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Audio. What I did for a Duke by Julie Anne Long

Narrated by: Justine Eyre
Series: Pennyroyal Green Series, Book 5
Length: 9 hrs and 23 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 12-31-19
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Historical romance
In exchange for an honest review

I have read books where people are engaged, and then they meet the one. But here, well Genevieve thinks she is in love with perfect normal Harry, and she thinks it until the end, like really, almost the end of the book. Which was rather disturbing when I should rally for her romance with Alexander.

Alexander is a Duke (yay a Duke), he finds his fiancee in bed with another man, and plans a revenge. Ok his revenge is such an asshat thing to do! Seduce and leave the sister of the man who wronged him. Hey, that is so not cool! But then again, we all know he is gonna fall madly in love with her, and he does. He does loose sight of his revenge fairly quickly.

They meet, they banter, he tries to coach a smile out of her (as she is heartbroken since Harry does not want her). But yes even when she starts something with the Duke, she is still madly for Harry.

I did enjoy the book, but girl, you need to drop that Harry dude and take a Duke.

The narration was perfect. I always like Justine Eyre, you can not go wrong with a book narrated by her!

For years, he's been an object of fear, fascination...and fantasy. But of all the wicked rumors that shadow the formidable Alexander Moncrieffe, Duke of Falconbridge, the ton knows one thing for certain: only fools dare cross him. And when Ian Eversea does just that, Moncrieffe knows the perfect revenge: he'll seduce Ian's innocent sister, Genevieve—the only Eversea as yet untouched by scandal. First he'll capture her heart...and then he'll break it.

But everything about Genevieve is unexpected: the passion simmering beneath her cool control, the sharp wit tempered by gentleness...And though Genevieve has heard the whispers about the duke's dark past, and knows she trifles with him at her peril, one incendiary kiss tempts her deeper into a world of extraordinary sensuality. Until Genevieve is faced with a fateful there anything she won't do for a duke?

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Audio: Claiming of the Shrew by Shana Galen

Narrated by: Victoria Aston
Series: Survivors (Shana Galen), Book 5
Length: 7 hrs and 17 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 12-17-19
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Historical romance
In exchange for an honest review

I have read the other Survivors books, and this time it is about their Colonel, he was the one sending them to their death, while he had to stay behind.

But this is the book about how he met his wife. She needed a husband and picked him. Later she says that she waited for him to come back, though why? This was for show only, and their marriage was not even valid in Britain.

So Catarina comes back and wants an annulment. Trouble is on her heels as she now is a famous lacemaker and someone wants those skills.

Benedict is calm and omg woman trust him! He obviously wants the best for you! Sure, those things he said right there might not have been right, but omg woman someone is after you! He wants to keep you safe. Benedict, you are a hero, Catarina, you need to listen to him and trust him!

Yes there is these two falling slowly in love, and that trouble that she brings.

We also see two side characters that are in the coming books. And some old favorites too.

I enjoyed it 

I like Victoria Aston's narration, she fits historical romance very well. Some are sure a good fit for a genre. She does male and female voices well and accents

Lieutenant Colonel Benedict Draven has retired from the army and spends most of his days either consulting for the Foreign Office or whiling away the hours at his club with his former comrades-in-arms. He rarely thinks about the fiery Portuguese woman he saved from an abusive marriage by wedding her himself. It was supposed to be a marriage in name only, but even five years later and a world away, he can't seem to forget her.

Catarina Neves never forgot what it felt like to be scared, desperate, and subject to the whims of her cruel father. Thanks to a marriage of convenience and her incredible skill as a lacemaker, she's become an independent and wealthy woman. But when she's once again thrust into a dangerous situation, she finds herself in London and knocking on the door of the husband she hasn't seen since those war-torn years in Portugal. Catarina tells Benedict she wants an annulment, but when he argues against it, can she trust him enough to ask for what she really needs? 

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Audio: The Clergyman's wife by Molly Greeley

A Pride & Prejudice Novel
By: Molly Greeley
Narrated by: Susie Riddell
Length: 6 hrs and 17 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 12-03-19
Language: English
Publisher: HarperAudio
Historical fiction
In exchange for an honest review

Oh you all know I love PP variations! So I went for this one at once. This is not a romance. I do confess at times I wanted more for Charlotte, oh how I wished.

Charlotte made a choice. Probably remain a spinster and lie under her father's and then brother's roof and be a burden, or marry a man with a good standing and prospects. Even if he is not handsome, but neither is she. Even if her best friend wonders if she lost her mind, because he can sure be tiresome.

But she married, she moved away, she found she could do it.

There is their first time, and it really describes their lives. A bit sad, but normal life you know. A sensible life. A bit boring.

And then Lady Catherine orders a farmer to plant roses for them and, no, there is great love story. There is yearning and looks, and words. And I hoped, but how could one hope. It was not a sensible choice, and it was not possible either.

I liked this book. Charlotte sacrificed so she could have other things. A home of her own, children, a good life.

Narration by Susie Riddell
The narrator was good and she nailed Lady Catherine, oh how tiresome that woman is! This was easy listening too and when it ended I wanted more.

It might have been the first time listening to her, and I would listen to her again.

Charlotte Collins, nee Lucas, is the respectable wife of Hunsford’s vicar and sees to her duties by rote: keeping house, caring for their adorable daughter, visiting parishioners, and patiently tolerating the lectures of her awkward husband and his condescending patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Intelligent, pragmatic, and anxious to escape the shame of spinsterhood, Charlotte chose this life, an inevitable one so socially acceptable that its quietness threatens to overwhelm her. Then she makes the acquaintance of Mr. Travis, a local farmer and tenant of Lady Catherine.

In Mr. Travis’ company, Charlotte feels appreciated, heard, and seen. For the first time in her life, Charlotte begins to understand emotional intimacy and its effect on the heart - and how breakable that heart can be. With her sensible nature confronted, and her own future about to take a turn, Charlotte must now question the role of love and passion in a woman’s life and whether they truly matter for a clergyman’s wife.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020


Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post on Rainy Day Ramblings where Rainy discuss a wide range of topics from books to blogging. Weigh in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog.

Tell me about the city/ town you live in.

I live in a village, there is nothing in this village anymore, except for suburbia spreading out from the two towns nearby.  It is close to "town", the center of the municipality I live in. But it is also close to a actual town (that is famous for being an energy innovative town).

Here you can can see our row house

photos by Forth Photography

It is close  to big far stretching forests, but I doubt most get it since people do go all wow over seeing a Moose, and no we did not tell them about the time we found wolf prints in the woods. BF said someone had seen bear prints too.

I loved taking walks here! We always found new pathways, find some were clearly only used by deer, but it was fun!

But by this summer we will have moved. Cos sometimes a woman needs to be able to walk naked through her house without fearing a neighbor will spot her. So we bought a lot of land, and sadly we can see a house from our living room, and one behind ur garage, but building the road longer was so expensive so I can live with that ;)

I could not find an aerial map so here is what our new village looked like in the 12th century ;)

It is the green land in the left corner. All water then, wait I think where we live now is on that map to, on the bottom in the middle, in the sea.

And about our new village. Well nothing special about that place either. Woods, the sea close. All good :)


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