Saturday 13 November 2010

Review: Str8te Boys - Evangeline Anderson

 Or the tale of how I lost my m/m virginity

Genre: m/m
Pages: 60
Published: 2009

How far would you dare to go…to win it all?

Maverick Holms and Duke Warren share almost everything—a college soccer team, an apartment and the same extremely competitive nature. Thanks to that never-back-down spirit, they’re about to share more than they bargained for.

The game is “gay chicken”. The rule: get as close as possible without kissing, and the one that pulls away first is the loser. The problem: neither of them likes to lose. It isn’t long before the game becomes an excuse to touch and kiss in every possible forbidden way. And after they pose for a gay website to earn extra money, things really heat up.

Suddenly Duke is talking lifetime commitment, and Mav is backpedaling as hard as he can, not sure if he’s ready to accept all his best friend is offering him. Or the truth about what he is.

The blurb does say it all for once.

My thoughts:
Oh how scared I was, who is the chicken here really. Not to mention I have this aversion to e-books these days, but this one was short, I took bf's minilaptop and started reading.

Two guys playing games and daring each other to go further. Maverick and Duke was truly the perfect couple for me to start with. Two straight men falling for each other and exploring. Mav has doubts and Duke is in love. I really liked them both and they eased me into this genre. It was a sweet tale about love, oh and it was HOT. Hehe, mostly it was hot, and then love at the end. A great little novella that didn't rush things, cos things had been happening for a long time and now when they were about to go separate ways things heated up.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
Not that I am an expert, I do not even know how hot hot is, but yes I would recommend this to my fellow m/m readers, and for someone who is as chicken as I was this is a good book to start with.  I enjoyed this little tale, and I am happy to have read it.

Reason for reading:
Everyone seems to read these so I wanted to give one a go and when I won a gc from Closetreader I took my chance.

Cover: I do like it ;)

And that was my tale for the day


  1. make me laugh :) I'd be scared reading it too!
    I have yet to read a m/m romance.
    Great review, glad you liked it.

  2. This one really appeals to me. I think I'll have to grab it and put it on my ereader for a quick read. Nice review and welcome to m/m romance :)

  3. I'm totally chicken... won't be trying anything like this for the foreseable future yet...

  4. YAY Go Blodeuedd, your first M/M. The age category of 17-21 never really caught my eye before untill I read ENLIGHTENED. Now I've got various m/m e-books waiting for me with men in their late teens and early tweens :)) It's good to broaden the horizon at times!

  5. I think I'm too chicken haha I don't judge, but I'm still too scared lol great review though! :)

  6. *bumps fist in the air* Woohoo!! Welcome to the club, hon!
    I'm so happy you liked it! It's always a bit scary to recommend a book to a first time m/m reader, but I'm glad that what worked for me, worked for you as well! :D

  7. I love m/m stories. I think this one is pretty good if you're taking your first steps towards m/m novels. If I remember correctly there wasn't anything too weird going on that would scare a beginner ;) Because Evangeline Anderson can write some really hot stuff! If you ever need recommendations just ask what sort of books you are wanting to try and I can give you a hint or two :)

  8. *beams proudly at Blodeuedd*

    That was one of my earliest m/m reads, too!

    For a wonderful read with virtually no onscreen sex, I highly recommend Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy.

  9. Naida
    I was so scared but I just jumped in feet first and ended up enjoying it.

    I say read it :) Lol, I am so new to this world so I know nothing, but I know I liked it

    Hihi, I know about that. I just felt a had to try it! ;)

    I liked it cos of that, they were just so new to it all, just like I was.

  10. Melissa
    Just be scared, I was :) But I am just way too curious for my own good, lol

    Thank you so much! It was just what I needed to ease myself into this genre. Nothing too much for this scared little girl. You chose just the right one.

    Thanks :) And yes I was told later that she writes some seriously hot stuff, perhaps that scared me a bit too. But now, I like it here in the shallow end of the pool

    I guess it's the beginner's guide to m/M :)
    Hm I remember reviews of that one so will keep it on mind

  11. M/m romance? Such a thing would definitely broaden my personal horizon...but no, thank you. BTW I am being busy right now. Got it? Not chicken, definitely not, just horrrribly busy (anachronist hides behind her faithful sofa and starts reading some innocuous Austen novel).

  12. *wide eyed* Braver than I am. Although, strangely enough I like mfm books. *shakes head* Yet a tad chicken to read a m/m one. I really do like your review and blog on this.

    Me, I'm not sure I could read it. lol. And I am surprised you got an ebook. =) *waves* Laters!

  13. Ana
    Lol, you go on hiding there :) Even if I did enjoy it I do not know if I want to read loads of books like this one.

    I know, but I actually enjoyed reading it, but then I read it so fast, and in bed thanks to the minilaptop...but will not do it again.

  14. I'm glad you really found it appealing. Plus with it being a novella, I'm glad it was a good length for you. Sometimes they have the habit of being too long or short. Hmm... should I rephrase that? lol Anyhoo... great review. ;)

  15. You make me laugh girlie! You are one brave chica. I am not ready for m/m myslef so I will read it vicariously through you ;)

  16. I have only read a couple of m/m novels myself, but I did like them. I did have one 'really' moment, but for the most part nothing too bad.

  17. Melissa
    Lol, you made me laugh with that line ;)
    But yes novellas for me are not a fav since I want more, but this one worked really good

    I am so very brave :) Though bf did give me some funny looks yesterday when I read, lol

    Hihi, oh yes, I do tend to have those moments with books too, here, I was too caught up in the story

  18. Yay, I can comment again! :D Thanks!

  19. MS
    Yay, and spamfilter catches the evil ones anyway

  20. I loved this review and this book sounds like a scorcher!! I know someone who would love it!

  21. Staci
    Hihi, it was plenty hot enough for me



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