Friday 28 December 2018

Audio: More or less a Temptress - Anna Bradley

Audio CD, 10 pages
Narrator: Heather Wilds
Published December 12th 2018 by Tantor Audio (first published November 13th 2018)
Historical romance
Series: The Somerset Sisters #3
Thank you Tantor for this review copy

My Thoughts
I felt bad for Hyacinth. Reading the blur I thought she would be some idiot, but I do get why she did the mistake she did. She had been sheltered and then she saw something that truly shocked her. When she then saw the man again she accused him of being a murderer. Because she was scared! Yes an idiotic thing to do. Where is the body? Maybe have some evidence first. It really was her grandmother's and sisters felt. They had coddled her, thinking she was some wilting flower and she had let herself think of herself in that way too.

Lachlan is running from something with her siblings. It took ages to find out what, which was silly cos he kept thinking of the THING all the time, but we did not learn what it was even though we were in his brain. I actually did find it quite shocking and did not understand why there had been no repercussions. But he really is a good man, he wants to protect his siblings and with a brother that is angry that is not easy.

The story is then that they are going to find their English halfbrother, who is married to Hyacint's sister. Then all hell breaks loose and then they have to try to ease their way back into society's good graces. And the Ton were such asshats to Hyacint! Yes she lost it, but come on, snobbish idiots!

Then there is a story in the background and we hear snippets of it and I was devastating when the book ended and Isla had no HEA! Isla being Lachlan's sister who has her own thing going on. But fear not! I just checked and her story is coming in 2019! Phew!

A wilting flower meets a scowling Scot. What could possibly go wrong? Fun!

Aww, yes I liked her Scottish accents. I always like those. It also makes it easier for her to have more voices going on which is nice.

Hyacinth Somerset’s debut is the most anticipated event of the season, as it will be the reclusive young lady’s first public appearance. But within moments of being asked to dance by a dashing stranger, Hyacinth calls him a murderer, then faints dead away! Now all the ton is a aflutter over Hyacinth’s baffling shun of their most intriguing newcomer—the wildly handsome Lachlan Ramsey . . .

Recently arrived from Scotland, Lachlan only wishes to claim his place in society to secure his sister’s future. When that is threatened by the accusations of a hapless slip of a girl, he will do anything protect his family. Yet it appears Hyacinth has only damaged her own hopes, inspiring the label of hysteric—and ultimately inspiring Lachlan to shelter her from harm. Now if only there were a defense for the surge of feeling he has every time Hyacinth turns her gaze his way. If only there were a way to make her his—while keeping the true secret in his past from destroying everything—and everyone—he cares about . . . 


  1. Oh, madness and mayhem among Society. Sounds fun.
    New to me narrator. I'll have to see if my library has this one.

    1. And now I can not recall if she was the narrator for the previous one. Oh my memory!

  2. LOL, I agree, the blurb does make her sound like a flake! I probably would not have been interested based on that alone, but I'm glad to hear there was more to her story!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. There really was so much more, sigh, blurbs!

  3. This sounds pretty interesting. I do wonder what it is that is going on with Lachlan.

  4. This sounds like a good one, thanks for sharing. But is it just me, or does her dress look like a prom dress from the 1980's?

  5. Replies
    1. She is not the main character and she gets her own book



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