Saturday 19 March 2022

Audio review: The hook up

Narrated by: Amy Melissa Bentley

Series: The First Impressions Series, Book 3

Length: 7 hrs and 28 mins

Release date: 03-08-22

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Contemporary romance

To review

Omg their first meeting. I was laughing so hard,I am glad I was at home cos if I had been out and listening lol. Just listen and see, hilarious.

Ellie sells adults toys. Ty works in video marketing. She needs his help to build her business. They fancy each other at once. But she is a single mum, and he has some severe abandonment issues. 

They were so cute together, and so meant to be. He did had his demons to overcome to make him realise that he was perfect as he was. And we all know that a hook up how much they want it to stay like that will lead to some major feelings. And they will live happily ever after.

This was book 3 so people had already found love in previous books, and those couples were around, but I did not feel like I had missed out. It worked great like this since it is meant to stand on its own.

Cute, and best first meeting ever.

Oh Amy was narrating! Been ages since I listened to her, I always enjoy her narrations. She is geat with voices and she does such a good job with romance

Ellie Sanders is over the fairytale, thank you very much. Content with her booming career as a purveyor of Madame Butterfly pleasure aids, she doesn't need a man for anything - except maybe marketing tips. And, okay, a few fun nights with something that doesn't require batteries.

Love, marriage, and family aren't in the cards for Tyler Hendrix. Period. The Navy helped Ty put his tumultuous childhood behind him, but when a sexy single mom walks through the First Impressions door looking to take her business to the next level, he feels his carefully constructed "never-get-attached" walls crack.

As Ty and Ellie maneuver through a minefield of wardrobe malfunctions, plumbing mishaps, and the world's most awkward accidental dirty talk, discovering they have more in common than scorching sexual attraction threatens to crumble Ty's walls for good...


  1. I love it when the couple meets in a fun way. I will have to look for this one.

  2. I love it when a book makes me laugh a lot. Penny Reid's romances are super funny too. I should check this author out.

  3. LOL I can see why this would make you laugh. Their jobs and their first meeting, that's a set up for great comedy and cuteness.

  4. Oh, this sounds so cute and perfect right now. Thanks.



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