Tuesday 16 June 2020


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June 16th: Do you tag authors in your (overall) positive reviews? How do you feel about authors not acknowledging them or opting out? (Courtesy of Roberta@Offbeat YA)

I never tag authors, my reviews are not for them. I would only tag if I am part of a blog tour, or something like that and we are meant to tag, if it is positive that is.

And if they do not acknowledge them, well why would they have to? 

Since we all know there are those who tag in negative ones, and that is just mean. Totally 100% on with someone writing a negative review, but then tagging the author, yeah not cool. If they go looking they have themselves to blame, but if you tag, just do not.


  1. I normally don't tag an author either unless the publisher specifically asks that I do. And yeah, never with a negative review. I have had an author like my tweet of a negative review. Not one that I made up, but the one that automatically is generated by my connect from Goodreads to Twitter. That was awkward...

    1. Ouch, yes that would be really awkward!

  2. I usually tag an author on social media. I don't post personal bad reviews because I refuse to finish a book that i can't stand and it's often not the author's fault I don't like the book, after all no one reads the same book each interpretation is an individual opinion. The only negative reviews I post are those I'm paid for and they don't belong to me but to the publications I work for. So yes I do tag authors.

  3. Yep... If the author wants to read it, they will find it.

  4. I don't really tag authors either, and I love your reasoning that your reviews are not really for them. I will sometimes tag a positive review when I know them on Twitter or if I know they won't mind me putting the review out there, but yeah, never negative reviews. That's just mean :P

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Only if I really know them, then maybe yes, and if it was positive :D

      But mean ones, why are people assholes!?

  5. They can google themselves if they want to but I'm not setting myself up lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth



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