Wednesday 11 December 2019

Audio: London's Late Night Scandal by Anabelle Bryant

Narrated by: Victoria Aston
Series: Midnight Secrets Series, Book 3
Length: 8 hrs and 50 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 10-29-19
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Historical romance
For review

So I do not remember what Matthew did in book 1. I did read my review and it seems he was an asshat, but I still wrote that he needed a HEA. But that is the good thing, when I finally got to his book I had forgotten any bad feelings I might have had for him.

Matthew goes to visit an Earl since that Earl had written a paper and they could not, oh long story. Smart dude wants to talk with another smart dude. Instead he meets Thedosia, the real author.

Theo lives with her grandfather and speaks with animals more than humans. She is really smart in a time when women had no place for that.

Matthew is in constant pain (I have read a lot of books lately with men in constant pain from bullet holes, hmm, strange.)

They flirt. He has has his job in the city, she hates it (for a silly reason in the end) Oh and her granfather has dementia so there is that too.

And that is the drama folks.

And they work it out and live happily ever after. Nice story. I think the "baddie" was in book 1 too but I had forgotten him.

Also, xmas setting!

I like her voice for historical romance so she did really well

Chief Officer of the Society for the Intellectually Advanced, Lord Matthew Strathmore, Earl of Whittingham, takes his position very seriously. Not only does it distract him from the painful aftermath of a gunshot wound to the leg, earned most honorably, it is important work. So he feels duty-bound to question esteemed scientist Lord Talbot about a suspect article. Matthew dashes from London to Oxfordshire, despite wretched weather that only exacerbates his injury, reminding him he is far from the dashing gentleman he once was...

Theodosia, Lord Talbot's granddaughter, has inherited his gift for inquiry, enjoying her pursuits safely away from the artifice of London society. But her identity as the true author of Talbot's article is about to be exposed. And if Matthew expects a dour bluestocking, surprises abound. Not only do Theodosia's botanical concoctions soothe his leg, he's clearly attracted by her delicate beauty. But dare she hope for more? It will take an urgent trip to London for both to discover how passion and lasting love can ignite under the cover of darkness...


  1. I like the happily ever after bits. In this present world, I'll take them all.

  2. I love your reviews Blodeuedd they always make me smile. And yes sometimes it's good to forget a character that was an asshat in a previous novel :)

  3. It could be good! I can understand the part where you had forgotten the story

  4. This sounds good. I'm glad I wasn't born back then though.

  5. I usually forget the details of the first book by the time the second one comes out. This does sound like a nice romance.

  6. Oh nice that you forgot that he was an asshat! Much easier to root for a HEA then. :)

  7. To be an asshat but still earn enough sympathy from you to wish him an HEA, that's definitely got to count for something :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. Ah sounds like a fun read and when a book comes a little while after the previous one, I often forget too.

  9. This sounds cute! And he has a job? Okay. lol Whatever makes him happy

  10. Sounds like you needed that break between books to really like the guy as the hero. Yea!



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