Sunday 15 February 2009

The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway

The Cellist of Sarajevo

This is a book about the siege of Sarajevo that lasted from 1992 until 1996, the longest siege of a city in modern times. Even if it in the book takes place under a shorter period.

It's a tale about the cellist who plays for 22 days to remember the 22 victims of a shell at the bread market. He is a sitting target for the enemy when he brings back hope in the hearts of the citizens.

It's a tale if the counter sniper who watches him from a window, while looking out for enemy snipers that want him dead. Can she keep the cellist alive, and what will the cost be of that?

It's also the tale of a man who every 4th day picks up his water canisters and make a hazardous journey to the only place you can get free water. To get there he must cross the entire city whole looking out for the men on the hill, the snipers and the shells.

And at last it's a tale of an old man who works in a bakery, and cos of that gets free bread to feed his family. But to get the bread he must walk to a city that is dangerous, and when he stands at the intersection every day he faces a horrible choice, to cross can mean death if the sniper decides to aim at him.

This book is beautiful in a haunting way. I feel like I am there, standing at the side of the road and seeing someone get killed, and knowing that I have to cross too. Every day is a fear or snipers and the shells falling over the city. Not to mention the lack of everything else.

Galloway knows how to write and bring emotions into it. Like the notes the cellist plays he writes about the notes in the human soul and the decisions that are made.

I was young when the war started and back then what did I know about war? It was the end of the world back then, but now I of course see how close it really is. And I can't believe that it could last as long as it did. It was in our own backyard.

This is truly a book worth reading, Galloway has balanced his words perfectly and they flow. It's an easy book to read in a way cause of that, but at the same time it makes you think.

I would give it a 4/5.

Thursday 12 February 2009

The Ex Files by Jane Moore


Fay Parker is getting married, she and Mark wants to make this weekend unforgettable and have rented a French castle. Now what could wrong?

Possible the fact that they have decided to invite old ex girlfriends/boyfriends. It's supposed to be the party of the century. What more could a model want. Now if there only wasn't a person on the wedding that will do anything to set them apart.

A bride, a groom, relatives, exes and alcohol. From Fays side there is the ex only interested in sex, and the sweet cop. Mark has the sweet first love, and the girl who seemed perfect for him.

A recipe for disaster.

Ok first *sighs*, how am i supposed to like a character who sleep with someone 3 pages into the book, a week before her wedding, and it's not her intended! Ok later on I get to know Fay and I see that she is not a total bitch, but still she is not that likeable. And for that reason I am not that fond of Mark either. Not his fault that he is a pushover but, no, not a chick-lit in my taste,

Everything is one big cliché, her looks, the way things happen, and yes I knew what would happen very early into the book. Exactly who would end up with who. It wasn't a surprise so i just sat around and waited for everything to fall into place. This book can be read, it was ok, cute in some freakish way. But for people to have read several books like this, well you are not in for any surprises. I am sure that you just like me will figure out what is gonna happen. Even if the one night stand is a surprise at first, I do figured that out too.

But for chick-lit it is ok, not any laughs, but love mix-ups, and true love. A very easy book to read.

Sunday 8 February 2009

Brisingr by Christoper Paolini

Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
Book 3 in the Inheritance series

It has been some time since Eragon and Saphira left their valley, and later joined up with the Varden. Eragon is troubled when he had to fight his brother, and he fear whatever legacy he may have from his evil father. He does not understand how he came to be from him, and the things he learns about his mother are not good. But the world is in turmoil, Galbatroix must be taken out and he and Saphira must get better so that the can defeat Murtgah, and the the wicked king.

In this books secrets will be discovered, alliances will be made, Eragon will continue to fight for his world, all while his cousin does the same and climbs the ranks of the Varden. A land is at stake, and if they fail the whole world will suffer.

Ok, yes he is no great fantasy writer cos some of the things, well you can see his age through it. But it's still an ok story and I thought this was the last one. Sadly no, there are another one and I just want the end now. Of course it's a nice story so all will work out and everyone will be happy. He does try to write darker things, but they are not really felt.

I will read the next book, and for fantasy lovers I say, yes you can read it, for firsttimers, well there are better books out there.


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