Tuesday 22 January 2019

Bloodmage - Stephen Aryan

Paperback, 528 pages
Published April 12th 2016 by Orbit
Series: The Age of Darkness Trilogy #2

My Thoughts:
The last book was all about war, while this one have spies, "cops" and criminals.

Byrne and Fray are guardians who are investigating horrible murders. I liked them and their hunt for the killer.

Choss is trying to find what happened at a recent fight and that brings us the underworld. I was not that keen on Choss or his investigations. The best part was when Butcher showed up

A character from book 1 is hanging about and I so wanted more about him, but alas.

Katja is a spy who is sent to infiltrate bad guys who are trying to assassinate two queens. I think I like what she did during the daytime more than her spying, her daytime was interesting. Everything these characters are doing will come together at the end one way or another.

I enjoy this series. It is light (in the way written!) I know I say that a lot and everyone thinks ohh light, no no, not the actual story. I mean people are butchered. But who it is written cos the story flows and I read it fast. And now I want book 3! Which again will be about new character! Arghh, I so want the Gods stuff! Please just give that to me.
Anyway, I guess I know what I am telling SO to give me for my birthday! Book 3 and the next series ;)

Enjoyable and fun!

The people of Perizzi have survived the battlemage war, but their future is looking darker than ever.

BYRNE is a Guardian of the Peace, investigating a series of murders in which the corpse was drained entirely of life.

FRAY's expertise with magic is needed to catch the killer, but working with the Guardians destroyed his father, years before.

CHOSS is a champion fighter, trying to diffuse a war in the underworld that threatens to turn the streets red with rivers of blood.

KATJA is a spy from a foreign land, attempting to prevent a massacre that will topple two dynasties and destroy the fragile peace in the city for ever.

Guardians and spies, assassins and criminals will clash on the streets in this magic-fuelled adventure from the author of Battlemage.


  1. Oh I love epic fantasy and it sounds really good. I often wonder why they're all like 500 to 600 pages per book though so it's a good thing they flow good

  2. Sometimes you need a fast easy read. Glad to hear it was fun. :)

  3. This sounds like something I would like. I will have to keep an eye out for it.

    1. And I will hopefully read book 3 soon too and let you know

  4. I think I would like the spy thing better than the war theme.

  5. So light means - it might have violence but I am totally into this story and its speeding by fast.

    1. Yes! You nailed it! I might have to steal that for the next time I am all so this was light, but you know tons still died

  6. Gosh, I can't even remember if I read this one or not. That's the problem with stand alone sequels. I know I enjoyed the first book though, and I want to complete the trilogy.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I did feel book 1 was better, you know war and all, but I so want to know what happens. And there is a sequel series too that I want

  7. I have two or three of these books. I really need to get to reading them.



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