Saturday 29 February 2020

Carole's Saturday: The Bridled Tongue by Catherine Meyrick

The Bridled Tongue
Author: Catherine Meyrick

Title: The Bridled Tongue
Genre: Historical Fiction & Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 356 
Published: February 1st 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion)

England 1586

Alyce Bradley has few choices when her father decides it is time she marry as many refuse to see her as other than the girl she once was—unruly, outspoken and close to her grandmother, a woman suspected of witchcraft.

Thomas Granville, an ambitious privateer, inspires fierce loyalty in those close to him and hatred in those he has crossed. Beyond a large dowry, he is seeking a virtuous and dutiful wife. Neither he nor Alyce expect more from marriage than mutual courtesy and respect.

As the King of Spain launches his great armada and England braces for invasion, Alyce must confront closer dangers from both her own and Thomas’s past, threats that could not only destroy her hopes of love and happiness but her life. And Thomas is powerless to help. 

This intrigued me from the moment I looked at the cover. Plus I needed a good historical fiction!

The story follows Alyce Bradley. She has always been independent and have a wicked tongue. Now that she is older her father is forcing her to marry but he is letting her have the final word on which suitor. In the end she picks Thomas Granville who is an ambitious privateer. The don't expect more than mutual courtesy and respect but it turns to love. Their happiness and love is threatened when dangers arise.

Awww I adored Alyce. I just wanted her to be happy. I liked Thomas as well, but I was worried about him at first, but he grew on me. 

Ooooo Isabel. I felt bad for her, but I wanted to smack her. Blaming Alyce for all your problems is not cool! Ugh. Honestly everyone sucked. They are soooooo petty and want to put the blame on everyone and anyone else. Sure Alyce has had a wicked tongue, but she is a good person. So sad. Bad things happen people! 

I was honestly hooked from page one! So good! I finished this in just a couple of sittings. 

I was worried near the end though. I didn't know what was going to happen. There was a moment there I had my worries about our characters. The ending bugged me a tiny bit. I can't put my finger on it, but something felt like it was missing. Maybe it was because I wanted more in the epilogue? I felt like it was too short.

Overall, I really enjoyed this! It was really good! Sure, I wanted more from the ending but all-in-all this is one I highly recommend it. I'll give this 4 stars. 

Friday 28 February 2020

Blood of Empire by Brian McClellan

592 pages
Published December 3rd 2019 by Orbit
Series: Gods of Blood and Powder #3

These really should be read close to each other. Even a year between felt too long.

Honestly, so much is happening. How can I even talk about a book 3?

Ok, so, there is this place, one country is there looking out for their interests. Another country is there grabbing for land. Everyone is fighting everyone. And one guy is trying to become a god.

Ugh, why is this so hard! I mean everything I say is a spoiler.

Ok so spy guy was nice. I like a good spy. Lady Flint is always cool

We get more Dynize, and I realise I have forgotten what a dragonman is..see this is why you can't wait too long between books. Devour this series at once!

War, magic, politics. I do like McClellan's books, even if this review is a total mess. He is a great writer and this made me want to re-read his first trilogy. Like I have time to re-read! But there seems to be another new series on the horizon so hurrah for that. SInce yes this was the end of this, I will miss them all

The Dynize have unlocked the Landfall Godstone, and Michel Bravis is tasked with returning to Greenfire Depths to do whatever he can to prevent them from using its power; from sewing dissension among the enemy ranks to rallying the Palo population.

Ben Styke's invasion of Dynize is curtailed when a storm scatters his fleet. Coming ashore with just twenty lancers, he is forced to rely on brains rather than brawn - gaining new allies in a strange land on the cusp of its own internal violence.

Bereft of her sorcery and physically and emotionally broken, Lady Vlora Flint now marches on Landfall at the head of an Adran army seeking vengeance against those who have conspired against her. While allied politicians seek to undo her from within, she faces insurmountable odds and Dynize's greatest general. 

Thursday 27 February 2020

Terminal Uprising by Jim C Hines

Book 2 in the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse series
Narrated by Rebecca Mitchell
Publication date Feb 18, 2020
Running time 11 hrs 6 min
for review

Another one I should have written at once!

You really have to listen to book 1 first!

Ok, so, what can I say that is not a total spoiler. Earth is overrun by ferals because some stupid aliens messed up. And now they cure humans and use them as super soldiers. In comes janitors who take over a ship and, well things happened, and now they are on their way to earth.

It's quite the crew and are they the best? Eh, no not really, but they know what they know and they do it their way. With humour and lots of shenanigans.

Was it Hines funny? In a way yes, but it was also different from his other works. Not as light. It is also not the best book to be listening to when you are really tired. Poor book. So even though I enjoyed it, it also made me fall asleep

I enjoyed it, and at the same time it I could not keep my attention on it. So I am torn

The Krakau came to Earth in the year 2104. By 2105, humanity had been reduced to shambling, feral monsters. In the Krakau's defense, it was an accident, and a century later, they did come back and try to fix us. Sort of. It's been four months since Marion "Mops" Adamopoulos learned the truth of that accident. Four months since she and her team of hygiene and sanitation specialists stole the EMCS Pufferfish and stopped a bioterrorism attack against the Krakau homeworld. Four months since she set out to find proof of what really happened on Earth all those years ago. Between trying to protect their secrets and fighting the xenocidal Prodryans, who've been escalating their war against everyone who isn't Prodryan, the Krakau have their tentacles full. To discover the truth, Mops and her rogue cleaning crew will have to do the one thing she fears most: return to Earth, a world overrun by feral apes, wild dogs, savage humans, and worse. (After all, the planet hasn't been cleaned in a century and a half!) What Mops finds in the filthy ruins of humanity could change everything, assuming she survives long enough to share it. Perhaps humanity isn't as dead as the galaxy thought. 

Wednesday 26 February 2020

The fate of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy

Kindle Edition, 316 pages
Published February 8th 2020 by Brightlynx Publishing
Series: The Uncharted Realms #5, The Twelve Kingdoms Complete Universe [publication order] #11
For review

I liked reading on my phone a few books ago, but now, I always love print more! Oh do not listen to me, I was too lazy to put it on my reader. So it took me like a month! I know right, slow reader here.

Back to business!!

Omg why is Rayfe so weird. That is honestly my thought for most of the book. Why is Rayfe such a weirdo! Book 1, people! Book 1! They were so right and now they are so right, and it broke me!

Other than weirdo Rayfe, there were actually a plot too. Those evil mofos Deyrr, Dasnarians, that evil Sorceress are coming to kill everyone. So everyone has to band together to bring them down, which means everyone from previous books show up.

So the end finally came. I did feel that maybe they did not have to make a list of who ws for them and who was against, but other than that it was quite the ride and omg Rayfe, it had me so worried. I was all what is happppppening?!

As the undead powers of Deyrr gather their forces, their High Priestess focuses on Andi, undermining her at every turn. At the magical barrier that protects the Thirteen Kingdoms from annihilation, the massive Dasnarian navy assembles, ready to pounce the moment Andi’s strength fails. And, though her sisters and friends gather around her, Andi finds that her husband, Rayfe, plagued with fears over her pregnancy, has withdrawn, growing ever more distant.

Fighting battles on too many fronts, Andi can’t afford to weaken, as she’s all that stands between all that’s good in the world and purest evil.

For Andi, the time to grow into her true power has come. .

Tuesday 25 February 2020


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February 25th: Book Recommendations: What's your favourite underrated book/series? (Courtesy of Roberta@Offbeat YA)

Why is this so hard!!! And what does underrated mean. I might say something, and then another person says, nah, that is one pretty big. So hmmm.

reads now and sigh,  I should have picked ONE. Oh well

*checks goodreads*

Kin by Snorri Kristjansson
This is a murder mystery set in Iceland in the 11th century something. It was great. But most people seem to have been hung up that they had a modern tongue, and that they were not Viking enough *eyeroll*  Which means those people thought every Nordic person went raiding and nothing else.

Cursed by Keri Arthur (in audio)
Such a cool series that I do not even know where to place. Fantasy awesomeness

A wolf apart by Maria Vale
My review says it hit me first afterwards how good it was. Weird, but true. A cool book

Drakenfeld by Mark Charan Newton
A fantasy series that I wish had more than 2 books!

Impossible things by Kate Johnson
This great fantasy romance that flew a bit under the radar

My fair concubine by Jeannie Lin
I always meant to read more by her!

A dash of scandal by Amelia Grey
I am all back in 2013 now but I remember that she always had fun his roms!

There are more but ugh it takes so much time to go through books and think which one might have least reviews....

Monday 24 February 2020

Carole's Monday: A little Bit Cupid

A Little Bit Cupid: A Collection of Short Stories
Author: Melissa Belle, Melissa Brown, Lea Coll, J.H. Croix, Anna Edwards, Bailie Hantam, Tracey Jerald, Leigh Lennon, Stacey Lewis 
Title: A Little Bit Cupid - A Collection of Short Stories
Genre: Short Stories, Romance
Format: ebook
Published: February 2nd 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

Lady Boss Press presents A Little Bit Cupid, a collection of short stories written by sixteen talented authors just in time for Valentine’s Day!

If you love sexy, sweet, angsty, funny stories… this anthology is for you. There’s something here for everyone!

I had no choice....I had to check this out! 'Tis the season after all!

There are 16 short stories here about love. I'll break this review up for each story. 

~ Wild Valentine by Melissa Belle
This was a cute way to start off. This would be awesome to see as a full story. There are a lot of family members I would love to see fall in love too. This made me happy.  5

~ I’ve Just Seen a Face by Melissa Brown
I LOVED this one. I think it was my favorite. It made me awwwwwe at the end there. 5

~ Swept Away by Lea Coll
Mmmm. It was okay. I thought things happened too fast for these two. I would've thought he was a total werido if he came over to my table. He seemed kinda creepy to be honest. 2

~ Crash Into You by JH Croix
I liked this and I am curious to read the next book since this was just a prologue. But I did not like our main guy here. He was an asshat....maybe he'll get better in the next one. 3

~ Easy Prom by Anna Edwards
Very cute and very sad. This (like the last one) was a prologue. I for sure want to read it. I want them to find their HEA! They deserve it! 4

~ Their First Chance by Bailie Hantam
This was good. I didn't like it at first, but then I fell in love with Jack and I wanted him to make her happy. She needs happiness. Poor girl. 4

~ The Perfect Proposal by Tracey Jerald
Hmmmmmm. I barely remember this one. It wasn't bad, but not very memorable for me. 2 

~ Three Hearts by Leigh Lennon
Sooo cheesy and unrealistic...especially the ending and "twist", BUUUUUT I really liked this one. It was cute and hot. Luckily girl getting two hotties for life ;) 4

~ Wrong for Me by Stacey Lewis
UGH this one pissed me off. Sorry you have a crappy marriage....get a divorce or something. 1 

~ Date Night by Jodi Linton
At first I was annoyed with Jack, but then he really made it up to his wife. This was super cute. What a fun date night!! 5

~ Cupcakes & Macarons by Bethany Lopez
This was really sweet, but boring at the same time. 3

~ Vitamin D by Kayti McGee
This one had me laughing. I loved it. 5

~ Falling Fast with You by S. Moose
Uggggggghhhhhhhhh I was not happy with the ending AT all. F that guy!! I wasn't amused with the ending. Maybe if there was more I would've came around but nope. 1

~ Breaking the Rules by Dani René
Wasn't amused with this one either. He was a total asshat and she deserves better. 1

~ Cocktail by Lauren Smith
This was cute. I liked Aubree. I just wanted her to be happy. I grew to like Matthew a lot too 4

~ It’s Always Been You by Jen Talty
Another one that was cute and sweet, but boring. 3

I enjoyed this overall. It was a cute one for the season of lovvvveeee. It was a mix bag of different stories. Not all loves are the same and it was fun to see this reflected here. Old love, new love, multiple loves. There are some great ones and some meh ones. But yes, overall, this was really good. *does math* I'll stamp this with 3 stars. 

- #8 on Bingo for Short story

Friday 21 February 2020

The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

Mass Market Paperback, 707 pages
Published 2006 by Orbit (first published December 1990)
Series: The Wheel of Time #2


There will be spoilers.

I have read it too many times for me not to talk about everything!!

SPOILERS.  And not. Just thoughts.

I like them in Shienar and Rand riding out.
I really like Rand in Cairihien. The Game is on!

What I do not like is Tar Valon, OMG, so boring. Since I have read it before I skimmed that cos omg so boring. These are the parts I will be bored by in a tv series.
And omg those bitches are so stupid. Oh Rand is in trouble, this one person says, but let's not ask anyone else and instead get kidnapped *headdesk*

Min showed up again, hmmm, yes maybe she is best for him

Elayne only gets pulled in by the TaVaren

Aiel shows up!

Toman head, omg, the feels at the end, THE FEELS

Kill the Seanchan! Death to all Whitecloaks

I always say book 1 as my fav but dang this one is great. Journey, fighting, and yes some boring school stuff.

The Forsaken are loose, the Horn of Valere has been found and the Dead are rising from their dreamless sleep. The Prophecies are being fulfilled - but Rand al' Thor, the shepherd the Aes Sedai have proclaimed as the Dragon Reborn, desperately seeks to escape his destiny.

Rand cannot run forever. With every passing day the Dark One grows in strength and strives to shatter his ancient prison, to break the Wheel, to bring an end to Time and sunder the weave of the Pattern.

And the Pattern demands the Dragon.

Hardcover, First, 596 pages
Published October 15th 1991 by Tor Books
Series: The Wheel of Time #3


And as it is a re-read then some parts to start to feel so boring, so TAr Valon, omg skimming!!!
The only good part is Mat there.

Egwene, Elayne and Nyn are the 3 most stupid women in the world. They got caught...again! Why would Siuan send them out??! WHYYYYYYYY.

I am so sure the show will focus a great detail on tar Valon. Omg bathroom break.

Not enoung Rand! Just stupid Tar Valon stuff.

I had forgotten that Perrin met Faile here. I recently read that she was supposed to be much younger, but here it says he thought they looked the same age, hmmm.




How many times will Rand think he has won? Poor guy.

I should stop now, no more re-reading I am behind on my books

Able to touch the One Power, but unable to control it, and with no one to teach him how--for no man has done it in three thousand years--Rand al'Thor knows only that he must face the Dark One. But how?

Winter has stopped the war-almost-yet men are dying, calling out for the Dragon. But where is he?

Perrin Aybara is in pursuit with Moiraine Sedai, her Warder Lan, and the Loial the Ogier. Bedeviled by dreams, Perrin is grappling with another deadly problem--how is her to escape the loss of his own humanity.

Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve are approaching Tar Valon, where Mat will be healed--if he lives until they arrive. But who will tell the Amyrlin their news--that the Black Ajah, long thought only a hideous rumor, is all too real? They cannot know that in Tar Valon far worse awaits...

Ahead, for all of them, in the Heart of the Stone, lies the next great test of the Dragon reborn.... 

Thursday 20 February 2020

The Eye of the world by Robert Jordan

Mass Market Paperback, 814 pages
Published November 15th 1990 by Tor Books (first published January 15th 1990)
Series: The Wheel of Time #1

According to Goodreads this is my third re-read, but since I read it like back already in 1996 I do have a few more re-read in me than this ;)

And there will be spoilers.

If you do not want spoilers then back away

The spoilers are not that bad really.

but they are there.

But yes they are not bad.

This is just a few thoughts.

And I will be thinking of the show in my mind.

I like Rand with Tam, I always wanted more Tam

Not a Moiraine fan.
Not an Egwene fan, she is uppity.

The fleeing is kind of so and so. No feelings about Min since we meet her once.

I HATE THE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT! Balefire those suckers.

Is Shadar Logoth necessary? I mean sure yes cos of the dagger, but still eh.

I like Perrin. Are the tinkers necessary? Sure cos of the Aiel, but eh.
Wolf power!

M, Lan and Nyn does not show us their journey. And this should be more crucial since obvi Lan and Nyn grew close. I do like Nyn.

Not a fan of flirty Mat, a fan of mad Mat.
I like his and Rand's journey. Esp when they hit the big city and Rand meets Elayne and her family. FU Galad.
I like how everyone is all Aiel! Aww, good times!

I still hate that this is our world cos it makes no freaking sense. I'd rather have it be another world that fell into despair. Also I have no idea who John Glenn was but his story made it throughout the ages, very US centric of you. You can't remember other things, but that. Ann Landers? Who. Another one that made it through age after age even though like everyone died. Sure. I guess only US survived the breaking then.

Fal Dara
I always though this could have been a good ending, sort of, if there had not been more books. But I am glad there will be more and omg the banner, the FEELS.

The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth returns again. In the Third Age, an Age of Prophecy, the World and Time themselves hang in the balance. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

When The Two Rivers is attacked by Trollocs—a savage tribe of half-men, half-beasts— five villagers flee that night into a world they barely imagined, with new dangers waiting in the shadows and in the light.

Wednesday 19 February 2020

This light between us by Andrew Fukuda

Audio CD
Published January 7th 2020 by Macmillan Young Listeners
Historical fiction
In exchange for an honest review

I knew it would come a time when this would turn sad, and I kept on hoping that there would be light at the end of that tunnel.

Two 10 year olds become penpals. A world apart, and they will come to mean everything to each other. Alex is Japanese-American, who grows up on a strawberry farm. Charlie is Jewish and lives in Paris.

They keep on writing and the years go by. Charlie sees how people change, soon there are Germans in the streets, but nothing bad could ever happen, right?

For Alex is happens faster. Pearl Harbor, growing tension, interment camps. 

People are stupid, people are evil. Why weren't every German American or Italian American in camps then too? I guess there had to be on evil enemy that did not look like the rest. I guess one has to be grateful that everyone was just not killed outright.

And I kept wondering about Charlie. Since there are no more letters due to obvious reasons we have no idea knowing what happens to her.

The cover does tell that he will enlist. And of course he will search for her, and break my heart.

The narrator was great. He sounded familiar, but I have not listened to him before. He did well with their different voices and I felt I was right there, on suicide hill.

A good book, that would make a really good movie. Oh this is really one of those that needs to be a movie too. Especially in these times.

In 1935, ten-year-old Alex Maki from Bainbridge Island, Washington is disgusted when he's forced to become pen pals with Charlie Levy of Paris, France--a girl. He thought she was a boy. In spite of Alex's reluctance, their letters continue to fly across the Atlantic--and along with them the shared hopes and dreams of friendship. Until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the growing Nazi persecution of Jews force them to confront the darkest aspects of human nature.

From the desolation of an internment camp on the plains of Manzanar to the horrors of Auschwitz and the devastation of European battlefields, the only thing they can hold onto are the memories of their letters. But nothing can dispel the light between them. 

Tuesday 18 February 2020


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February 18th: Who are some of the recent debut/ new to me authors that impressed you?

That is kind of hard, I never know who is a debut or not. You think one is and then you see they already published something before.

I did like Nicholas Eames, and I hope his book 2 is as good!

Same with Ed McDonald. I have enjoyed his fantasy series this year.

I tried Stephanie Burgis for the first time last year too, fun times!

And I so need to read more by Abdi Nazemian

Oh Jessie Mihalik was also a first in the last year! Another great one

Sam Hawke is another author I want more from.

I have read a lot of interesting new to me authors in the last year :D

Monday 17 February 2020

Movie time: To all the Boys

Hello everyone! This month Carole and I are watching and reviewing To All the Boys - PS I Still Love You. 

Carole is in red and I in green. 

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Poster
Title:  To All the Boys - PS. I Still Love You

Genre: Drama, Romance
Running Time: 1h 41min
Rating: TV-14
Released: 12 February 2020
Where I Got It: Netflix

Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their relationship from pretend to officially official when another recipient of one of her old love letters enters the picture.



I did watch this one the same day it came out, was it as good? Nah. But still fun.

It was fun. Very, very, VERY cheesy. And not at all like the book. It was very condensed and was missing a lot. However, it was fun on its own accord. People who have never read the book would follow along fine. 

Yes, reading the book is certainly not necessary, but they are really cute and fun! I liked and did not like how book 1 ended with them not even together. But here they are and then a little drama, and maybe dad finds love, and the end. Very short. Movie 1 was certainly better, but I couldn’t stop watching either ;) I had to know they would be fine.

Completely agree on everything you said. Movie 1 was waaay better. But like the majority of transition stories the 2nd one is the rough patch. I hope they do movie 3. I haven’t read book 3 yet, but there is still a lot of growing up for our characters. They haven’t resolved all their issues yet and I really think they need to sit down and talk. Be honest 100%. And maybe get rid of Gen. Have her move away or something. Tired of her butt. 

Ugh Gen is the worst, but she is a toxic leech! He is being too kind. Just stop it, let her deal with her own stuff. I am reading my review for book 3 right now...wait. I was more negative in my memory, maybe I was kind in my review. But it felt like they went through the same stuff again and I didn’t really like Peter there. Ring a bell. But I totally want a movie 3.

Maybe we can read/listen to book 3 before the next one comes out ;) You know they are for sure going to do the 3rd one too! They would be fools NOT to. YESSSS GEN IS A LEECH! Her reasons for hating Lara Jean is STUPID. Grow up >_>. 

Ehh, no. Since my memory said it was meh, I say no ;) The books should have stopped at 2. Or 1.

Hahahaha. I agree. BUT a nice short story or giving us an epilogue would’ve been nice. I want to see where everyone ends up as adults and out of the High School BS. 

I honestly can’t even remember now if they are together after book 3...dang what happens in book 3? I remember college woes and a beach house. Read it and tell me.

You know I will! I have it on my shelf waiting for me. I am curious, but I am nervous. I just want them to be happy even though book Peter pisses me off. Movie Peter is WAY better. Yes, he does some of the dumb stuff still, but not AS much and he’s not AS sneaky as book Peter. 

Lol. I will wait and see then. I honestly do not have a lot to say. I enjoyed the movie. You should DEFINITELY watch movie 1 first (cos the cutest) and you should totally read book 1 too! Gen sucks. LJ and Peter are cute together, when they are not idiots (like 90% of the time). And yay for their dad too

Yes, yes, and yes. I’m happy Dad is finding love. And poor John!!!! I want John to have a HEA. He was the sweetest. I love Peter more, but I adored John. Especially Movie John...they picked such a cutie to play him. Not at all how Book John was described, but I liked him. Fun cast. I wish we had more Stormy interactions. Oh well. Overall, fun, cheesy, and cute. Not amazing. But good. 

Stormy was cool. John was great, but hmm, maybe not for her.

The end already? How can I not have more to say? I mean it was good, the end

A quick one! But I think we covered the main points! 

Yes, the end :) 

Friday 14 February 2020

Red Queen by Christina Henry

Paperback, 313 pages
Published July 12th 2016 by Titan Books
Series: The Chronicles of Alice #2

I did like book 1 more, cos that one was more, well horror but not horror. I mean it was not scary horror, but it as horrific. This one did not have the same tone. This was a journey book.

Alice and Hatcher has made it outside. But outside sucks. Ash and death. Giants and goblins. And magicians fighting for power. Outside is baad.

Sidenote. I want to know how it all fell apart. Why is this world such a  horrible place?

They are so not right for each other, so wrong that they are right. She is messed up, he is beyond messed up. Perfect fit.

This is another one of those where I can't say a lot. But the writing is light and the book is only 300 p long. A walk in the park. I liked that. Some easy weird Alice re-telling.

Sidenote. Please more in this world.

I enjoyed it. I really like her works.

The land outside of the Old City was supposed to be green, lush, hopeful. But the verdant fields are nothing but ash and hope is nowhere to be found. Still, Alice and Hatcher are on a mission to find his daughter: a quest they will not forsake even as it takes them deep into the clutches of the mad White Queen or into the realm of the twisted and cruel Black King. The pieces are set and the game has begun, and each move brings Alice closer to her destiny.

Thursday 13 February 2020

The True Bastards by Jonathan French

Paperback, 592
Published October 8th 2019 by Crown
Series: The Lot Lands #2

I liked it, but at the same time it did feel boring at times, like several times. At times it felt mostly ok.

I really liked book 1, it was grim and effed up. Then book 2 came with a new voice. Suddenly Fetching was the main character, and I just do not like her. She is angry, and angry, and angry. I know your lot in lot sucks, but eh I just did not care for her.

And then the story got boggled down with her past, and it was a looooong way there.

I miss Jackal.

I can only see the negative things when I write this. I just miss the awesomeness of book 1, which made it one of the best books last year.

Hmm, I really should give it a 2 because I honestly do not feel like reading more in this series. But I will give it a 3, for trying. Too nice

Fetching was once the only female rider in the Lot Lands. Now she is the leader of her own hoof, a band of loyal half orcs sworn to her command. But in the year since she took power, the True Bastards have struggled to survive. Tested to the breaking point by the burdens of leadership, Fetching battles desperately to stave off famine, desertion, and the scorn of the other half-orc chieftains, even as orcs and humans alike threaten the Lots' very existence. Then an old enemy finds a way to strike at her from beyond the grave--and suddenly only one, faint hope for salvation remains.

Wednesday 12 February 2020

A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane

Book 1 in the Gathering of Dragons series
Narrated by Nicole Poole
Publication date Feb 4, 2020
Running time 15 hrs 16 min
Published by Tantor Audio
In exchange for an honest review

I do have mixed feelings about this one. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but at the same time I do not like Maddek. And that first meeting was so dang rapey.

Plus everything else he does afterwards does make me think that Yvenne should dump his sorry barbarian arse.

Yes, very mixed feelings!

Fantasy world where someone named the Destroyer had reeked havoc decades earlier (what was up with that? More please.) Sure countries, gods and such are mentioned, but I would call the world building light. And please do not make me spell anything, oh audio, you are evil when it comes to fantasy. I had to look up both their names.

Maddec is a commander that helps contain some creatures at a border. Then his parents are killed and he is MAD. Which brings us to Yvenne who he wants to murder and throw off a wall. This guy is so unhinged. If he thought about it for 2 seconds he would realise that she would have nothing to gain, while her family had everything to gain. But he does not think about it, not for weeks. He is an arse to her for so long, all while they do it.

Mixed feelings people. I mean she is all sure, I will have a baby by him so he can kill my family so she is in on it. But love? He does not trust her. How can there be love. Also why would she fall for him, he is such a d*ck.

They are trying to get away for her family is a bunch of guys that needs to die! Violently.

And sure, they fall in love and will build an alliance to save the world.

I did like it! I promise. I just did not ever fall for Maddek. I liked Yvenne and her sharp tongue, and her desire to be more even though life has left her weak and crippled.

I guess, either you liked a certain GoT barbarian or you felt like me that he was a creepy rapist, and I guess that tells you how you will feel about this book.

And hey I do want to read more and I did feel a bit disappointed to see that the next book is about 2 strangers.

She did a great job with everyone. It felt so light you know, even in the face of death and danger.

A generation past, the western realms were embroiled in endless war. Then the Destroyer came. From the blood and ashes he left behind, a tenuous alliance rose between the barbarian riders of Parsathe and the walled kingdoms of the south. That alliance is all that stands against the return of an ancient evil—until the barbarian king and queen are slain in an act of bloody betrayal.

Though forbidden by the alliance council to kill the corrupt king responsible for his parents' murders, Maddek vows to avenge them, even if it costs him the Parsathean crown. But when he learns it was the king's daughter who lured his parents to their deaths, the barbarian warrior is determined to make her pay.

Yet the woman Maddek captures is not what he expected. Though the last in a line of legendary warrior-queens, Yvenne is small and weak, and the sharpest weapons she wields are her mind and her tongue. Even more surprising is the marriage she proposes to unite them in their goals and to claim their thrones—because her desire for vengeance against her father burns even hotter than his own . . .

Tuesday 11 February 2020


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February 11th: Romantic Reads Recommendations

I meant to do it with covers, but arghh, my laptop died on me yesterday (not to worry, I just had to charge it, but still). It did not get done then and now I am in a hurry.

This is so hard because I am not going through all my books. But then it does feel like a shame not to mention earlier ones, but then I am so uncomfortable cos Luci refuses to leave my lap.

Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh, if you are in the mood for pnr and some hot psy-wolf action
Hot and badgered by Shelley Laurenston, for some funny pnr where everyone is insane

Any historical romance that is decent enough is always filled with feel good romance to me!

Can I just say Grace Draven and Jeffe Kennedy for fantasy romance?!

Heidi's guide to four letter words by Tara Sivec and Andi Arndt. Omg LOL! Funny contemporary romance

Rebel Hard by Nalini Singh, cos she can write everything!

Irresistible you by Kate Meader for some sports romance

Through the fire by Kate Ruggle for some romantic suspense, and trust me, you do not want to live in those mountains. Crazy stuff happens!

I did mention a few so that is good enough,

OH! ANY decent PP variation always gives me the feels :)

Monday 10 February 2020

Carole's Monday: The call of the wild by Jack London

Author: Jack London
The Call of the Wild
Title: The Call of the Wild
Genre: Classics, Fiction, Adventure, YA
Format: ebook
Pages: 172 
Published: 1903
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

Based on London's experiences as a gold prospector in the Canadian wilderness and his ideas about nature and the struggle for existence, The Call of the Wild is a tale about unbreakable spirit and the fight for survival in the frozen Alaskan Klondike.

I guess this is becoming a movie this month so it sparked my interest to read the book. I feel like I read this back in the day. Not sure...or maybe I just had read excerpts.. 

The story follows Buck who had the life of luxury with his human family. One day he is dognapped by someone who needed the money. Buck is sold and finds his way in the wilderness pulling sleds for gold prospectors. He becomes progressively feral in the harsh environment, where he is forced to fight to survive and dominate other dogs and his new world. 

This had me in tears a few times. Poor Buck! Poor other dogs! Heck I even felt bad for John (who was the only human I actually liked in the end). Humans suck!!! These poor dogs. Yes, they were proud of themselves and liked pulling the sled. But there is a limit. I was happy the moment Buck got away. 

HOW is this a kid's book? Lots of violence and death. Maybe I'm more sensitive to it because it is about dogs, but ugh my heart. Poor things treated like slaves for the greed of men. There ARE a couple versions of this book floating maybe kids read the edited version. The version I read was pretty graphic in some points. I know as a kid I would've cried as much as I did at certain aspects. Especially the part with the ice. Damn fools! *shakes fist*

This was really, really good and it really captured my attention. The author, as usual, has a way with his writing that captures you. I was totally hooked from page one and got this done in two sittings (damn work getting the way of my reading life). 

I loved the messages of perseverance in this. Lovely! 

Honestly, I doubt I'll watch the movie anytime soon, because after watching the trailer the story seems SOOOOOOOOOOO different. And I feel it takes away from Buck and his journey to becoming one with the wild.

In the end, I highly recommend this. There is some darkness, but there is hope and the end will get ya! It is quick and will get you right at the heart. 5 stars. 


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