Monday 3 December 2018

Audio: I married the Duke - Katherine Ashe

Book 1 in the Prince Catchers series
Narrated by Rachael Beresford
Publication date Nov 13, 2018
Running time 12 hrs
Historical romance
Thank you Tantor for this review copy!

My Thoughts
I only wish he had not kept thinking of her as a servant in his head, like thinking it a lot. I did want to, omg  you all, wait for it, hit him over the head! You so did not see that coming ;) He was all, she was born to be a duchess. How could she have been born a servant?
Are you serious dude? You just complained about your evil guardian! Obviously not all noblemen are noble and not all commoners common.

When I am done with that.
Arabella was told that one of them would marry a prince. The silly girl was convinced it would be her, and that if she only found a prince it would be that prince. Oh you made me lol. But I am seriously wondering about that prince that there is to come now!
Anyway, she was a governess, great at her job. She did not back down. She was smart. And she really wanted to find a prince.

Then she meets a dashing captain that will bring her to said prince (to care for his sister). Luc had a troubled past. Evil guardian (ugh, what an evil sob.) He is in line to a dukedom, and is a Comte in France. But Arabella does not know, also, he is not a prince so who cares! Other than thinking of her as the servant I did like him.

Ok so this whole prince thing does have a point. A fortune teller told her and her sisters that one would marry a prince and then they would learn who their father is. Which is not told her then since she did not marry a prince. And I am so curious about it! There are no clues!

A sea journey. Romance on a beach. Evil men lusting for blood. Seeeecrets! Falling for a captain who is a nobody. And more suspense to come. She did keep up the pace.

I enjoyed it. And I want those secrets
I liked her voices. But the audio was lower than usual in this one, and I also had to speed it up more than normal. You know i like my narrators to talk fast, that is normal speed (to me)

Arabella Caulfield, one of three orphaned sisters, has clung to an ancient gypsy prophecy as the only way to save her family from endless heartbreak. Now she has twelve days to reach a remote French castle and fulfill her destiny: to marry a prince.

Along the way, Arabella meets Lucien Westfall, decorated naval captain and the new Duke of Lycombe. She thought he was a pirate. He thought she was a governess. Two wrongs have never made such a scandalously perfect right.


  1. Thanks Blodeuedd. I like the retro cover on this one too

  2. It looks like a good one there!

  3. I read this forever ago, but remember really enjoying it.

  4. I think with these kinds of books, they really want to drive home the unfairness of how two people can be born on different sides of a divide but still be meant for each other. Maybe they think about it a lot, as that makes it feel more romantic :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Ha, maybe if he thought if it in another terms

  5. Hmmmm... Sounds like a big mystery to me. And he is not a nobody... He's a DUKE!

  6. Too bad he kept thinking of her as a servant. Not cool. I haven't read this author yet but this sounds like a good one.

    1. I get that she was a servant, but it was just that lower class are like dumber or something

  7. Arabella sounded like a great heroine. I usually have to speed my audiobooks up, too. My normal is 1.25x and I have to set it faster than that sometimes. :)

  8. Yes he did deserve one of your "hit over the head" serves.



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