Tuesday 28 July 2020


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July 28th: What things make a good book for you?

Well honestly, the whole package.

- Good writing, effortless writing
- Great characters to root for, or hate in a good way
- A great premise
- Good worldbuilding
- Great romance
- Sweet story

But again, a book can have one of those and suck. So it does need to have a lot that come together


  1. hahaha "LOL"!

    But yes to all of theseeeeeeee

  2. Characters, a good premise and a story that keeps me reading.

  3. "Effortless writing" - YES. The writing should not interfere with the reading experience.

  4. I love humor but it's tricky to pull off sometimes.
    I love a sweet story too.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. So tricky, it really depends on my mood

  5. I always say it is the balance between engaging characters and an intriguing plot.

  6. I agree that there does need to be more than one strong element to carry a story from poor into good territory.

  7. It's true that a book can have most of those elements, but not be great. That's when something comes up that ruins the book (see previous week's post!) Great list!

    1. Oh yes those things that ruin great books, it is a fine ine

  8. Right now I've been reading suspense and thriller novels, and the writers really know how to create nail biting action scenes, mixed in with some dry humor. There has also been some history mixed into the story to make it even more interesting and thought-provoking. The romance in most instances is secondary. They've all grabbed me from chapter 1. So I sort of look for all those things when reading these days, and of course I love your list too! Hugs, RO



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