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Audio. Damned if I Duke by Anna Bradley

By: Anna Bradley

Narrated by: Gabrielle Baker

Series: Drop Dead Dukes, Book 2

Length: 12 hrs and 21 mins

Release date: 03-26-24

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Historical romance /to review

Prue does not like Jasper, and she has every right to not to. He played cards wither father, and now her father is in debt. They sold land, they have to sell their house. They will be destitute. 

Jasper has his own worries. He ended it with his mistress, and the lady did not take it well. Now she has some rather revealing jewels he wants back.

Prue and Jasper meet. She blackmails him (long story). But he deserved it. They end up married, and now feelings come out. A whirlwind of lust and drama.

Because yes there will be some drama. Nothing that could not have been worked through with two people sitting down and just talking. Heaven forbid. Nope, drama and then a happily ever after.

A good story about two people butting heads and then falling in love

I have listened to Gabriella Baker before and enjoyed her narrations. She gets the feel of the book and narrated the different characters well. There is a good flow to the story.

Bold and adventurous, Prudence Thorne is not the kind of woman to stand by meekly when someone she loves has been wronged. And she's quite certain that Jasper Vincent, Duke of Montford, somehow duped her father into racking up enormous gambling debts. When fate offers her a chance to blackmail Jasper into forgiving her father's losses, she seizes it . . . only to have her scheme backfire.

Jasper enjoys London's illicit delights too much to wed. Too bad his grandfather has decided that a woman with the nerve to blackmail might be exactly the sort of wife to tame him. Pressed into a marriage neither wanted—and fighting a desire neither expected—Prue and Jasper torment and tempt each other beyond reason.

Surely a proper duchess should be subdued, obedient, and dignified? Yet just as he begins to get his wish, Jasper realizes how much he wants his unconventional wife—and only her—if it's not too late to win her . . .


  1. I love a good character set who butt heads but find love

  2. They never sit down and talk because then the author would have to come up with another crisis point! Sounds okay premise though.

    1. I wish people would talk for once. I get that they are mad but alas

  3. I haven't read this author but this sounds like a good read.

  4. Stoopid Dukes. But yea for Dukes!

  5. Enemies-to-lovers is always fun!



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