Friday 14 January 2022

Audio: The highlander's captive by Mary Wine

Narrated by: Timothy Campbell

Series: Highland Rogues, Book 3

Length: 6 hrs and 42 mins

Release date: 01-18-22

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Historical romance

To review

The concept are usually similar, but i still enjoy them all. And this time around the heroine had it easier, cos some of them are sure made to suffer.

Annis had a crappy marriage, now she wants away cos her inlaws suck. But this is Scotland and they like to steal bride so she gets stolen so to say, and then saved (it's complicated). In comes Rolfe, clan leader, and now with Annis under his protection.

I liked that this clan was welcoming, cos all the evil clans in past books, yikes. Instead this one (ok not everyone!), but most were welcoming. She settled in, tried to figure out her next step, and fell for Rolfe.

I liked them, he wanted her, she wanted to change her own fate, and he liked that.

A nice romance, that brings some drama and adventure

I really like this narrator, and by now I have listened to lots of his Scottish romances and they are always good

Annis is a prize. Born of a royal blood line, the fact that she's illegitimate isn't really important. With her mother gone, her kin barter her and send her off to Scotland, where her husband's family is eager to see her produce heirs to their line with impeccable lineage.

Rolfe Munro is sick unto death of the topic of marriage. His marriage is one everyone seems to have an opinion of. So, when his father offers him the chance to escape the Munro stronghold for a bit, Rolfe happily takes the chore! But he knows it's only a brief respite. Duty is the other currency of the Highlands. He's the son of the laird, and he'll have to settle down or risk leaving the clan in a fight when he dies. Still, he's not ready to steal a bride. Even when his fool cousin takes one and needs rescuing. Rolfe isn't going to get involved beyond making sure his cousin survives. That's his plan. And it's a firm one. At least, until he lays eyes on Annis. Rolfe has seen his share of pretty women.

Annis is different. Her allure is something he can't put into words or ignore, it would seem. By the time he escorts them to his cousin's stronghold, all Rolfe is thinking about is how to steal Annis away.



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