Friday 25 January 2019

Audio: The Unteachables - Gordon Korman

Narrated by: Sarah Beth Goer, Oliver Wyman, Josh Hurley, Tristan Morris, Chris Gebauer, Sean Welsh Brown, Pete Larkin, Fred Berman, Jennifer Nittoso
Length: 6 hrs
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 01-08-19
Publisher: HarperAudio 
MG Fiction

My Thoughts:
Oh I did not realise this was MG before reading the synopsis. I thought it was YA since they were 13. But hey it works for everyone!

This is THE class. The one everyone avoids and where the school puts the kids they do not know wht to do with, and forgets them.

Mr Kermit just wants to retire. The school really messed him up. A scandal destroyed his life and the school blamed him. And he had nothing do do with it. So now he hates teaching. Ok yes 27 years of not caring is hard to forgive, but I really liked him in the end. He is an amazing teacher that was forgotten about too.

And then there there kids. Parker who can not read, and has a driver's license. Eeek.
Kiara who wandered into the class and never left. And who is not even in this school.
Aldo who is always angry.
Barndoor who was the star of the school and then he broke his leg and forgotten about.
All with great personalities, and different problems. That all can be solved if someone just cares for two seconds.

There are also more. Rahim who falls asleep all the time. Elaine who everyone fears. And Matteo who is the biggest nerd and therefore the school finds him weird.

They will raise hell and at the end I wanted them to succeed. This is the class from hell and I cheered them on.

Really uplifting when I think about it! Yes it made me happy. It was fun, short and good.

Ok so obvi there are  LOT. But it works well, every big person gets her or his POV. Lots of narrators for that. But they ll have their own chapters so no one has a special own voice

A hilarious new middle grade novel from beloved and bestselling author Gordan Korman about what happens when the worst class of kids in school is paired with the worst teacher--perfect for fans of Ms. Bixby's Last Day.

The Unteachables are a notorious class of misfits, delinquents, and academic train wrecks. Like Aldo, with anger management issues; Parker, who can't read; Kiana, who doesn't even belong in the class--or any class; and Elaine (rhymes with pain). The Unteachables have been removed from the student body and isolated in room 117.

Their teacher is Mr. Zachary Kermit, the most burned-out teacher in all of Greenwich. He was once a rising star, but his career was shattered by a cheating scandal that still haunts him. After years of phoning it in, he is finally one year away from early retirement. But the superintendent has his own plans to torpedo that idea--and it involves assigning Mr. Kermit to the Unteachables.

The Unteachables never thought they'd find a teacher who had a worse attitude than they did. And Mr. Kermit never thought he would actually care about teaching again. Over the course of a school year, though, room 117 will experience mayhem, destruction--and maybe even a shot at redemption.


  1. Sometimes a MG from time to time is nice

  2. This sure does sound like fun!

  3. Ha! Mr. Kermit reminds me of Kermit the Frog on the Muppets. I like multiple narrators, but I'd like them to narrate their character throughout the story. Why can't they do that?

    1. That was strange to be honest. That would have made more sense

  4. This sounds so drama filled but interesting.

  5. Awwee sounds like a fun MG. Goodness it has been a while since I read one

  6. This may be MG, but it sounds great! I love stories about groups of misfits students, because they remind me of the Breakfast Club :P

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  7. This sounds really cute. The part about Kiara not even going to that school made me smile lol.

  8. Teachers are so amazing and they have a thankless job. I don't know how it is around the world, but in the US, we don't pay teachers anything, overwork them, overflow classes and then treat them poorly. It's depressing.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

    1. I fear it will end up like that here one day. It is still a thankless job, but they get a decent salary. But politicians always want more kids in classes when there should be less

  9. This sounds great! I want to read more middle-grade and this one sounds like it would be fun. I like books with multiple narrators so that helps too.

    1. AUdio for this is perfect. MG really works that way for me

  10. When he was in elementary school, my son used to devour any and all Gordon Korman. We even met him once at a reading. Great stuff!

    1. Lol, well tell him that Korman still writes good books :)



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