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Audio: Henry Fitzwilliam's war

Narrated by: Amanda Berry

Series: The Bennet Wardrobe, Book 2

Length: 1 hr and 58 mins

Release date: 06-25-18

Publisher: Don Jacobson

Pride and prejudice variation

To review

Since this was a novella I knew I could get it done fast so I threw myself in. The Bennet family has a magic wardrobe that can transport you into the future. And that is what Henry Fitzwilliam does. He is the grandson of Lydia and he uses it to go to 1915. Of course this is not something you can decide. The wardrobe chooses where to send you and he wanted valour so this is what he gets.

We get to see him in the war, and then when he recuperates. There is meets someone that will later haunt him after he goes back to his old life.

Ack, yes it was only a novella! I need his whole story now and that is book 3, I will get to that soon enough.

Short and good. A prequel to book 3 and it will leave you wanting to get that book.

She is doing a good job narrating these books. They really transport you there. I look forward to hearing more by her

Time is once again bent in 1883 as Viscount Henry Fitzwilliam, Viscount of Matlock, uses the remarkable Bennet Wardrobe to seek his manhood through combat as suggested by his great friend, Theodore Roosevelt. But, as Henry’s Great Grandmother, Lydia Bennet Wickham Fitzwilliam, noted, “The Wardrobe has a strange sense of humor.” The lessons the young aristocrat learns are not the ones he expected. Henry travels over 30 years into the future to land in the middle of the most awful conflict in human history—World War I. His brief time at the Front teaches him that there is no longer any room on the battlefield for heroic combat. Rather he discovers the horrors of “modern” warfare—the machine gun, high explosive artillery and poison gas—and the incredible waste of young men’s lives.

But, it is his two weeks spent recuperating at the Beach House in Deauville, after being temporarily blinded by chlorine gas, that irrevocably changes his life forever. There he encounters an incredible woman, one who will define his near 10-year search for the love of his life after he returns to his own time--and how his personality was shaped by their emerging that was impossible on a number of levels.


  1. Eep... it's like a fantastical voyage. I don't know if I could walk in without knowing where/when I was going beforehand.

    1. I would not do it, that is some scary stuff. Like I would trust a wardrobe, it could sent me 1000 years into the future

    2. Start with Volume One: The Keeper: Mary Bennet's Extraordinary Journey. There you will find the Wardrobe's origins and begin to understand that the Wardrobe sends Bennets to that where/when that will allow them to learn that which they must. A hint...they may find danger, but through it they learn.

  2. I would only want to travel to the future if I could come back to my own time later.

    1. And knowing it was safe where I was going

  3. I love Amanda Berry's narration of this series, too.

  4. Pride & Prejudice/Doctor Who is a mashup I didn't know I needed.

    1. Not so much a mashup as a speculation in another universe using Heinlein's concept of solipsism.

  5. Great to see it was a good one there!

  6. That's an interesting mash up. And short & good is always perfect :-)

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  7. It is. Here is the photo credit from the frontspiece: Cover Photo: A German trench occupied by British Soldiers near the Albert-Bapaume road at Ovillers-la-Boisselle, July 1916 during the Battle of the Somme. The men are from A Company, 11th Battalion, the Cheshire Regiment.

  8. Thank you all for your insightful comments.


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