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'Tis the Season for Xmas Movies

Hello everyone! This month Carole and I are reviewing two Hallmark movies! A little 2-in-1 deal here.  First, we will review Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe. Next, we will review Christmas at Pemberley Manor. 

I am  in red and Carole in green.

Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe PosterTitle: Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe
Genre: Romance
Running Time: 1h 22 min 
Rating: TV - PG
Released: 2018

Darcy is a career woman who hasn't found love, but her life turns upside down when she returns home to help her mother plan a charity event.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor Poster
Title: Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Genre: Romance
Running Time: 1h 24 min 
Rating: TV - G
Released: 2018

As Christmas approaches, an event planner is sent to a small town to organize a festival but finds a billionaire in the process of selling the estate she hoped to use as a venue. Before long, the unlikely pair begins falling for each other.


Let us be merry and share some Christmas joy!

Yayy! Xmas Joy! Xmas Spirit! Xmas cheese!

SHall we start with Pride and Prejudice and mistletoe

Sounds like a plan!

Ok, where to start? Did you feel it was any Pride and Prejudice like at all?

Just in names. Like there was a Darcy and Jane. I liked that they did some gender reverse. But I was annoyed the “Elizabeth” was named “Luke”....why not “Edward” or “Elijah”? But other than the name thing and Darcy/Luke dislike….there was nothing else P&P

Yes, I felt there was nothing. Sure she was named Darcy and there was Pemberley, but yes that was it. I had no PP feelings at all. Why even call it that?

Maybe because she was too “prideful” to work for her dad even though it was obvious how bad her co-workers are to her. I could tell from the first second we seen her “partner” that they were going to turn on her the moment she was gone. The “prejudice” was Luke assuming Darcy had it easy and Darcy thought the same about Luke. The mistletoe...well...because of the mistletoe debate they had.

Lol, on the mistletoe. Sure I can see the pride, the prejudice, but not like it was in Pride and Prejudice. It really felt like they just wanted to cash in on Pride and Prejudice and delivered nothing of the sort. I was rather disappointed in this one, it was not even cheesy! Maybe I just do not like the actress. 

Oooo for sure. They wanted the easy cash because they knew people like you and me who adore the original would be wanting to watch it. And didn’t have that classic Hallmark cheese.

It is based on this book by Melissa de la Cruz and I am reading the blurb right now, it sounds much better than this movie! But it has a terrible rating so I guess it sucks too.

Super bummer. I was thinking on checking in Goodreads, but if it sucks too...well...there is no hope for this.

They call it cringeworthy and tweeny. So, yes no on that one too. But sure for a cheesy Hallmark movie you can enjoy it for a night. But do not think Pride and P.

Yes. It was not HORRIBLE, but disappointing. Do not go in with expectations. The ending was annoying though. Like really Luke?????? Gah. And James was ugly. He was supposed to be the male Jane...but ew. LOL.

Who is James? Srsly, I can not even remember?

Luke’s brother who got with Darcy’s friend (I’m blanking on her name).

Right, they were hugging at this time and was all we are looking for him..ehh, you two are just standing there. Real effort guys, ;)

LOLLL right? “We’ll help look!” AKA let’s make-out and I’ll try calling ONCE. What a fantastic brother. >_<

Haha, do you want to say anything more or should we just move on to the next one?

I’m good! LOL Not much to comment on this one.To the manor!

To Pemberley Manor! Omg this one made me cringe so hard! But, it was better than the other one.

Yess it 100% better. More cheese and more P&P. Perfection. LOLLL

I actually got that he was Darcy here, and cute! And yes she was Lizzy….well more like Jane at times too, like a mix of them too. She was always so cheerful you know, while Lizzy should be like constantly sarcastic ;) And there was even a real Jane and Bingley, so I liked that. But again, Bingley was not really a Bingley

Oh my...Darcy is super duper cute. I would love for him to play the real Darcy. He was fun. Ugh I did not care for Lizzy. She was too Jane. The only time the real Lizzy moment was when she told Darcy off in the car, but she was still missing the real Lizzy bite there. Not the right actress for the role. Too sweet. Caroline was perfect. I wanted to hit her.

Yes finally a Caroline! I mean hello, sure you can have Darcy and Lizzy. But omg they are nothing without everyone else. You at least need a Wickham or a Caroline! The only moment I felt Lizzy was when she was an idiot and told him what cos of his assistant. I was all omg woman! You could get that poor man fired you stupid idiot!

Yess that was the scene I was hinting at. Like dude!!!!! Good thing Darcy took it in stride and just laughed it off. I think the real Darcy would’ve been a bit more grumpy about it. I was hoping for a Wickham too in this one since the mayor was named George. LOL But alas….only a Caroline which she was sassy enough.

Was “Wickham” her ex or had they just been friends? I can not remember. I was expecting some drama and nothing! Just like with the previous movie were I guess her ex was Caroline? And it was like nothing at all. Just an ex. Booooo

Yea the mayor, George, was a college friend who went on ONE date with Lizzy. Maybe the Wickham of the story was her ex that we didn’t see. Who knows. I wish I could be a writer on one of these movies. We needed some more drama. We got a touch when Caroline came to town taking over the event. But alas...even that ended rather quickly and nicely.

Oh right, yes the one date. But I do feel he was Wickham in spirit, but not in the actual story. He was like a Wickham ghost they did nothing with. Cos Xmas is not drama *eyeroll* But Wickham is some one you love to hate!

I wanted that mayor to have a HEA. He was sooooo sweet. Poor guy.

One more thing, why was she so you have to do this! It is his house, back off woman! Or was that just me. It was like he owed the town something. Like there was not anywhere else in that whole town?

I was confused about that too. He doesn’t have to do shit lady. Leave Darcy alone. xD I’m sure there a million places to have it.

He was too nice. Aww I really liked him ;) So yes this one was better, cheesy, a bit of drama and people falling in love too fast.

Darcy was the best in that movie. He was adorable and grumpy. I do think this was the better of the two movies. This really was a Hallmark take on the book for sure. Loads of cringy cheese and I loved it. Especially the singing bit. Hahahaha that was so cheesy I was hoping it would end soon.

If you have to watch one then go for this one instead of that other one :) But hey there are a MILLION other ones out there. OMG so many Cheesy Xmas movies these days

Agreed. I was watching another one last night while I fell asleep. It had an Elizabeth who likes to read. I could tell that they were going for a P&P, but it was boring and I zonked out. LOL Oh well. I can’t even remember the name. But yes, if you watch ONE Hallmark Xmas this one.

Merry Xmas then! I hope that you all get lots of books ;)

Merry Xmas to you and everyone! Eat lots of cookies!


  1. Have a lovely winter holiday season, girls!

  2. eee more Hallmark please! *grabs popcorn*

  3. I haven't seen the first one yet but I bailed on the second one after 15 minutes lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. LOL. Well when I say it was better it really was better than the first, but great, haha no

  4. As you already know, I watch Hallmark movies every year and binge, and even though I liked the actors, I didn't get the warm fuzzies this year with either of these films as I have in the past. As always, I love when you guys get together for a review! Hugs...RO

    1. I usually at least get some warm fuzzies, but so far, nope

  5. I don't think I am going to be watching either of these. There are so many mediocre Christmas movies anymore.

  6. Well, that makes me feel better. I had the same reactions to these. I agree that the Manor one was better and haha yes, I had the same reaction about her forcing him to host the town Christmas at his house.
    I had to just pretend these had nothing to do with Austen's story and that worked better.

    1. Who even does that!

      Well..then it does work better! Forget Austen, they so can not do it right

  7. I'm so ready to watch some Christmas movies!! May your holidays be filled with many many wonderful books!

  8. Am I banned from "romancelandia" if I confess I've never watched a Hallmark Christmas movie?



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