Friday 17 December 2010

Review: The Mind Readers - Lori Brighton

Genre: YA, paranormal romance
Pages: 130, ebook
Published: December 2010

Cameron Winters is a freak. Fortunately, no one but her family knows the truth …that Cameron can read minds. For years Cameron has hidden behind a facade of normalcy, warned that there are those who would do her harm. When gorgeous and mysterious Lewis Douglas arrives he destroys everything Cameron has ever believed and tempts her with possibilities of freedom. Determined to embrace her hidden talents, Cameron heads to a secret haven with Lewis; a place where she meets others like her, Mind Readers.

But as Cameron soon finds out some things are too good to be true. When the Mind Readers realize the extent of Cameron’s abilities, they want to use her powers for their own needs. Cameron suddenly finds herself involved in a war in which her idea of what is right and wrong is greatly tested. In the end she’ll be forced to make a choice that will not only threaten her relationship with Lewis, but her very life.

Cameron lives with her grandma and hides the fact that she can read minds from her friends. But then a murder happens, and a strange boy appears, Lewis is mysterious and sees her. Soon she realizes that he can hear her too. He is just like her, and tells her to come away and learn how to use her talents.

My thoughts:
Lori has been one busy woman this fall. First her adult novel The Ghost Hunter and now a YA novel.

A lot is going on in this short novel, and I never know who to trust. First there is strange Lewis who pays her attention. He does not see her best friend, the hottest girl in school. Can she trust him? Can she even trust her own grand mother to tell the truth? Then there is the Mind Readers, and those that want them harm or? Until the last page I can't say for sure who to trust. But that is the point, it creates suspense, and I am always very distrustful. I never trust anyone in a book, cos who knows.

Cameron is a sweet girl, who just wants to be normal. Lewis, the guy falls for, is always so nice to her. Then there is the leader of the Mind readers, the man who always know what to say. Later in the book there is also another character, I am not going to say who, but that person was nice (oh see what I did there, said nothing at all ;)

There is romance, suspense, and more conflicts to come. Because at the end there is a cliffhanger, that is not a cliffhanger, but still feels like a cliffhanger. Confused, well, ok, it ends well and peaceful, but then something happens, something that could mean another book. And that makes me curious.

Final thoughts and recommendation:
It is sweet YA, so nothing big going on there. There is suspense and some action, but nothing too heavy. So if you want a sweet YA book, with a twisting plot and a paranormal theme then this one might be for you.

Reason for reading:
I like her books

I think it is stunning


Right now you can get The Mind Readers for 99 cents on Amazon, Smashword and so on.

You can also get Lori's The Ghost Hunter for 99 cent!

But hurry this ends Dec 20th!


  1. That cover is gorgeous indeed.

    I have won The Ghost Hunter earlier this year but haven't had the time to read it yet...

  2. Lori is so sweet and sent me this e-book, and I'm really excited to read it! Great review! :D

  3. Wow - she has been a busy author getting two books out this year and in two different genres.

  4. Janna
    It really does look so good, perfect. I hope you enjoy TGH

    I hope you enjoy it :)

    I have no idea how she does it! But she sure manages

  5. I got this book too and I'm lookijng forward reading it now. It sounds really good.

  6. Sounds good - I like to be kept guessing. You're so clever - saying but not saying, and cliffhanger that isn't a cliffhanger. I've got to find out what you mean!

  7. Eh - sounds like a pass for me. I only have so much time, and this one sounds kind of blah.

  8. Wow! I'm very curious as to the ending. I think I need to check this one out. Great review!

  9. Ok I didn't get that book and I am not looking forward to reading it at all...just joking of course!!! Don't kill me, I am joking!!! ;D

    Being a bit more serious - it does sound a bit cliche and I think some fallen angels, a species most hated by me, are lurking in the corners...but I am writting so it's just because I am jealous...;p

  10. This sounds good! And nice cover too. Wonder if I should start with her adult book first?

  11. Thanks book Girl, stories like these always fascinate me.

  12. sounds like a good YA read. I wonder about the cliffhanger.

  13. I love the blueness of the cover.

  14. This is a new one for me, I haven't heard of this one before. Great post! I'll check out this author.

  15. Nina
    I hope you will enjoy it :)

    Lol, so hard to describe things, but still not describe things, and look there I go again ;)

    That I sure know about, I counted books last night, books I wanted to read right thsi second, but I have too many here at home to even want more

  16. Melissa
    I was left hanging but at the same time not. I am such enigma today

    Fallen angels, fear not there are not any angels at least so far. But yeah those are the next big thing, and honestly why would some freakishly, like 10000 year old angel come down to earth and fall for some 16 year old girl, euwwww..yes not I got sidetracked too, lol

    Hm...well you do love historicals, and she has written this book called Wild heart so perhaps that is the one for you :)

  17. Nana
    You're welcome :) I try to get all sorts of books represented here

    The one that is one but at the same time is not, oh yes, that one could lead to more, I wonder about it too

    Me too :D

    Mrs Q
    Please do, she has written 3 books so far :=)

  18. This one sounds like a good book for the YA girl in mind! I love 99 cent books thanks for the heads up on that!

  19. I've read some wonderful YA books lately and I quite like the sound of this one. The cliffhanger that's not a cliffhanger has me intrigued :)

  20. Staci
    Too cool, right, I have never found a book as cheap as that, well except for at a library sale

    I have seen that, you are on a good YA roll there

  21. Great review and you're right, the cover is stunning :)

  22. From the description this book doesn't sound very original to me but it still sounds like it could be a fun read.

  23. glad to hear you liked this one. i've got it waiting for me to read soon.

  24. Juju
    Such a great pick :)

    And short, oh I like short sometimes

    I hope you will enjoy it



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