Monday 10 December 2018

Secret Lives - Sierra Dean

ebook, 200
Published December 6th 2018 by Sierra Dean
Series: Secret McQueen #9
For review

My Thoughts
I loved this series, but I also fear that I had forgotten most when I picked up this book. It had already ended with book 8, and then years later we get a surprise new book. I do not even remember which team I was on!

But, I felt the spark was missing. What I got was one liners, zings and then kept on coming. Like all the time! You are about to die a horrible death, better get that witty comment on! It was a bit too much as you can imagine.

And Secret did not feel like Secret. She was a witty monster who cared more for her friends than her husband. She only speaks with him on the phone, she comes back to NY, but visits friends first and then thinks ok maybe I can see him for a little while. Poor guy, I say he deserves better than to be the second thought of someone. When I think about it it feels like the author is building up to a divorce. He loves her, she does not care about him anymore so she gets someone else.

And he wants to turn her, which I so get! She is a hazard to herself. Sure you have learned to fight but come on, someone could snap your neck any second. Just turn wolf already.

All her old buddies come together, except her poor hubbie and there is a battle. The end.

Yes I felt the spark was missing, yes I had thoughts. It was still good and light, but it did not feel like Secret. It felt like any UF heroine doing her rounds. I miss the old Secret and the charm of everyone. Or am I just nostalgic?

But the best part as Harold. Dang, I loved Harold! I could take his witty lines. More Harold please. Harold saved this book and made it good.

Secret McQueen has been many things in her life: head of the Vampire Tribunal, werewolf queen twice over, bounty hunter, fighter, lover. She's been the hunter and the hunted. Hell, she even died once.

One thing she never thought she'd be, however, was a normal human. Because "normal" was never a word to apply to her.

Now, Secret's a former vampire/werewolf-hybrid living in a human's body. She continues to answer the call of the supernatural, working for an elite FBI special unit designed to help the general public accept the existence of the creatures that used to only be found in nightmares. She's happily married to the man of her dreams.

But when her old vampire mentor Sig goes missing, and her former beau Holden Chancery comes calling for help, Secret will be pulled out of her new sunny existence and sent back into the nightlife she once knew so well.

She'll find herself asking if there's any room for humanity in a world full of monsters.

And she might find there's more than a little monster left in her, still. 


  1. This is a series that has been on my list to read, for like, ever. I really need to move this series up my TBR list, even if this one isn't as good as some of the others.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

    1. Whaaat? Hmm, I wonder who does them in audio. Oh, I can not find any :/

  2. we spoke about that and well you know I agree with you too

  3. You know I have the same feelings about other long running series, I get to a book that just doesn't do it for me and if you have to wait a year its easy to see why you forgot a lot

    1. The thing is that this did end. ANd then she wrote another, and it was not quite the same

  4. sounds interesting....need to read more UF.

  5. Is she setting her up for a reunion with the ex?

    I wonder why it's picked back up now. Sometimes you need to let a series go.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. I just felt like that...weird..maybe I am reading into things

  6. that lady on the cover looks familiar.

  7. Sorry this one was missing that spark but at least it had some redeeming qualities.



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