Friday 4 June 2021

Audio: Where the rhythm takes you by Sarah Dass

Narrated by: Antonevia Ocho-Coultes

Length: 10 hrs and 13 mins

Release date: 11-05-21

Harper Audio

To review

A YA novel inspired by Persuasion, yes please.

Reyna spends all her time at her father's hotel. And ever since her mother passed that is all she wants to do. I liked Reyna, but that poor girl needed to live her life and not obsess over a hotel.

It has only been like 2-3 years since the breakup, it did feel short. But it is after all only inspired by Persuasion. They really lived for their angst there.

Reyna's former bf shows up. He is hot stuff now, famous, cool girlfriend on his arm (or is she?).

They avoid each other, they have to spend time together. Reyna tries to figure out her life, slooowly. And there will be happiness, and her finding out what she want, and actually doing that.

I enjoyed it.

Ok so I am not an expert, but to me the narrator's Caribbean accent sounded good. It really got me feeling this place and the people here

Seventeen-year-old Reyna has spent most of her life at the Plumeria, her family's gorgeous seaside resort in Tobago. But what once seemed like paradise is starting to feel more like purgatory. It's been two years since Reyna's mother passed away, two years since Aiden--her childhood best friend, first kiss, first love, first everything--left the island to pursue his music dreams. Reyna's friends are all planning their futures and heading abroad. Even Daddy seems to want to move on, leaving her to try and keep the Plumeria running.

And that's when Aiden comes roaring back into her life--as a VIP guest at the resort.

Aiden is now one-third of DJ Bacchanal--the latest, hottest music group on the scene. While Reyna has stayed exactly where he left her, Aiden has returned to Tobago with his Grammy-nominated band and two gorgeous LA socialites. And he may (or may not be) dating one of them . . .


  1. Ooh this sounds like a really sweet escape into a different place and a cute story!

  2. Narrators who can do good accents for a book is always a plus.

    1. I am always too lazy to check where narrators are from, I hope she is Carribbean

  3. Never read Persuasion, but I love all the film adaptations. Sounds like a good one! :)

  4. I've always been curious about her books. And a narrator who can do good accents is always nice!

  5. I've had this one my wish list. So glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Nice that it felt authentic!

  7. I like the sound of this one and I am glad that the narrator worked so well for the book.

  8. great review and love me some Caribbean accent. Thanks Blodeuedd

  9. I love Persuasion. My fave I am tempted ;)



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