Wednesday 10 March 2021

Dangerous Magic by Monica Fairview


ebook, 242 pages

Expected publication: March 15th 2021 by White Soup Press

Pride and Prejudice variation /Romance

To review

I didn't have an idea what this was about when I said yes, because as you all might have seen, I do love Pride and Prejudice variations.

Alternative England where there is magic, and England is slowly loosing the war against the French. The English are strict and all True Blood magic! While the French conscripts everyone.

Elizabeth has been taught magic at home, she is opinionated, free and when told she has to go and become a mage, and marry. Well she is pretty upset.

Darcy is the same proud Darcy and he does worry about his bloodline, and he is not too happy either.

Oh and there is this horrible woman that is all bloodlines! And more. Ugh, Lady Alice was the worst. We also meet the Bingleys, even Caroline was pretty nice, mostly cos they did not have those precious bloodlines so she was pretty decent.

There is magic, blossoming romance, danger, the French! And all in all an interesting twist to the story. I even felt it was too short, I mean there must be more right? I mean the French! Will they bet the French or will Napoleon invade or something? So I do hope she writes more (I really should go google this).

An interesting P variation, you do not need to know the story (I tell this to Jen ;) Just follow along and experience the magic.

A sparkling tale of Regency England, a forced marriage, and two mages who must work together to save the Kingdom.

Elizabeth Bennet is stunned when the Royal Mages come to her peaceful country home of Longbourn to take her away. She is even more bewildered when she is commanded to marry a powerful mage by the name of Fitzwilliam Darcy. She has always dreamed of marrying for love, and an arranged marriage with an arrogant stranger was never part of her plans.

But Darcy and Elizabeth have no choice in the matter. Uniting their two forms of magic is essential if the Kingdom is to defeat Napoleon’s mages. They may dislike each other on sight, but Darcy and Elizabeth have to overcome their differences and find common ground before it is too late. Fortunately, it is not long before the sparks begin to fly between them.


  1. OMG!!! I was reading your review and was like DAMN! I need this and then your comment to me - I' totally getting this. I just don't know when I'll find the time to read it!

    1. Haha, well I will make you read one one day, if I can't get you to read the original then it will be a variation :D

  2. I am a late fan girl to Ms Austen ;-) but now that I am I do love the retellings. Thanks for sharing this

  3. This sounds like a really lovely Pride and Prejudice interpretation!

  4. I love a good retelling too!

  5. This sounds like it would be worth a try.

  6. Another interpretation which sounds very different.

  7. Oh pretty, maybe a magical angle to P&P?

    1. I know I started the dragon one, but this one was truly PP, the dragons not this much

  8. I've got this one for review so I'll have to come back and see what you thought in a bit. I love the idea of P&P and magic.

  9. Sounds like a really good take on P&P.



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