Saturday 27 November 2010

Review: Lords of the White Castle - Elizabeth Chadwick

Genre: Historical fiction
Pages: 688
Published: 2000

From inexperienced young courtier to powerful Marcher lord, from loyal knight to dangerous outlaw, from lover of many women to faithful husband, Fulke's life story bursts across the page in authentic detail. A violent quarrel with Prince John, later King John, disrupts Fulke's life ambition to become 'Lord of the White Castle' and leads him to rebel. There are perils for John at every turn. No less dramatic is the dangerous love that Fulke harbours for Maude Walter, a wealthy widow whom John wants for himself. Negotiating a maze of deceit, treachery and shifting political alliances Fulke's striving is rewarded, but success is precarious. Personal tragedy follows the turbulence of the Magna Carta rebellion, culminating in the destruction of everything for which Fulke has fought. Yet even among the ashes he finds a reason to begin anew.

I sadly got disappointed again so going with format again, it makes it easier to express my thoughts at a time like this.

1. Reason you chose this book
Not that I knew it then by Fulke Fitzwarin is to believed to have been the origin of Robin Hood. I like history.

2. Reasons you liked or disliked this book
- I do not know, but it made me skim again. The first half was boring, then he was a wild outlaw and it captured my attention again and the book got good. But then again at the end it was boring and those things could have been skipped. It just told when babies came, when they married and what happened.

- It's not like I always loved her books in the past either. No, one I didn't like at all, 3 I loved, 2 I didn't enjoy that much. But that was when I was 11-14. This book just goes in the did not enjoy pile then. She has gotten much better, with research and how she writes. Here no one managed to capture my interest. The characters fell flat sometimes. 
- Why was it never mentioned that Maude had children with her first husband, I would think that was a big part just to leave out like it never happened.

- But I did enjoy the outlaw parts, they were on the run, they were in Wales, and they taunted King John, who is really dislike now.

- In the end I just did not connect with anyone, and the book was just too long when I was skimming for the first 300 pages. Why did I then go on, well I still remember those books I loved before. Perhaps I just grew up, I hate to think I would feel like this if I re-read those 3 books I loved in the past.

3. Reason you are recommending this book
- Since I just found it ok I can't. But if I like all Chadwick's books then go ahead, even if I would rather recommend the newest one. Also it  was fun to learn that he could have been Robin Hood.

 I just feel horrible for thinking that this book is just ok. But then all authors evolve and get better.

The winners of The Forever Queen by Helen Hollick
I am late with presenting them and they might even have their books by now, lol. If not then the book will arrive next week. Enjoy :)



  1. Sad to hear you didn't like these!
    I actually liked Lords. I though the parts when he was outlaw was the more boring ones :D

    Haven't read The Marsh King's Daughter but I hope I get the book someday.

  2. Interesting that Lords of the White Castle is based on the Robin Hood legend. Too bad it didn't hold your interest. Honestly, the long length of the book scares me a bit, but I'll read it one day.

  3. Every book is a different experience and yes, your age does matter. I understand your annoyance but there are so many good books to read it is not good dwelling on the bad ones or the boring ones for too long.

    P.S Believe it or not I bought my second Chadwick book just to see if it is any better (BUT FIRST I must finish the book I got from you - I am right in the middle!)

  4. Did you read these one after the other? Somehow that makes it worse, having two consecutive meh books...

  5. I'm so with you in regards to the length of some of her books. She needs to say less better..Did that make sense??? We don't need all of the trivial details...write an exciting story that will keep us on the edge of our seat. Not a boring history lesson!!!

  6. I'd like to read something by Elizabeth Chadwick, but I suppose I should start with something better.:)

  7. Elysium
    I was very sad too :(
    Lol, the outlaw parts and when they met again were the best parts, those I did enjoy.

    sighs, made me sad :(

    Sometimes it just happens. I can't connect with all characters, too bad cos the premise was great

  8. Ana
    When I was 13 and reading them the love and drama just stood out. It was so different than the HR I lived on. But now, I need more story

    I hope you like the one you bought! I really really do, cos now I feel so sad that I can't even though I loved the one I read 1 month ago

    Perhaps two weeks at most, so yes too close

    I do feel that so much from the end could have been dropped, and things from the beginning too, and then it would have been better. I google anyway

    Start with For The King's Favor :D

  9. Aw... too bad these were just okay for you. This looked like something that would have been right up your alley so to speak. All that research does sound interesting. :)

  10. Sorry you didn't care for these, it happens. When did you change your header? I like it!

  11. Sorry it didn't work for you Blodeuedd, but I do like your format for those circumstances. Well, I hope your next book, you fall in love with it!!!

    Hope you and bf are having a great weekend honey! Hugs to you!

  12. Sorry you didn't enjoy these. I have Elizabeth Chadwick in my TBR.

  13. Melissa
    I know, it did sound perfect for me :( But can't like them all

    Hm, back in October I think it was, but yes I do love it :D

    Hi :) Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend. With yummy food and shopping

    Perhaps your book will be better



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