Monday 26 November 2018

Audio: The Other Miss Bridgerton - Julia Quinn

Audiobook, Unabridged 10h
Published November 20th 2018 by HarperAudio
Series: Rokesbys #3
Historical romance
Thank you Harper for this review copy

My Thoughts
I still have book 2 sitting in my shelf, but that is the good thing with his rom, you can read out of order.

Poppy was, well her name suits her. She was fun, insightful and wanted to know everything. Which lands her in trouble and she is kidnapped by pirates.

Ok privateers.
Nope, not even that. The captain is an agent of the crown, so sorry, no pirates!

Andrew is a Rokesby. His brother is married to Poppy's cousin. His family thinks he is out there being a normal captain and not secret agent man. But omg Andrew, why could you not tell her! I get that is should be a secret because he does carry secrets, but just tell her who you are! Men!

A lot of the book takes place on the ship where they slowly get to know each other. Because he really is a gentlemen even if he can not tell her the truth.

Then there is some danger, and a certain smexy scene that made me go all come on you two! Not there!

Something was a bit wrong though. It lacked that Quinn-ess. The funny wit. Maybe ship books are not for her. But then the thing is, not a lot to do on a ship.

Cute. Banter. Two people that fit so well together.

Sorry, but Andrew did not sound that smexy. He sounded like some 60 year old. SO sad. I did like her Poppy voice, that fit really well.

But I do fear I have read too many Quinn books, because in my head this was not the Quinn narrator in my head. Which is my own voice ;) I wish I had gone the all Quinn as audio route

He was in the wrong place... 

Fiercely independent and adventurous, Poppy Bridgerton will only wed a suitor whose keen intellect and interests match her own. Sadly, none of the fools from her London season qualify. While visiting a friend on the Dorset coast, Poppy is pleasantly surprised to discover a smugglers’ hideaway tucked inside a cave. But her delight turns to dismay when two pirates kidnap her and take her aboard a ship, leaving her bound and gagged on the captain’s bed…

He found her at the wrong time... 

Known to society as a rascal and reckless privateer, Captain Andrew James Rokesby actually transports essential goods and documents for the British government. Setting sail on a time-sensitive voyage to Portugal, he’s stunned to find a woman waiting for him in his cabin. Surely, his imagination is getting the better of him. But no, she is very real—and his duty to the Crown means he's stuck with her.

Can two wrongs make the most perfect right? 

When Andrew learns that she is a Bridgerton, he knows he will likely have to wed her to avert a scandal—though Poppy has no idea that he is the son of an earl and neighbor to her aristocratic cousins in Kent. On the high seas, their war of words soon gives way to an intoxicating passion. But when Andrew’s secret is revealed, will his declaration of love be enough to capture her heart…? 


  1. Thanks Blodeuedd I've seen this reviewed around but this is the first audio review I've seen. Isn't it funny how a narrator can really make or break a story?

  2. Pirate books seem like they would be so much fun but I haven't read many that were :-((

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. There is something about them that rubs me the wrong way

  3. Replies
    1. It's more like when too. You know, we might die, let's do it

  4. I have heard great tings about this book. It seems you were still able to enjoy it despite the male narrator's voice not being what you expected.

    1. I sound so ageist now ;) It's just, old guys are fine, but he did not sound under 30

  5. Oh, I still need to try Julia Quinn one of these days!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  6. It's a bummer when the narrator makes the hero kind of unappealing. Kind of hard to get all swoony. Glad to hear she got Poppy's voice right. I think I'd read this instead of doing the audio book. :)

    1. God, I am so ageist! He is not unappealing, just old *coughs*

  7. One of these days I will start the original series and eventually get to this one. Bummer about the old guy voice. Guess I'll be reading it. LOL

  8. The book sounds cute-glad you can read out of order. I read a historical that had long parts on a ship, and it also was missing something. Maybe we need to not read historicals on a ship.

    1. More than half on a ship where she is locked in a room..yeah too long

  9. I think I have the first book in this series on my bookshelf. Too bad the narrator didn't completely work for you.

    1. I just want a smexier voice! Hard for a woman though lol



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