Monday 30 January 2023

Carole´s Monday: Sweet Valentine


Author: Reina M. Williams
Title: Sweet Valentine
Series: Montana Matchmakers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 50
Published: January 31, 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Cutler Manning and Nora Delgado believe they left their love in the past...

Nora Delgado is where she never thought she’d be: in Loving, Montana. Since Nora and her sister had to leave their family ranch after the death of their father, Nora feels she has to continue being the responsible, practical sibling. When the one person who brought out her impulsive side walks into her life again, trying to pull her back into his, she pushes back. But Cutler is determined to show Nora that there’s only one valentine for him, and that’s the one woman he left, but loves: Nora.

Gotta love a nice quick story! 

Here we follow Cutler and Nora. They believe they left their love in the past, but they will find that their feelings never really went away. Nora is where she never thought she'd Loving, Montana. Cutler is determined to show Nora that they are meant to be and she is his only valentine. 

Quick and super sweet! The perfect read to cuddle up with while a blizzard blows into town and that is what I did. 

Nora is super serious and has a lot of walls. Cutler is a romantic and wants Nora back. You can see that Nora loves him too. 

This had a lot of 'Persuasion' feelings here. They fell apart because Nora was persuaded to break it up and Cutler made something of himself. Very nice touch I didn't realize until I finished reading.

Honestly, I feel like this could've been longer. I would've loved to learn more about Nora and Cutler before they broke up, break up, and reunited. I feel like I would've connected more with them then. They were a little 2D. Still a fun couple though. 

In the end...short and sweet. Very nice seeing them give love another chance. 3 stars from me.  

- #5 for Romance Reading Challenge - Non-Xmas holiday



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