Friday 6 January 2023

Audio review: Season of the wolf by Maria Vale

By: Maria Vale

Narrated by: Senn Annis, Julio Maxwell

Series: Legend of All Wolves, Book 4

Length: 8 hrs and 48 mins

Release date: 12-27-22

Historical romance / to review

Evie is the alpha of the Great North Pack, and they have had a rough time. Shifters encroaching on their territory, stealing pups and more.

Now 4 of those shifters are under guard and life goes on...

Evie was tough and self sacrifcing, because she wanted to do what was best for the pack. Her happiness be damned.

Constantine was a shifter who just tried to protect his brother. He helped the pack in book 3, but is under watchful eyes now. And the alpha fascinates him to no end. As for Evie, she is pulled towards him too.

This book is actually rather sad. They are pack, they are more wolves than human, they are born and live as pups first. They learn to pretend to be humans as their schooling and some go to live in the human world to protect them. But the wild is always shrinking, how can a pack like this even survive anymore?

Pack hierachy, in fighting, the danger of the shifters and more on this one. And a very slow building romance between two that are meant to be.

A nice narration that makes you be in this world, and really feel for them. The wild is always there pulling at you. 

For Alpha Evie Kitwanasdottir, things are never easy. The Great North Pack has just survived a deadly attack. Evie is determined to do whatever is necessary to keep her Pack safe, especially from the four Shifters who are their prisoners.

Constantine lost his parents and his humanity on the same devastating day. He has been a thoughtless killer ever since. When Constantine is moved to live under Evie's watchful eye, he discovers that taking directions and having a purpose are not the same thing.

Each moment spent together brings new revelations to Constantine, who begins to understand the loneliness of being Alpha. He finds strength and direction in helping Evie, but there is no room for a small love in the Pack, so Constantine must work harder than ever to prove to Evie he is capable of a love big enough for the Great North Pack itself.


  1. I've read this author a few times and really liked her pnr books. This sounds like my kind of book too.

  2. It would be hard being in a pack!

  3. I don't normally read fantasy but this book does have a lot of drama and suspenseful action. Have a good week.

  4. I have thought about trying this series. This sounds great!

  5. Interesting take on werewolves who are pups first then have to learn to be human!

  6. "they are born and live as pups first. They learn to pretend to be humans as their schooling" interesting switch to the normal!

    1. And that is why they are different fromt the shifters they meet

  7. I haven't read shifter books in so many years.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. They used to be all the rage, oh those days



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