Friday 16 November 2018

Audio: Toxic - Lydia Kang

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi, Vikas Adam
Publication date Nov 20, 2018 by Tantor Audio
Running time 11 hrs 7 min YA
Thank you Tantor for this review copy

My Thoughts:
Ronconi and Vikas Adam! What could go wrong? Yes I only chose this book cos of them.

Poor Hana, she spent 17 years in one room. Hidden from everyone. Because if they found out she would have been killed. Only those meant to be born are born, and she was not meant to. But she has her life in her room, she learns things, she speaks with the ship. She hopes to one day come out and see the world.

I get that her mother wanted to keep her safe, but it was so very selfish. Wanting a child. Keeping that child hidden in her room. But then again, who can blame her mother for longing for something.

And then she wakes up and everyone are gone. Spoooky! What happened?

Well, that is no spoiler. The ship is dying and they all left and left her behind. That has me wondering so much. Her mother would not leave! Or would she?

And that is how we meet Fennec, voiced by Vikas Adam. He and his crew are there to study what happens when the ship dies. This guy had a chip on his shoulder. He was a thief. He had made mistakes, but come on, Fen! You are just a kid!

The ship is alive, so freaky. I would certainly not want to fly in a ship that is alive, that has thoughts, even if most of the crew though of Cyclo as only a ship. Hana knew it was more, so much more. Poor ship.

There is romance too. Two teens meeting, obliviously things will blossom. I get why Hana falls, and I get why Fen falls.

Not to mention there is suspense, murder! Is there someone else there too?

And the real reason Fen was there was, oh I hate that corporation that made Cyclo.

It was a good book. It had a bit of everything and I do like the idea of a ship that lives. It is interesting. Too bad it was a stand alone. I would have liked to read more set in this world.

Vikas Adam is great, I just find his voice lovely.
Amanda Ronconi is great too. She really is a reason to choose a book for.

They are perfect together.

Cyclo, the first and largest biological ship of its kind, is dying. A small crew of mercenaries have handed over the rights to their life to document the death of the ship, but the abandoned ship is anything but abandoned―one girl has been left behind.

Hana has known nothing but the isolation of a single room and the secret that has kept her there for seventeen years. When she meets Fennec, the boy assigned to watch her, she realizes that there is a world she has yet to experience but she is doomed to never meet.

When crew members begin mysteriously dying, Hana and Fenn realize that they are racing against the death of the ship to find a way to survive―unless someone kills them even before Hana’s truly had a chance to live. 


  1. Love Amanda Ronconi's narrations! I haven't listened to Vikas yet but I'll have to give him a try. Points of this plot reminds me of the TV series The 100. I do like stand alones. :)

    1. THen you must listen to the Heartstrikers series which he narrates!

      I can see the 100 in that she should not been born. But then that is a thing in many scifis

  2. okay you've got my interest I love a good sci-fi Thanks Blodeuedd

    1. It had been a while so it was nice to read some again

  3. The whole live ship thing intriuges me. Reminds me of that Ann Aguirre book I read last year, can’t think of the name....Happy Friday!

    1. It has been done a lot, but I did like the take here :)

  4. Thanks for letting me know there's an audio version of this! I got an ARC but I think I will go the listening route - especially since it's Vikas Adam!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. AUdio is always so much better haha :D Vikas Adam!

  5. Huh this sounds really good! The idea of the ship being alive IS kind of freaky, and I'm not surprised the corporation is up to no good. :)

  6. This one has already caught my eye. It reminds me of the situation in the Illuminae Files.

  7. This sounds really interesting! I'd seen the cover around, but didn't really know much about it so I'm glad to hear some good things about it. :) Great review!



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