Thursday 15 October 2020

Map's Edge by David Hair

Paperback, 400 pages

Release date: October 15th

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books


To review

Such a cool cover right! I have to start there, this world does have the chance of their being floating stone islands. So interesting.

And in this world we have an evil empire, crushing other countries and turning people to their side.

Raythe is hiding out since he was a a known rebel, but hey who wouldn't be when the empire invaded. He is secretly a magic user (again, that empire can find him if he shows it). He was determined, he loves his daughter, and wants to get his country back (and his wife, oh man, just forget her.)

This is a roadtrip book. He gathers a bunch of people and sets out to mine a mineral used for magic at the edge of the world. But the empire wants that too, and to catch him among others.

There are a lot of other characters too as they are all on the road together. His daughter. The "bad gang", I will call them that cos he should just have thrown them out, I will not say more. A novice priestess who I was not sure about first, but then grew to like. But even though a lot of characters popped in and out there never felt like there were too many. They were all there, they all had to be there, and the book still mainly focuses on a few of them. It is a very character driven book.

I enjoyed it, I do like a journey book, and when they got there, ohhh, drama. I felt it was an easy read, it went by fast, the characters managed to grab me and made me wonder what would happen next. They are at the edge of the world, and there is no going back. How can they even get out of that?

A journey filled with tension, some backstabbing, being hunted and magic. What more could one ask for? I look forward to finding out more about this world.

Soldier, sorcerer and exiled nobleman Raythe Vyre has run out of places to hide. When the all-conquering Bolgravian Empire invaded, Raythe grabbed his daughter Zar and after taking part in a disastrous rebellion, they washed up on the edge of the continent.

Now he’s found a chance of redemption for himself and the precociously talented Zar: a map showing a hitherto unknown place that’s rich in istariol, the incredibly rare mineral that fuels sorcery. Mining it will need people, but luckily there are plenty of outcasts, ne’er-do-wells and loners desperate enough to brave haunted roads through the ruins of an ancient, long-dead civilisation, to seek wealth and freedom. 

But the Bolgravian Empire is not about to let anyone defy it – and even out here, at the edge of the map, implacable imperial agent Toran Zorne has caught Raythe’s scent.

The hunt is on. 


  1. It's not a book I would have gone to because I'm not really a fan of the cover but it looks good

  2. Based on cover I wouldn't have picked it up but it sounds good. I think I have one of his books that I haven't read.

  3. The cover is cool and it sounds like an interesting story.

  4. Not my genre but I did like your enthusiasistic review.

  5. Seeing reviews of this everywhere today, and mostly good! I really gotta get started on it :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  6. I love a journey adventure fantasy like this one, too.

  7. Sounds very cool. At first it seemed like it has a Star Wars vibe, but then kind of went off on its own.

    1. Star Wars? Now I wonder how :D

    2. You mention the evil empire taking over everyone... the secret rebellion and magic user (aka Jedi). He goes on a journey with his possie (Luke, Chewy, Hans)... It was just my first thoughts when reading your review.

    3. Aha, makes sense!

      Though nothing alike. Evil empire, well just another kingdom grabbing land.

      Secret rebellion, nah, just a bunch of farmers and soldiers going to mine

      Journey with buddies, yes, with like 100 others :D



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