Thursday 27 May 2021

Audio: Glitter gets everywhere by Yvette Clark

Narrated by: Morag Sims

Length: 6 hrs and 33 mins

Release date: 05-04-21

Publisher: HarperCollins

MG Fiction

A novel about a tween going though stages of grief. I do like books that deal with real things when it comes to YA, or well this must be MG.

Kitty lost her mother, and now they are moving from London to New York. She is trying to deal with a new city, new friends, and trying to go on without her mum. Real, sad,but s much more. Family life. Worry about her father will find someone new. He first crush, and falling in love with a new city.

I liked Kitty, she was just a normal kid, doing normal things, in a not so normal time of her life.

I enjoyed it, not much more to say. Grief like glitter gets everywhere.

Good narrator, she had great voices for kids and adults. I felt very at home with her style.

After Kitty's mother dies on an inappropriately sunny Tuesday, all Kitty wants is for her life to go back to "normal"--whatever that will mean without her mum. Instead, her dad announces that he, Kitty, and her sister are moving from their home in London to New York City, and Kitty will need to say goodbye to the places and people that help keep her mother's memory alive.

New York is every bit as big and bustling as Kitty's heard, and as she adjusts to life there and befriends a blue-haired boy, she starts to wonder if her memories of her mum don't need to stay in one place--if there's a way for them to be with Kitty every day, everywhere.


  1. I do like books that deal with grief so this one could be worth a try.

    1. I like my YA to bring a bit more, they ae better at it than adult, those are just depressing

  2. Awe what a sweet book. Thanks for sharing Blodeuedd

  3. What a saying! Grief Like glitter... I love it! ❤

  4. Sounds like it dealt with grief in a good way. Glad to hear you enjoyed the story!

  5. Hmm, too real for me! Haha, I think that's why I never do contemporary YA or MG.

  6. Love it. Sounds up my alley



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