Thursday 28 January 2021

Audio: The Heiress gets a Duke by Harper St:George

Narrated by: Justine Eyre

Series: The Gilded Age Heiresses, Book 1

Length: 9 hrs and 58 mins

Release date: 01-26-21

Publisher: Tantor Audio

A Duke without money needs an heiress fast!

I did like Evan, he wanted a rich wife, he needed one. His sisters needs a debut, his tenants are poor and need help. So he needs money for them, and not for himself.

August was all tough, and empowered. She helps her father with his company (though that turned weird), she wants to be free, to have her own money, and she doesn't need a golddigger! But she was certainly not a good listener. Listen to him August! I mean a hot Duke who obvi wants you too, wants to marry you. Go for it and make him beg for it.

They do not have an easy time falling in love. She wants nothing to do with him, he tries his best to court her. They want each other, and she wants freedom. Yes it is a tough one, I mean to the last 10 minutes. They really cut it close.

I am also curious abut August's sister will do in the next book.

A good book.

I always like Justine Eyre. She has a great voice and range. I'd listen to anything by her

American heiress August Crenshaw has aspirations. But unlike her peers, it isn't some stuffy British lord she wants wrapped around her finger - it's Crenshaw Iron Works, the family business. When it's clear that August's outrageously progressive ways render her unsuitable for a respectable match, her parents offer up her younger sister to the highest entitled bidder instead. This simply will not do. August refuses to leave her sister to the mercy of a loveless marriage.

Evan Sterling, the duke of Rothschild, has no intention of walking away from the marriage. He's recently inherited the title only to find his coffers empty, and with countless lives depending on him, he can't walk away from the fortune a Crenshaw heiress would bring him. But after meeting her fiery sister, he realizes Violet isn't the heiress he wants. He wants August, and he always gets what he wants.

But August won't go peacefully to her fate. She decides to show Rothschild that she's no typical London wallflower. Little does she realize that every stunt she pulls to make him call off the wedding only makes him like her even more.


  1. Sometimes the drama in these historicals make me want to scream :) Thanks Blodeuedd :)

  2. I think I would totally love this one... why did I not see it up for review?? Anyhow, love the cover, love the premise. Great review.

    1. I almost went by it too, but circled back

  3. This is different. It's usually the other way around. :)

  4. Nice to hear it's another great performance by Justine!

    1. Justine rocks! I am glad romance won her, ahhaha

  5. Down to the last ten minutes makes it quite exciting. I love Justine Eyre's narration work, too.

    1. It was all, omg what is happening?!

      She is great :D

  6. I love Justine Eyre, too. Man, tough until the last 10 minutes? I need some good couple time!

    The cover is gorgeous.

    1. Yes! They usually resolve things quicker, but this was a close one

  7. I think that I might have to get my hands on this one at some point.



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