Friday 25 March 2022

Audio review: Dating Dr. Dil

Narrated by: Soneela Nankani, Sunil Malhotra, Vikas Adam

Length: 10 hrs and 49 mins

Release date: 03-15-22

Publisher: HarperAudio

Contemporary romance

to review

I liked this one a lot. And then I heard that voice and knew why I had picked it, yes narrated by Vikas Adam, reading Prem's chapters. Aye it was good.

Kareena is of an age , and in her community she should be married or at least engaged. Not focused on her career. But Kareena is ready, and she has standards. There will be a lot of bad dates before this book is over. It is also inspired by Taming of the Shrew. She does have opinions.

Prem does not believe in love (issues!). They meet, there is fireworks, and then it turns ugly. Soon they despise each other.

It was a fun ride. Love hate love again. And the wanting of more, true love, and yes they both deserve just that. And aunties, let's not forget the aunties!

And great narrators too! Yes I really like Vikas Adam and he is good in Prem's chapters. i have listened to Soneela before too and she does a good job here. Together they make the chapters work and they blend perfectly into each other.

Kareena dreams of having a perfect love story like her parents did. That’s why on the morning of her 30th birthday, she’s decided to suit up and enter the dating arena. When her widowed father announces he’s retiring and selling their home after her sister’s engagement party, Kareena makes a deal with him. If she can find her soul mate by the date of the party, he’ll gift her the house, and she’ll be able to keep her mother’s legacy alive. 

Prem doesn’t have time for romance, which is why it’s no surprise when his first meeting with Kareena goes awry. Their second encounter is worse when their on-air debate about love goes viral. Now Prem’s largest community center donor is backing out because Prem's reputation as a heart health expert is at risk. To get back in his donor’s good graces, he needs to fix his image fast, and dating Kareena is his only option.


  1. Now I wanna listen! I adore Vikas Adam!

  2. I love the hate to love trope. Not sure I've heard like, hate, love lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. They fancied each other to pieces, but something happened , ugh hate! And then fnacy the pants of each other again lol

  3. It sounds good. I'm glad you liked it.

  4. I love stories based on Taming of the Shrew! I need to check this one out. :)

    1. Considering the series title I guess the next book will be Shakespeare inspired too

  5. This sounds adorbs! I hadn't heard of it, but I may need to check out the audiobook now. I don't think I've heard either narrator?

    1. WHat? Vikas is of course the narrator of Heartstrikers, and I have listened to some of Soneelas fantasy books

  6. Oh, I really like the sound of this one.



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