Wednesday 30 June 2021

Audio: Scandal in spring by Lisa Kleypas


Narrated by: Mary Jane Wells

Series: The Wallflowers, Book 4

Length: 8 hrs and 35 mins

Release date: 06-15-21

Publisher: HarperAudio

Historical romance

To review

Daisy is the last wallflower to find someone, and she is not having any luck. She loves books, she likes adventure, and she wants someone special. And English lords wants someone biddable.

I liked Daisy, she was herself and did not want to settle.

In comes Matthew, the man her father thinks she should marry. Ugh, what a toad Matthew is. Except, he got hot since she last saw him. But ugh, he is still so business oriented and not what she wants, or is he? Of course he is! He fancies her, she can't look away, but does, cos ugh. But she needs his steadiness and he needs her. And I liked Matthew, sure he was not like her, but that is why they worked so well together.

There is some drama too at the end, eeek, drama. It had me worrying.

A houseparty, two people falling in love. A sweet book.

Great narrator, I really like her for these books. She fits well, and all her voices are narrated for their best fit

Quirky and fun-loving American heiress Daisy Bowman is the last unmarried Wallflower. Her exasperated father has informed her that if she can’t find a husband by the end of her third London season, she will be forced to marry a man she hates—the ruthless entrepreneur, Matthew Swift.

Daisy is horrified. A Bowman never admits defeat, so she decides to do whatever it takes to marry someone...anyone...other than Matthew. What she doesn’t count on, however, is Matthew’s unexpected charm, or the blazing sensuality that soon flares beyond both their control. And Daisy discovers that the man she has always hated just might turn out to be the man of her dreams.

But when a scandalous secret is uncovered, it could destroy both Matthew and a love more passionate and irresistible than Daisy’s wildest fantasies.


  1. I need to read more of her books!

  2. How am I just catching on that each book is a season? I'll have to check out this series, see if my library has it. Thanks!

  3. Daisy sounds like a great character.

  4. Even though I've read it a great narrator can really make me want to reread via audio.

  5. I remember that I loved Daisy! I really need to re-read these books!

  6. Mary Jane Wells, hmm she's a new name to me.

    1. I haven't checked what else she has done, hmmm



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