Tuesday 3 November 2020



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This week:  

What do you do for fun when you aren’t blogging?

This will shock you, but, I read!!!! OMG, right! Yes, quite the shocker ;)

But yes that is all I do, I either read, or watch a show or movie. I am very boring. 

That's all folks!

Next week:

11/10/2020 Have you found any new interests or hobbies during the COVID lockdown/stay at home 



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only boring person here! 😂 I watch TV series as well, but those don't count as hobbies, because I only watch TV when I'm having lunch or supper. I hardly can stand to sit and go through a show (even if I like it) while doing nothing else. Also...it detracts time from reading and blogging LOL.

  2. LOL I am rather shocked and scandalized!!!! Reading....not allowed ;)

  3. Lol!! I had to sit for a few minutes to come up with something other than reading...so I guess my addiction's going strong and healthy! I just finished Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly and now really want to track down Poisoned!!

  4. *SHOCK* lol. What about exploring the land and taking your girl to the playground? Photographing Luci? :-)

  5. Roberta,
    Oh I love to binge, sadly not a lot of time to do it so binge takes a long time

    I know right lol

    I have heard of those! :D
    Haha, yes we book lovers are alike

    I do love t explore, and takes pics of Luci, he is a cutie, and more

  6. Like Jen, I thought you were going to say going out and exploring lol You live in such a beautiful area!

    My only blogging level obsession hobby is gardening. Everything else I just kind of do then lose interest. I'm lazy lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  7. That's me too. But I don't think that's boring - it depends on what you're reading and watching.

    Have a lovely week.

  8. I am pretty boring too! I am either reading, blogging, or playing with my dogs :)

  9. Smiling at your considering yourself boring - most likely you're not!

  10. LOL I agree that's shocking!

  11. Karen
    I do love the woods. I am waiting for moose hunting season to end so I can go explore

    True, reading is never boring

    Best sort of life :)

    Lol, thanks

    SO shocking

    Sophia :D



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