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8/16/2022 What do your family and friends think of your blogging?

I have no idea. I guess my friends have said it sounds cool, and others thinks it sounds interesting that I read so much. My parents probably think I have too many books since I use my old room as storage. Though to be fair, my dad built shelves under the roof when I had moved out. So they are not in the way.

But then I am more chill these days, and I am sure my SO likes that. My first blogging years were intense

8/23/2022 Does length of series matter for you when you are picking out books to read? 

8/30/2022 Which books are you looking forward to reading this fall? (Sept-Nov)

9/6/2022 Tell us about your library (photos welcomed) 

9/13/2022 Do you ever read out of your comfort zone? And if yes, does it work for you?

9/20/2022 For audiobook listeners: what hobby do you enjoy while listening?

9/27/2022 Do you follow your favourite authors on social media? Do you interact with them?

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post where bloggers discuss a wide range of topics from books and blogging to life in general. Weigh in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog. Feel free to leave your links in the comments if you are participating.

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Monday, 15 August 2022

Carole's Monday: A conspiracy in Belgravia

Author: Sherry Thomas
Narrator: Kate Reading
Title: A Conspiracy in Belgravia (Lady Sherlock #2)
Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction, Thriller, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Published: September 5, 2017
Where I got It: Audible

Being shunned by Society gives Charlotte Holmes the time and freedom to put her extraordinary powers of deduction to good use. As “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective,” aided by the capable Mrs. Watson, she’s had great success helping with all manner of inquiries, but she’s not prepared for the new client who arrives at her Upper Baker Street office.

Lady Ingram, wife of Charlotte’s dear friend and benefactor, wants Sherlock Holmes to find her first love, who failed to show up at their annual rendezvous. Matters of loyalty and discretion aside, the case becomes even more personal for Charlotte as the missing man is none other than Myron Finch, her illegitimate half brother.

In the meanwhile, Charlotte wrestles with a surprising proposal of marriage, a mysterious stranger woos her sister Livia, and an unidentified body that surfaces where least expected. Charlotte’s investigative prowess is challenged as never before: Can she find her brother in time—or will he, too, end up as a nameless corpse somewhere in the belly of London?

Book 2! Been a min since I read book 1. Been meaning to move forward but...sighs...got busy with other stuff. 

We continue on Charlotte Holmes' journey to freedom. She is shunned by Society but this allows her to use her powers of deduction to good use. With her aid, Mrs. Watson, has had great success helping with all sorts of matters. When Lady Ingram, wife of Charlotte's friend and benefactor, wants Sherlock Holmes to find her first love after he failed to show up at their annual rendezvous, things get a little...hairy. This same man is none other than Myron Finch who is Charlotte's illegitimate half-brother. On top of that, Charlotte has to deal with a surprising proposal of marriage, a mysterious stranger wooing her sister, and an unidentified body pops up. 

There was a lot going on here. And you know it all has to be tied together somehow. Charlotte certainly has her hands full with this mystery. I highly recommend reading book 1 first. There is a lot that is tied into that one. You would be lost without reading book 1. 

This did take a while to get off the ground for me. There was a lot of set-up that was needed before things started going. BUT you need to pay attention. There are a lot of things that are necessary to remember as you go along. I had the same issue with book 1. It must be done on purpose. 

Besides for the slow-ish beginning, I was engrossed with this. There seemed to be a lot of unrelated things floating around, but you just KNOW that they HAVE to be tied together. I came up with a theory that I thought was foolish but turned out I was partially right. I had the who but not the why and how. A fantastic twist at the end. Our mystery isn't 100% resolved. There are some players that are left around that I am sure will cause issues in the next book (or books). Curious to see how all that plays out. 

The narrator is fantastic. Her voices are perfect for our pretty big cast. 

Overall, I did enjoy this. The beginning takes a moment to get up and running but once it did...I couldn't stop listening. Totally engrossed with the story! I am liking this series, but I do recommend book 1 first before diving into this one. I'll give this 4 stars. 

- #36 for Audiobook challenge

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Early Audio review: Surrendering to Hunt by Jennifer Ryan

By: Jennifer Ryan

Narrated by: Tim Paige

Series: A Wyoming Wilde Novel, Book 2, Wyoming Wilde, Book 2

Length: 8 hrs and 13 mins

Release date: 08-23-22

Publisher: Harper Audio

Romantic suspense / to review

This was a fast listen. It got intense pretty quickly and kept up the pace.


I read the book premise just now, and it did not make a lot of sense...so here it is. Cyn and Hunt does not see eye to eye. She drives too fast, he is a cop who gives her tickets. But things change. She is trying to convince her sister to leave her asshole boyfriend, but her sister always refuses. And Hunt is often called in as the asshole beats Cyn's sister. 

But then Cyn's sister disappears, and Hunt and Cyn are thrown together, as they try to find her before it is too late!

Intense, I hate Rad. Ugh, that horrible human being! Sure it was fast for Cyn and Hunt, but when they finally spent real time together he saw that she was more than a rebel, and she saw that he was more than a cop. I understood the feelings that brought them together, and I liked how they fell fast and hard.

Romance, suspense, danger and a lot more. I enjoyed the ride.

I liked the narrator. I have listened to him before, and he does this romantic suspense really well. And he does get the male voices just right, and I did enjoy his female voices too.

They're tough, tenacious, and sometimes tormented; they're the Wildes of Wyoming, three brothers whose family ties are as strong as their wills.

The last thing lawman Hunt Wilde ever dreamed he'd do was fall hard for a purple-haired troublemaker like Cyn, who seems to be on the wrong side of everything. After all, Hunt Wilde believes in law and order, while Cyn is somehow mixed up with a criminal like Rad...the man who was once Hunt's best friend and who is now his sworn enemy.

Then Hunt discovers Cyn held hostage during a raid on Rad's hideaway, making him question where her loyalties actually lie. But Cyn knows she needs to hide her true motivations, or she'll never be able to exact revenge on the man who took her sister's life and turned her own existence upside down.

Still, neither can deny the overpowering attraction simmering between them, or the way fate keeps throwing them together. And when Hunt discovers the truth, revealing her secrets and putting her life in danger, Hunt becomes ever-more determined to take down the man who would take Cyn out of Hunt's life forever.

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Audio review. Deadly Abyss

Narrated by: Carly Robins

Series: Mist and Mirrors, Book 3

Length: 9 hrs and 56 mins

Release date: 07-26-22

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Fantasy romance / to review

This is the final part of the trilogy, and it had me worried that there would be no conclusion. But when   then end grew close all pieces came together.

Agoth, well previous books sure threw me for a spin. Agoth/Belle, yes it does get confusing, and these truly has to be read in order. There are some real twists and turns.

The world is being engulfed by the mist. There are dark things in the mist. One kingdom holds on, but that kingdom is pretty messed up as we found out in the last book.

As for Agoth, she went into the mist and sees that the "monsters" are not monsters after all.

I enjoyed the series.  It was fantasy, action, romance, and some hot times.

Good narration. I have enjoyed listening to this series by her and she does a great job

The stunning conclusion to Mist and Mirrors featuring betrayal and discovery on the journey to triumph.

Entering the Abyss with its tainted mist is terrifying but there is no other choice. The Valley is in danger and the only hope lies in the hands of the enemy. But are Zanir and his people the real problem? A great crime was committed and the repercussions are finally coming to a head.

As the past continues to reveal itself, the one known as the orphan of the night wonders who she is. What is she capable of? If prophecy can be believed, the fate of the world rests on her. Failure isn't an option. Now if only she knew who to trust.

She'll travel deep into the deadly Abyss seeking answers. She'll find more than she ever expected. But will it be enough?


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