Saturday 17 October 2015

#FitReaders Check-in: October 16, 2015 and dnfs

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Saturday 1 h walk
Sunday too busy :/
Monday 10 km bike, 1 h workout class
Tuesday 8 km bike, 1 h workout class, 1 h yoga
Wednesday 2 h bike
Thursday 30 min walk and 1 h walk
Friday 30 min walk

Monday's workout class was cruel! Omg, so very very cruel. I think I stopped once to drink cos the teacher just kept on going and going and going and going. I think I will stick to the one on Tue instead 0_0

I tried to take some pics of The awesome northern lights we had, but my camera is crap so here is Luci instead

DNF time
Yes that time again, but please, please! do not feel sorry for me! I download several books a week. I have almost 2000 ebooks. I will never read them in my lifetime. Even if I DNF as I do. I am harsh! Only ok, HA, ok is not good enough when there are 2000 more waiting in the wings.

Darcy and Elizabeth by Linda Berdoll
I tried this one years ago and gave up. I give it another go and gave up. It kept jumping in time. I want a story not a blah blah blah

Cody by Kimberly Raye
Another I must have her! book

Colorado Abduction by Cassie Miles
Wow, these shorties are so BOOM BOOM. DNF

The unconventional mistress by Juliet Landon
Yawn, and I gave up. DNf

Bought destitute and defiant by Sarah Morgan
It's so short so everything happened at once and I was all yawn

Wicked rake, defiant mistress by Ann Lethbridge
Really...really?! Dnf

Love me by Bella Andre
Boom, then they were at it. And why could she not date her brother in law. They were both single. Stupid. dnf

The billionaire's ultimate catch by Michelle Monkou
It's not that it was bad, no, the stuff I read was ok. Just...I have like 1000 freebies. To read all the ok ones. Nah. DNF

Caressed by moonlight by Amanda J Greene
It was ok until the I must have her! And the aunt, srsl?

Fatal Destiny
Meh meh meh

Emergency wife
Yawn, what? Dnf


  1. Those are tough workouts indeed. Long week eh?

  2. 2000???!!!! Wow. I have gotten MUCH better at resisting the freebies and reading what I already have so I think I'm down to under 50 maybe.

    I used to have several 100.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. I had quite the addiction back in 2011. Srsl, books I would never even consider reading now.

      50! OMG I have not cracked 50 on my print yet

  3. I'm bad about buying freebies, but then I never go back and look at them. I need to back and see if there is anything I want to read. I'm quick to DNF those freebies if I'm not interested. I bet those Northern Lights were pretty.

    1. Prettiest I have ever seen :)

      I so do not feel bad for dnfing freebies, so many more out there ;)

  4. Oh my....the last two sound ridiculous.

  5. I know you're a Darcy-Elizabeth fan, sorry that adaptation sucked

  6. You had northern lights?! So jealous. I'd like to see them one day.

    And blah about the DNF pile, but not surprised. A lot of these types of romances are a dime a dozen.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Bigger and better than ever :)

      They are just so ugh, next!

  7. I think a Lucy picture is just as good as one of the Northern Lights. ;) Hahaha ... nooo stick the the Monday class.

  8. Well, I can't even imagine what constitutes a "cruel" class for you - seeing as you are SUPER, SUPER fit! I'd be afraid to even WATCH that class, lol :) The books you DNFed sound DNF-worthy... Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. It was brutal. My heart was beating so fast so I felt it in my jaw

  9. Harsh trainers are the worst (and best lol). I had one on aerobic, we gave her nickname Hitler, she just kept going faster and faster without breaks, it was crazy. :D

    Wow that's a lot of DNFs. But I am with you. Life is too short to read bad books.

    I read (and kinda liked) Love me by Bella Andre, although I also didn't understand why they could not be together...

    1. LOL, I do call her Hitler! I have had this summer class with her before, but dang, it was not this brutal

      So true! There are better ones out there

      That just bothered me. It was not like they were related. Their siblings were, so...idiotic

  10. I would stick with the Tuesday class.
    I need to go through my ebooks and just start thinning them out.

  11. Wow, that's grueling when you have to step aside just to get a drink. Glad you got a lot of exercise in. I had bronchitis and wasn't able to do more than casual walks this week. Hopefully back at it next week.

    Glad I'm not the only one with a monster amount of books on my e-reader. And you're right about setting it aside when its not an interesting read. I've had to learn not to force myself to finish.

    1. After 40 min I just had to. I kept thinking that she would change the song but nope. on and on and on.

      Haha, you are so not alone

  12. I love the Luci pics! So cute!

    Have a great week!

  13. Tough workouts are cruel..but you are usually rewarded after. Hope this Monday is a little easier!

    1. Not going back ;) I think 4 times a week is enough

  14. I've stopped picking up freebies unless it's one I know I would have bought anyhow or comes highly recommended. Good for you for trying to get through some of them!

    1. Good idea. I tried that and now I am back at it again

  15. Sorry to hear these didn't work for you

  16. Goodness, I wish I have the capacity to DNF books nowadays. Imagine how much space I can free up on my shelves?!

  17. Bummer about the Northern Lights but Luci is very cute and photogenic :)
    Much better to stick to classes that don't make you want to die or kill someone lol

  18. Phew, I'm relieved none of these are on my shelf! :) Gorgeous cats!



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