind
                              For crown and kingdom
                             Lonen's war
                             Oria's gambit
                              Tides of Bara
                             Forests of Dru
                             The edge of the blade
                            Last dance
                            With a prince
                            THe shift of the tide
                            Amid the winter snow
                             Since Last christmas
                              Shooting star
                              Prisoner of the crown
                               Exile of the seas
                                Arrows of the heart
                                  Oria's enchantment
                                  Lonens reign
                                 The orchid throne
                                   The fate of the tala
                                   The fiery crown
                                  The lost princess returns
Kennedy, Joanne - Cowboy fever
                              Tall, Dark and cowboy
                              Cowboy crazy
                              Cowboy tough
                             How to handle a cowboy
                              Cowboy summer
Kennedy, Kathryne - The Fire Lord's Lover 
                               Beneath the thirteen moons 
                               The lady of the storm
                             The  Lord of Illusion
                              Enchanting the lady
                             Double enchantment
                             Everlasting enchantment
Kerr, Katherine - Daggerspell
                             Sword of fire
Kery, Beth - Paradise Rules 
Kevin, Lucy - Be my love
Khanani, Intisar - Thorn
                              The bone knife
                                Memories of ash
Kim, Eugenia - The calligrapher's daughter
Kincaid, Victoria - Chaos comes to Longbourn
                                Darcy goes to Hollywood
Kincy, Karen - Shadows of asphodel
King, Stephen 112263 (carole)
Kinsale, Laura - Lessons in french
Kinsella, Sophie - Confessions of a Shopaholic
                           Shopaholic takes manhattan
                           Shopaholic ties the knot
                           Shopaholic and sister
                           Shopaholic and baby
                           Mini shopaholic
                           Twenties Girl 
                           shopaholic to the stars
                           Shopahlic to the rescue
Kiss me, kill me anthology
Kleypas, Lisa - Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
                        Sugar daddy
                        Then came you
                         Someone to watch over me
                         Devils daughter
                          Chasing Cassandra
                           Mine till midnight'
                          Seduce me at sunrise
                          Tempt me at sunset
Knight, Angela - Burning up
Knight,  Jude - candle's christmas chair
Koch, Gini - Touched by an Alien 
                       Alien Tango 
                       Alien in the family 
                       The royal scam
                       Alien proliferation
                       Alien diplomacy
                      Alexander Outland:space pirate
                     The night beat
                     Alien vs Alien
                     Alien in the house
                     Alien research
                     Alien Collective
                     Universal alien
                    Alien separation
                   Alien in chief
                   Plush Life
                   Camp Alien
                    Alien education
                     Alien nation
Koen, Karleen - Before Versailles
Konar, Affinity - Mischling
Konrath, J.A. - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Konis, Alethea - Enchanted
Korman, Gordon - The unteachables
Kowal, Mary Robinette - Shades of milk and honey
Kramer, Kieran - When Harry met Molly
                             Dukes to the left of me, princes to the right
Kraus, Nicola- Dedication
Kreger, Liz - Entangled
Krentz, Jayne Ann - River road
                                  Trust no one
Krinard, Susan - Mist
Kristjansson, Snorri - Swords of good men
                                  Blood will follow
                                  Path of Gods
Krumwiede, Lana - Freakling
Kuang, RF - The poppy war
Kurland, Lynn - Star of the Morning *guestreview on another blog
Kurtagich, Dawn - The dead house
Kwan, Kevin - Crazy rich Asians

Lachlan, MD - Wolfsangel
Lackey, Mercedes - The mage storms
Lallo, Joseph - The book of Deacon
Lam, Vincent - The headmaster's wager
Lamb, Daphne - The girl's guide to the apocalypse
Lamb, Charlotte - Heat of the night
Lamm, Gina - The geek girl and the scandalous earl
                      Geek girls don't date dukes
Landers, Melissa - Starflight
Landon, Sydney - Keeping it hot
Lang, Emma - Ruthless heart
Lane, Jennifer - With good behaviour
Lane, Soraya - Cowboy stole my heart
                        Once upon a cowboy christmas
Larke, Glenda - The last stormlord
                         Stormlord rising
                         Stormlord's exile
                         Lascar's dagger
Latham, Mark A - The Lazarus Gate
Lathan, Sharon - Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy
                         In the Arms of Mr Darcy 
                         Miss Darcy falls in love
Laurenston, Shelley - The mane event
                                    Hot and badgered
                                    In a badger way
                                     Badger to the bone
Lawrence, Mark - Red sister
                               Grey sister
Layne, lauren - Cuff me
                         To love and to cherish
                        From this day forward
                        After the kiss
                        Ready to run
                         Runaway groom
                         Love the one you're with
                          Just one night
                          Love story
                          I think I love you
Leary, Ann - The good wife
                     The children
Leckie, Ann - Ancilliary justice
                        Ancilliary sword
                        Ancillary mercy
Lenahan, John - Shadowmagic
                          Prince of hazel and oak
Lee, Lela - Fairy tales for angry girls
Lee, MacKenzi - The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue
Lee, Nadia - A happily ever after of her own
Lee, Stacey - The downstairs girl
                       The secret of a heart note
Lee, YS - The body at the tower
Leigh, Eva . Counting on a countess
Leigh, Lora- The magical christmas cat
Leine, Kim - Prophets of Eternal fjord
Levene, rebecca - Smiler's fair
Lewis, CS - The Voyage of the Dawn treader
Lightfoot, Freda - ALways in my heart
Lin, Jeannie - My fair concubine
                     Capturing the silken thief
                     Sword dancer
                     A dance with danger
Linden, Caroline, One night in London
                             The way to a duke's heart
                              When the marquess was mine
                             About a rogue
Lindsey, Erin - The bloodbound
                        The bloodforged
                        The bloodsworn
                         Murder on millionaries row
                          A golden grave
Linko, Gina - Flutter
Littman, Sarah Darer - Backlash
Livesay, Tracey - Like lovers do
Lloyd, Tom - Moon's artifice
Locke, Kate - God save the queen
                       The queen is dead
                      Long live the queen
Lofty, Carrie - Scoundrel's kiss
Logue, Mj - AN abiding fire (carole review )
London, Julia - The princess plan (carole)
London, Stefanie - Bad bachelor
                               Bad reputation
                               Bad influence
Long, Julie Anne - Lady Derring takes a lover
                               What I did for a Duke
                                 Angel in a devil's arms
                                 How the marquess was won
Lorret, Vivienne - Ten kisses to scandal
                                The rogue to ruin
Louise, Kara - Only Mr Darcy will do
Loupas, Elizabeth - The Second Duchess *guestreview on another blog
Loutzemhiser, Katy - If you're out there
Love, Jeremy - Bayou 
                          Bayou 2
Lovering, Jane - Please don't stop the music 
                          Star struck
                          Vampire state of mind
                         Hubble Bubble
                         Falling apart
                         How I wonder what you are
Lowe, Helen - Heir of Night
                       The gathering of the lost
Lyon, Jennifer - The Beast within 
Lyons, Jenn - The ruin of kings

Maas, Sarah J - Assassin's blade
                          Throne of glass
                           Crown of Midnight
                            Heir of fire
                           A crown of thorns and roses
MacKenzie, Sally - The naked gentleman
                                The duchess of love
                               WHat ales the earl
MacLean, Sarah - Eleven scandals to start to win a duke's heart
                            Nine rules to break when romancing a rake
                             Ten ways to be adored when landing a lord
                              A rogue by any other name
                              The season
                              Brazen and the beast
                               Daring and the Duke
mcDonald, Ed -Blackwing
McFarlane, Mhairi - If I never met you
McLean, Peter - Priest of Bones
McLemore, Anne-Marie - Blanca and Roja
Madison, Tracy -A taste of magic
Magee, Audrey - The Undertaking
Maine, Sarah - Women of the dunes
Major, Cesca - The silent hours
                         The last night
Mallery, Susan - California girls
Mallory, HP - Kiss me, kill me
Malone, Jen - The arrival of someday
Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 
The Mammoth book of Vampire Romance 2: Love Bites 
Mann, Catherine - Free fall
Manning, Kirsty - The song of the jade lily
Manning, Sarah - Unsticky
Mansell, Jill - Take a chance on me 
                     Staying at Daisy's 
                     To the moon and back
                     Nadia knows best
                     A walk in the park
                     Thinking of you
                     Don't wanna miss a thing
                      This could change everything
                       Sheer mischief
                       Miranda's big mistake
Mantel, Hilary - Wolf Hall 
                           Bring up the bodies
March, Ashley - Seducing the duchess
                          Romancing the countess
Marchetta, Melina - Franscesca
                                 Finnikin of the rock
                                  On the Jellicoe Road
Marie, Bernadette - Corporate Christmas Carole
Marlowe, Mia - Between a rake and a hard place
                          How to distract a duchess
Marmell, Ari - The conqueror's shadow 
                           The warlord's legacy
                          Thief's covenant
                          False covenant
                          Lost covenant
                          Covenant's end
Marr, Melissa - Wicked Lovely