Monday 5 November 2018

Audio: More or Less a Marchioness - Anna Bradley

Audio CD Running time 10 hrs 15 min
Book 1 in the Somerset Sisters series
Author Anna Bradley
Narrated by Heather Wilds
Publication date Oct 16, 2018 by Tantor Audio
Historical romance
My thanks to Tantor for this review copy

My Thoughts:
There is no courtship, instead Iris and Phin are betrothed. Which obviously spells trouble!

Iris said yes, because who wouldn't say yes to the most eligible bachelor of the season! So handsome, such a gentleman, oh and a marquis, oh la la. And Iris was the perfect debutante, sweet and innocent. Also her gran has high hopes for her girls so who can disappoint her. Though for a book where the gran is mentioned a LOT there is no gran to be seen.

But there is a problem. The perfect English gentleman is so cold, and does he even like her?

Phin oh Phin. What was his problem? I am still unsure. Ok, so he was lonely as a kid. He had to grow fast and shoulder responsibilities, and sure all gentlemen want that perfect wife, which she was. And he thought it would be easier if he did not care. Well you are an Idiot, my Lord. An idiot!

Someone is sniffing around her skirts. Phin is NOT ready to be jilted. There is a wicked wager. Hurt feelings and a house party where Iris lets loose. Propriety be damned!

I liked seeing him fall for her, realizing when he did not have her, that he wanted to get to know her. And for her to see that there is more to him.

Why do house parties seem so fun? I want to go to one, of course I would not want to hold one. Guests for 2 weeks? Eeek

Romance, revenge and races

She was a good, but at the same time there was this issues with her voices. If too many women spoke their voices blended into each other and sounded the same. The same with men. She was better one on one.

The Somerset sisters, three beautiful, headstrong debutantes in Regency London, are discovering that a bit of scandal is a delightful thing . . .

For the sake of propriety, and her younger sisters' reputations, Iris Somerset has kept her rebellious streak locked away. But though she receives a proposal from Phineas Knight, Lord of Huntington, Iris can't marry a man she knows isn't truly enamored with her. In fact, Iris no longer wants to be chosen—she wants to choose. Under the clandestine tutelage of "wicked widow" Lady Annabel Tallant, she'll learn how to steer her own marriage prospects—and discover her secret appetites.

What kind of debutante refuses a marquess? Finn is surprised, a little chastened-and thoroughly intrigued. This new, independent version of Iris is far more alluring than the polished socialite she used to be. Finn believed he needed a safe, quiet wife to curb his wilder impulses. But the more Iris surprises him, the more impossible it becomes to resist their deepest desires. . .


  1. I agree - guests for 2 whole weeks is way too long(lol) I wouldn't listen to this on audio, but it definitely sounds like a really fun read. Hugs...RO

    1. Poor people, but then they did have servants

  2. The house parties do sound like fun. Great review /:)

  3. what a way with words you have Blodeuedd I love reading your reviews :)

  4. A house party that lasts for two weeks? Oh heck no.

  5. Think I might grab this as an ebook :) Thanks!!

  6. So wait... Gran is a major influence, but she's not actually a character in the book?

    1. I think we met her like once, but she is talked about a LOT. She should have been there,

  7. I think that if we are going to hear about gran then you should also get to meet them! Sounds like a fun romance.

  8. Wow, this so called "perfect English gentleman" who is so cold sounds like a real whiner! I laughed at the part you called him an idiot, lol!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  9. Sounded like he just needed a bit of help in the love department.
    Yes, some narrators are good, but not for a specific book.

  10. You so made me laugh out loud at you'd love to go to a house party but not host one - but then they had tons of servants!

  11. I hope she made it hard on him to earn her!



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