Wednesday 7 November 2018

Audio: Someone to watch over me - Lisa Kleypas

Audio CD, 9h
Narrator: Anna Parker-Naples
Published October 23rd 2018 by Tantor Audio (first published December 1998)
Series: Bow Street Runners #1
Historical romance
Thanks to Tantor Audio for this review copy

My Thoughts
The blurb kind of makes it seem like any woman would love to marry Grant. But they would not. See Grant might be a famous bow street runner, but he is a commoner, so no noble woman would have him in the end. But hey do anyone else he is an excellent choice. Handsome, rich and famous. Not that he wants to marry, he has his hands full with his job. And frankly, he was sort of a d*ck at times. To Vivien that is.

See, these two met. Spoke for like 5 min, and then he is all revenge! Oh man, chill! He lost me a bit there, what a d*ck.

Next time they meet he saves her when someone has tried to kill her. Vivien is a famous courtesan and has slept with half of London and enjoyed it. Dang, this woman loves her "job". Good for you.

Alas, she has amnesia. So now I am stuck with D*ck Grant, and sweet Vivien who is nothing like the alluring woman she used to be. She was so sweet, innocent and kind. And Grant is all, she is lying! If I was her I would have run, but hey, someone is trying to kill her so sure it is safest with him. I just wish he hadn't been a d*ck in his thoughts!

But, yes when he does get over it they are perfect for each other. He needs that sweetness, and she needs him right back.

And there are seeeeeeeeeeeeeeecrets. Secrets I did not see coming! Dang! Not just about who tried to kill her, but more. SO much more. Oh la la.

There is some suspense too as  someone is still after her.

And passion as they can not say no to each other.

But the ending dragged out a bit. It was good, it was just long and then there was an epilogue on top of that. I felt it should have ended when the suspense ended, but then it was like 1 hour left.

Still, fun with two people that so do not fit. And the secrets were so good.

I was unsure at first, for the first 5 minutes. But after that I was hooked. I liked her different voices and her alluring Vivien was great.

Grant Morgan is one of London's most eligible and unattainable bachelors. He's also a powerful member of the Bow Street Runners, and when he's called to the waterfront late one night to investigate a drowning victim, Grant is stunned to recognize the face of Vivien Rose Duvall, a well-known woman of the night. He's even more startled when he realizes that she's alive. With no one to care for her, Grant carries Vivien to his home and revives her, only to learn that she is suffering from amnesia.

Vivien hesitantly accepts her handsome rescuer's claim that she is his mistress, despite her misgivings about her true identity. Nevertheless, she can't deny the marks on her throat that prove her near-drowning in the Thames was not an accident, and now she must trust the man who claims her as his paramour, for her life is in danger. As Grant searches for Vivien's attacker, the two find themselves falling in love, all the while struggling to stay one step ahead of the evil forces that will stop at nothing to see Vivien dead. 


  1. love your review still chuckling about the d*ick and sweet Viv w/amnesia. Thanks! sounds cute

  2. Kind of a different female heroine for a historical. I can see how it might drag it bit if it didn't end close to when the mystery wrapped up. Great review! :)

  3. Okay, not sure how to feel about this one

  4. Vivian sounds like a fun character!

  5. "slept with half of London and enjoyed it" lolol

  6. My goodness, both of them sound like a mess - they are a good match, maybe ;-)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  7. I have this one for review so I skimmed. Yikes, a dick huh... I'll restrain from the urge to kick him. LOL

  8. Yeah nice review and isn't it a bit of a turn off when he is so slow to dig her!

  9. I have loved so many of her books then I read an older one that was very rapey and it made me afraid to read anything else.

    So this isn't the one I should jump back in on.

    1. WHy do you have a link to carole's blog?

      Yes this was an older one and it did show in ways

  10. I am sitting here wondering if I have read this one or not. I read so many Kleypas books before I kept track of my reading but this doesn't sound familiar. Time to give it a try I guess.



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