Friday 1 January 2021

Stats and Bingo Challenge Update


I read 142 books in 2020

*82 audiobooks and 60 print books. Audiobooks win again!

*One book made it to a 5 star rating 2 years in a row, Wild Country by Anne Bishop since Carole and I reviewed them this year too and I re-listened.

*if my tags are correct then I read 27 historical romance books this year

* I read 39 fantasy books

      * 2 were fantasy romance

* 16 contemporary romance books

* 10 novella/short stories

* 10 urban fantasy, from which 5 were re-listens!

* 8 books

         * one romance

* 4 paranormal romance books

* 9 historical fiction

* 14 mystery books

         * 12 Ruth Galloway and 2 Veronica Speedwell, lol

* 14 YA books

*20 books were by a male author (one anthology) and 123 by female authors (one shared anthology)

So no one tell me about woman to male ratio cos it is obvi strongly toward one way here. Wow

Carole's and my Romance bingo for 2020, well I did get 2020, but I did not mark all boxes, which is fun too. But then for this year I need to better myself. I update this card like twice a year which is so bad. I should mark a box at once! Cos now I was all, what was that book about? Did it fit?

I will post tomorrow about the 2021 Bingo challenge that we are doing

And do not forget about the 2021 Audiobook Challenge!


  1. I forgot about the bingo card back in February or March. I wonder where it is. I'll have to dig it up.

    1. That was my problem too. I need to find a better way to remind myself

  2. You had a great year! I have totaled everything yet but I have a feeling that I listened to a lot more than I read any other way. Yay for audiobooks!

  3. Happy new year! 142 is a great achievement!

  4. Very nice! You read a great variety of genres. LOL, lots by the same mystery author- I must try her the way you loved them.
    I had fun with the BINGO and glad you are doing it again.

    1. Hhaha, I was so obsessed with these books this year.

      We have done some Bingo improvments, must tell you soon

  5. I was a utter failure keeping track! I'm going to join the audiobook challenge again. I need to do up my post. I've been lazy this weekend as it's a holiday and I was babysitting my grandkids 5 and 3 yrs old. Cute, but they wore me out! :)

    1. I can imagine! One kid is a lot here :D

      Goodreads tags saves me. They are the best

  6. Congrats!

    And lol on the author gender split. I read mostly women books but I've read a few from LGBTIA+ authors as well. Of course, men as well, but I don't really know the distribution stat. It would be interesting to know though. I might start doing that this year!

    thanks for the idea.

    Happy reading!

    1. It would be interesting to check that too, but then I'd have to find every author page, eek, I mean one of my women author I did not even know was a woman, I almost out her down as male, but I had read an article the same day about the book. But it was fun to check, and I knew, since I read a LOT of romance. Men do not stand a chance

  7. You had a great year! Happy New Year!

  8. Good job!

    I read very little romance this year which felt weird.

    But I did start listening to more audiobooks and I like angsty YA on audio lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Whaat, no romance, you poor woman ;) I read like a LOT

      Angsty YA works well in audio, hell, all YA works better in audio

  9. Thank goodness for Goodreads and the ability to add tags! I love looking back to see what I read over the year. And sadly I see I only read 9 romances!!



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