Saturday 6 November 2010

Tradition Post: All Saint's Day

It is time for one of those posts again, it has been some time but they are just so few holidays during the fall. But now finally one, today is All Saint's Day. It seems we remember fallen saints, must have forgotten about that.. moving on. We also remember those that have passed away, loved ones, and that is what this holiday is about.

What we do is we visit the graveyard and light candles on the graves of those we miss. Last year I went and it was so beautiful, this cemetery with the forest all around it, old and new gravestones, and candles everywhere in the darkness. Almost magical.

There is also something else that my mum and dad have done this year. Visited the church and trust me, we are very non-religious in this country (even if almost everyone belongs to the church), the last time they went must have been when my brother got married several years ago. But since grandma passed away in December last year they went. The priest reads up the names of those that have passed during the year.

That was this tradition post, it's a very peaceful and silent holiday.

Forgot to mention, it's celebrated the first Saturday in November


  1. Hi - what a beautiful pic! Sounds like an interesting way to celebrate.

  2. In Poland people do the same - although young folk tend to organize Halloween parties, they are in the minority. Thanks for a beautiful picture!

  3. Lovely post! We also visit graves of the ones we lost and miss. I think it's a beautiful traiditon. And wow, what a great pic!

  4. I think this is a great way to honor those who are no longer with us.

  5. That is a lovely pic. =) We don't visit cemeteries & celebrate All Saint's Day, but it's really lovely that you do.

    Koreans, such as myself, have all sorts of holidays in honor of ancestors. *rueful smile* I, myself don't get into all that but remembrances of our loved ones are always beautiful. XD

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! =)

  6. We have a bit more tradition here for this time of year for the US. It also involves Día de los Muertos too. That, typically not the peaceful part. :)

  7. Kaye
    Nice and peaceful is always good.

    I know, people do that here too, but I think most did it last weekend.

    I just came back and it was so beautiful :)

    Book Vixen
    It's a good way to remmeber them

    I have had this thing going on since Easter and explaining all the big things we do :)

  8. Beautiful post, Blodeuedd! We have this holiday in the US, but it's not really celebrated in that way here, it's mostly a church holiday. The candles at the cemetary sounds absolutely beautiful and meaningful. Thanks for sharing!

  9. It's a beautiful pic and a beautiful post :-)

  10. Beautiful picture and sounds like a lovely tradition, I think it would make it easier to feel closer and focus on loved ones who have gone on.

  11. We have all souls day on 2nd November. Its a Catholic celebration so I am wondering whether its the same thing. 1st November is All Saints Day and on the 2nd we commemorate all those who have passed away.

  12. Carrie
    The candles are just so beautiful, on almost every grave, it's so nice to see it.

    Doing my tradition thing :)

    That is true, it does bring that closeness

    SO many of our holidays are remnant Catholic holidays, things we as Lutheran do not have or celebrate we still have in these traditions. So perhaps

  13. This is a beautiful tradition!!!

  14. I love the idea of going to the cemetery to light candles. So pretty!

  15. Wow, that's such a beautiful picture; it does look magical. We celebrated it here (Texas) too, but on November 1st. I wonder why the dates are different? Thanks for sharing, I love seeing how others celebrate traditions.

  16. Staci
    It truly is

    It is, sure something to see

    I do not know. Here I feel like perhaps it's always on a Saturday, because then even if it's a holiday, it's still Saturday and most are not working anyway ;)


  17. Beautiful post. We have the same tradition but in Croatia we always celebrate it on November 1st and it is a holoiday here, we don't work on that day but visit cemeteries and bring flowers and candels.

  18. This is not something that we do in our community, but it sounds like a lovely tradition.

  19. It sounds lovely and restorative.

  20. The cemetery must be beautiful with all the candles. Thanks for sharing your traditions.

  21. Host
    And we just have a Saturday, only the day off for people working then

    Alyce, Chris
    It is

    It truly is



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