Tuesday 18 December 2018

A gentleman's game - Theresa Romain

Mass Market Paperback, 352 pages
Published February 2nd 2016 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Series: Romance of the Turf #1
Historical romance

My Thoughts
This poor book did suffer a bit reading wise, I got a review book that had to be read, I got another review book that had to be read. So there was this break in the middle, but honestly, it was so easy jumping right back in!

Rosalind is not who she say she is (and I did wonder about that whole spy thing, secrets! I mean there must be more in other books I guess). Anyway, she was a good woman, just she had this debt, and she never did anything horrible. She told secrets.

Nathaniel was a gentleman. I liked his wit. Oh that humour of his *shakes head and smiles*

Horses have colic. They are going to a race. They fall in love. That is the book. Fun and light and like I said, a bit away did not make a different. And I liked that.


Suave Nathaniel Chandler can just as easily talk himself into a willing lady's embrace as he can broker a business deal. But no amount of charm is sufficient to cloak a chilling, recent discovery: every one of his award-winning racehorses has suddenly and mysteriously fallen ill. 

Determined to discover the source of the problem, Nathaniel searches for all possible explanations. His suspicions fall on the alluring Rosalind Agate, his father's new secretary. But for the sake of both their livelihoods - and his recent attraction - Nathaniel sets aside his suspicions. Instead, he decides to use Rosalind's wit and her wiles as key components of his investigative team. 

As the upcoming race draws near, Nathaniel and Rosalind must use every trick up their sleeves to not only catch the culprit, but also satisfy the desire that burns between them…

No TMST today, Carole and I are doing a joint one later this year :=D


  1. Fun and nice says it all. Thanks Blodeuedd!

  2. Sounds like a light easy read, good for when things are busy.

  3. Horses have colic? Is this real?

    1. Yes, it can be really dangerous and it can kill them. I know most think of colicky babies, but colic in horses can be a death sentence

  4. Well, I like that the story revolves around horses and a horserace, so there is that!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  5. Well she's a fetching thing on the cover there isn't she haha? :)

    1. LOL, well, I mean she sure looks nice, I want that dress too

  6. I think that I have this one hiding on my Kindle. It sounds like a really nice read.

  7. Hmmmm... that cover is a bit, off, or something. She looks creepy. But sounds like a lovely story!

    1. Haha, like she is gonna murder you in her sleep



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