Thursday 7 January 2021

Audio: Duke looks like a groomsman by Valerie Bowman

By: Valerie Bowman

Narrated by: Christine Rendel

Series: The Footmen's Club, Book 2

Length: 8 hrs

Release date: 01-01-21

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Historical romance

To review

In the last book we saw how 3 men pretended to be servants at a houseparty, now we learned more about their bet. Rhys just wants to win the bet, he does not want to have someone fall in love with him and not his title like his friend does. Or like his other friend who jumps at the chance to find a traitor to the crown.

So Rhys works as a groomsman, and then the woman he thought the would marry comes to the stable. Omg, these two! Rhys left because of real reasons, but he should have told her! Then he got angry because she much much later on meets someone new. Well she had not heard from you in a year, of course she moved on. You do not get to be angry, you also left because you are a silly Duke! Julianne oh she got be angry, she thought he would propose and then he just left.

She tortures him quite a bit because he wants to win his bet and she does everything to make him fail. Rather amusing. And I also wanted them to talk, really talk, to get it all out. Also to fall madly in love again, as they never stopped.

Of course they are still silly even close to the end, only because they are both so stubborn, but love always finds a way.

I liked them, stubborn idiots as they were. It was an easy listen. Though it does end with a cliffhanger of sorts, about that third guy I told you about, he who wanted to find a traitor so this leads into his book.

It's always hard when one already has someone, I am always but what about! Oh do not worry, we meet her fiance' in the end and he is an asshat. Totally worth dumping.

Good narrator, easy listening too. Good voices, and as always, historical romance is so good in audio. I prefer it these days 

Rhys Sheffield, the Duke of Worthington, has bet his friends an ungodly sum of money that despite his loftiness, he can pass himself off as a servant at the house party of the Season. But when his clever ex-flame arrives and recognizes Rhys in the stables pretending to be a groomsman, she realizes it’s the perfect opportunity to pay him back for breaking off their engagement.

She’s the bride-to-be.

The lovely Lady Julianna Montgomery may be the only young woman at the house party who’s not in the market for a husband. She’s quite happily engaged to a marquess, thank you very much, and scarcely remembers the pain of being callously tossed over by the Duke of Worthington nearly two long years ago—till now.

All bets are off.

Rhys seems to be everywhere, flexing his muscles, laboring in the sun—and Julianna has never found him more appealing. With his signature charm, he persuades her to keep his secret. But when she learns he’s determined to win a bet of honor, she can’t resist playing a game of her own. She’ll spend the next fortnight tempting Rhys at every turn and making him lose his precious wager. Even if it means she must lose her heart in the process…


  1. Ooh working as a groomsman- I bet that was a shock to the system. :)

    1. He loves horses and does take care of his own at home so I think he picked an easy one

  2. It is sometimes fun when they are stubborn. Glad you enjoyed this one.

  3. OMG, the title is awesome! Love the play on it.

  4. sounds like another couple who need to be locked into a closet together so they'll talk out their issues. :) Glad you loved them anyway.

  5. DUKE! But why hide your dukiness? LOL.



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