Sunday, 8 February 2009

Brisingr by Christoper Paolini

Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
Book 3 in the Inheritance series

It has been some time since Eragon and Saphira left their valley, and later joined up with the Varden. Eragon is troubled when he had to fight his brother, and he fear whatever legacy he may have from his evil father. He does not understand how he came to be from him, and the things he learns about his mother are not good. But the world is in turmoil, Galbatroix must be taken out and he and Saphira must get better so that the can defeat Murtgah, and the the wicked king.

In this books secrets will be discovered, alliances will be made, Eragon will continue to fight for his world, all while his cousin does the same and climbs the ranks of the Varden. A land is at stake, and if they fail the whole world will suffer.

Ok, yes he is no great fantasy writer cos some of the things, well you can see his age through it. But it's still an ok story and I thought this was the last one. Sadly no, there are another one and I just want the end now. Of course it's a nice story so all will work out and everyone will be happy. He does try to write darker things, but they are not really felt.

I will read the next book, and for fantasy lovers I say, yes you can read it, for firsttimers, well there are better books out there.


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