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Review: Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

 The Wheel of Time, book 13

Genre: fantasy
Pages: 843
Published: November 2010

The Last Battle has started. The seals on the Dark One’s prison are crumbling. The Pattern itself is unraveling, and the armies of the Shadow have begun to boil out of the Blight.

The sun has begun to set upon the Third Age.

Perrin Aybara is now hunted by specters from his past: Whitecloaks, a slayer of wolves, and the responsibilities of leadership. All the while, an unseen foe is slowly pulling a noose tight around his neck. To prevail, he must seek answers in Tel’aran’rhiod and find a way—at long last—to master the wolf within him or lose himself to it forever.

Meanwhile, Matrim Cauthon prepares for the most difficult challenge of his life. The creatures beyond the stone gateways—the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn—have confused him, taunted him, and left him hanged, his memory stuffed with bits and pieces of other men’s lives. He had hoped that his last confrontation with them would be the end of it, but the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. The time is coming when he will again have to dance with the Snakes and the Foxes, playing a game that cannot be won. The Tower of Ghenjei awaits, and its secrets will reveal the fate of a friend long lost.

A whole lot going on! Just read the blurb.

My thoughts:
Omg, omg! I have been in such a reading frenzy, barely been able to put down this incredibly big and heavy book. I have read like crazy, and fast, because I just wanted to get to the end. I have been lamenting, and swearing. Oh how I love The Wheel of Time.

I do not even know how to start, or where. I'll just write whatever pops up in my mind.

Perrin, never been a big fan of him but here I was cursing cos I wanted to read faster and get to his chapters. He had a meeting with those nasty white cloaks (oh have I despise those righteous bastards!) Especially that idiot Galad, but, I am not going to say anything more. Mat, he had quite the adventure as he is searching for Moiraine, who should be dead. And he has to deal with those weird foxes and snakes again. But way too little Rand. He was just in and out trying to fix things and prepare all for the last battle. Also I finally think I know who is leading The Forsaken now, I can't wait to see if I am right. As for the male madness, Rand has fixed that, but how the Black and White tower will stand in the future is anyone's guess.

The women still annoy me, honestly what is up with that? And why is Min always the one who gets to travel around with Rand, his little tomboy who hates to wear dresses *rolls eyes*, and pregnant Elayne is just left in Andor. Dunno if I like what she is doing with her new kingdom. Anyway the only woman I can seem to stand is Berelain, she is a flirt and she knows what she wants.

Rambling much, yeah.

The Last Battle, it's actually just around the corner. I never thought that would happen. This book picks together all the pieces and shoves all the armies to the north. The next book, oh I hope it's not 800 pages of battle! Because it looks to be that way.

Hate hate the Seanchan, those bloody idiots will ruin the world. I can see it now, the last battle won and the Seanchan conquering the world *grinds teeth*, I wish Rand would use balefire and wipe them all out. I used to hate the whitecloaks like crazy( because they are religious zealots), but now all my hate is directed towards the Seanchan who wants to conquer and destroy. And who doesn't even believe there is a dark lord in wait to swallow the world in darkness.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
Hell yeah! Read this series, it is just the way I want my fantasy, I love it beyond words. Sure there are A LOT of characters, a lot of things going on, but if I can keep up with it when I am reading like a madwoman then it should be a piece of cake when reading normally (which I do when I re-read, lol.)

Ok, calm down. I am must try to write something clever. Get my act together.

This book managed what I never thought it would, put pieces together and move forward. It made me ache that I do not have book 14 and must wait a whole year. And when I get that book I will read it like crazy again. This is my one and only autobuy.

Have I made it clear I freaking loved the book? ;)

Thank you Brandon Sanderson for putting together this book so nicely.

Reason for reading:
Hello, auto buy!

Cover: yawns, no I do not like when all the covers are alike.


  1. Wow, book 13 in the series!
    It sounds like a fun series to get into.

  2. my husband just finished this and really loved it. we were thinking about going to see him at a signing today but he doesn't want to go, boo. i think i'm more interested in meeting sanderson than he is and i haven't even read the book!

  3. Hey!!!!!!! I'm trying to catch up and get my grove back! I want to thank you Blodeuedd, your friendship means a lot to me! And to know you stop by my place means even more!! Hugs to you my friend!!!! Hope you and bf gave a great Sunday!!!

  4. The blurb itself is so complicated that I wonder what good would I do if I started with the book 13...and reading the whole series from the very beginning *shudders* is long...but you are so enthusiastic and I am being such a wet blanket now...I really can't promise anything. *Leaves the page in a greatly confused state*.

  5. I love your enthusiasm for this book! I have a feeling my sister would love it.

  6. Naida
    I can't recommend it more :D

    Lol, how does he not want to go, oh I only wish authors I like, or even dislike visited my town. You should have gone without him and have him sign the book ;)

    Epic is the true world to describe this :D

  7. Cecile
    Awww you are so sweet :) of course I will always come by your place, and I sure know you are busy and all that. I appreciate when you stop by! Have a good Sunday now

    I think if you started now you would just be left with utter confusion. But book 1, oh I love to re-read book 1, just give it a go, that is if you like these sorts of books

  8. awesome review!! i'm glad you really enjoyed this one!! :)

  9. That cover wouldn't appeal to me, but this series sounds so so awesome! Great review! I'm definitely going to look into this more now :)

  10. Never been huge fan of Perring either but he's way better than that idiot Galad!

    Still haven't read The Gathering Storm. Maybe I'll wait until the last book comes that I can read them all at once... I have to re-read Knife of Dreams because don't remember any of it...

    Don't understand what's the thing with Min. Why she always gets to be with Rand? I like her least of Rand's women. And I want Moiraine back! She's my favorite :)

    Okay, I'll stop now :D

  11. Bermuda
    Lol, I was all over the place! What a review *shakes head* But at least it showed that I enjoyed it

    I am just hopelessly addicted.

    The US covers are better cos they are different, dunno why these all have to be the same.

  12. Elysium
    I know *grinds teeth* Galad! Such an ass, I just wanted to hit him..but then, he actually got better o_O
    Wait is always good, cos now I am stuck here, wanting the next one, of course I could always re-read all, I did start this year but only got to book 2 ;)

    You will get your wish, see the trailer, Moiraine has left a message and it seems she is alive somehow.

    As for Min, I know, always with him! Poor Elayne, all alone in her city and I was so upset when people thought some idiot was her man. And Aviendha is left with her. I guess Min is just the fav, well not my fav

  13. I stopped reading WOT after the third book because the female characters all drove me crazy. But I really want to read Sanderson's contribution to the series and I have to decide if it's worth starting all over again for. It would take me about a year to get through them all...I'll have to think about this some more.

  14. I loved this series and stopped at book nine...sounds like I need to get my butt back into gear with these huh?

  15. People have recommended Robert Jordan to me and I have yet to pick him up yet. Or rather, I should say... pick up his books. ;) You've made me want to put him on my tbr instead of my wishlist!

  16. Simcha
    I know that feeling, they drive me insane, but I try not to focus on them. I would say give it a go again, but yes it would take some time to read them

    Yes get your butt out there and get them ;)

    Lol ;)
    ANd yes read them, I looove them!

  17. I can feel your enthusiasm rolling off the screen

  18. I am so thrilled this one lived up to your expectation...

    After 13 books it is so good to know this author has not lost his touch...

    Loving the post..


  19. I've read this series like donkey's years ago... was spitting mad when it didn't have an ending!! Now, the series has lost it's grip on me. I may or may not read this book, depending on whether my TBR mountain allows it... But you make it sound good though :)

  20. Inked
    Lol, yes I do love this one

    So many books, so many pages, but I can't let go :)

    Oh it is good, and only one book left now and then THE END

  21. Taking notes for BF. You know he really loves your blog. ;)

  22. I finished it yesterday, finally...due to little free time, I spent so long on it.
    All in all, of course I liked it - Mat was in there a lot!;) He is a bit different but still got some priceless lines, letter to Elayne and "that is why I left my wife in another kingdom". I did miss him having knives, somehow to me this is so much part of Mat.

    Perrin...slightly less boring to read about but still, I can't get interested too much in him. Although I admit, he did awesome things in this one.

    The women...before I was less critical of them but in this one, I agree, they are hard to like. Moiraine, she is ok!:)
    Maybe most of the female Aes Sedai annoying me, I am not so against the Seanchan. As long as Mat is happy...they can do whatever they want :PP.

    Cannot wait to see the end of this!

  23. Hihi, Thanks Susi :D I am glad he does

    Not the biggest fan of Perrin even after this one, but I did get interested so that is something. Since his chapters were the ones I used to skim ;)

    What, oh now you are just evil! Tsk, lol.
    The Seanchan is gonna destroy the world, they are just idiots in my eyes, I would rather have trollocs take over



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