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: Bridgerton


This month we decided to review season 2 of Bridgerton!

Blodeuedd is in purple and Carole in red.

Title:  Bridgerton
Genre: Historical Romance, Drama
Released: 2022
Season: 2
Rating: TV-M

Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family



***SPOILER WARNINGS (we tried to be good ;) ) ***

Season 2 yayy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I confess not rushing out to see, I only watched cos I got sick. But I am glad I did! I liked it SO much more than s1

Awww I am glad you are feeling better, but I’m also glad you watched this. I loved S1, but I really LOVED S2 the most. I could be biased but Anthony is of my faves. 

S1 took me 1,5 months. S2 took me 2 days ;) I just felt s1 had no romance to speak of. They had sex sure, but that is not romance. Can’t say I liked Daphne either. But here, yes maybe I just like haters to lovers. But all those looks and almost touches. This had all the feels.

Really??? Wow. That is a long time. I loved Kate and Anthony and their hate to love situation! Yes, they changed the timeline and added some extra stuff from what happened in the book. However…I liked the change. It made it seem more impossible for them to finally get their HEA. And honestly…I thought about it and the changes made sense. Anthony’s and Daphne’s story was pretty similar in some ways in the books. So the changes made their stories different. 

Still they  did Edwina dirty. Stringing her along, making her think she was in love and then have all that swept away. I would be PISSED too if I was her. Forgiveness would be hard.

Yesss they did string Edwina along wayyyyy more than the book. Poor thing. She is adorable and deserves loveeee. The little exchange between her and the Queen had me hopeful for S3. Maybe she’ll get the last laugh and get great love and an even richer dude. ;) One can hope. 

Hopefully, cos yes not cool! But then Kate should have said something ages ago. I get Anthony, he had his share of issues so he just wanted a loveless marriage. Still, you should have seen it Anthony and said you want Kate. Stupid man

I get why Anthony didn’t say anything because he didn’t want love. He liked Edwina enough and was fine with having no love in his life. I agree. Kate should’ve told her sooner, but she didn’t want love either. She really thought she could get Edwina married and then run away to India and live her best Spinster life. Honestly…Daphne should’ve done more. She knew what she knew but she stayed mum too. COMMUNICATION PEEPS!!!

But it did bring the drama ;) And they both needed that kick in the butt to show how they feel. So many sidestories too. What about Eloise this season?

Eloise is endearing. I loved how she stood up to that one asshat. But I wasn’t really a fan of her crush of Theo. I feel like she was using him in a way. IDK. I did love the drama at the end with Eloise and Pen. I know a lot of people are mad, but I honestly really loved it. I’m sure things will get fixed pretty quick in S3, but I liked the drama and I think they needed to yell at each other. 

I was not sure about her and Theo either. I felt she could escape from the house too easily and no one ever said anything. Like hello?! But she did seem to like him, but at the same time I just want her to end up with her right person. And I hope she stays angry a long time.

To be honest…I think everyone was SO distracted by Anthony and his drama. And Anthony himself could not pay attention to Eloise running amok. I can see how she was able to sneak off. I agree, but I get why Pen said and did what she did, but I get why each is mad at the other. 

I am harder on Pen, there was another way, but she wanted what she wanted too much. But if s3 is Benedict's book? Will they all be angry at Pen for an entire season then?

I think Eloise will not tell the others the real reason WHY she is mad at Pen and what Pen did. I think she is too loyal, but she is super hurt. I’m sure Eloise and Pen will be mad at each other for the majority of the season and then Eloise will offer her services in some way shape or form. 

And then the rest finds out at the end or something. I think it is good, they both need to speak to other people. Too much in their own bubble. Ok who is next?

In the book everyone finds out in Collin and Pen’s book. So if the writers are going to follow-ish the books we won’t find out until the end of s4 or mid s4. We shall see. Oooo what did you think of the Featherington drama? Mama F surprised me in the end! I actually respected her a bit more there!

Ugh those people! Ok one daughter away, phew, another one to go. Pen will have her time. Mama is very busy and likes shortcuts. Cruel, but yes in the end, she could have had more. I was all for that. But at the same time, right decision. She is a good mother.

I think she was all on board with what’s his face until he pretty suggested just leaving the girls behind….you could see her going from her normal selfish self to Mama Bear. She literally tossed him to wolves. She made the right decision for sure. I was bummed he was crappy. I was hoping they would have a nice guy actually care about them and want to help them out. 

Do not poke Mama Bear! Good for her, and she has some money now, she will be fine.Right, do you have anything to say about Benedict?

Yess so I think S3 will be kind-ish to them…I hope. We need to get the other girl married off. I like Benedict but I am worried about his season. Remember the book? They kinda made him a jerk for the first half of it. Sure he redeems himself….but he was an asshat to Sophie. We shall see. Maybe they will soften him a bit. 

He was such an asshole. I did not like him one but, pleeeease tone it down in the series. I sure hope so. 

For real. He is just so sweet right now. It will break my heart if they make him a super jerk. A little jerky-ness is okay because drama of course….but I hope they tone it down and he doesn’t pretty much blackmail Sophie at one point. I’m nervous for s3 but I am always soooo excited. I literally can’t wait a year! SOBS. 

Sad. I hope it is good, and I hope they show us some casting soon!

Yesss they need to at least give us that. Kate and Anthony will be there but that makes sense because Anthony IS the head of the household and Kate is pretty much Mama #2. I can’t wait to see more interaction and convos between the three…Mama Bridgerton, Kate, and Anthony. They have a handful of drama and marriages to deal with. LOL. 

Fun times! I am glad I got it done quickly :) Even if it is ages until more now. Until next time!

I feel ya. It was fun times and I couldn’t stop watching…but now we wait. Eeeee!

The end?

The end!!


  1. Great review ladies. I've not read the books or watched the show. Someday!

  2. I haven't watched season two yet, but you both have piqued my interest!

  3. I am so bad. I have only watched the first episode of the first season.

  4. I haven't watched it yet but once I do I am sure I will binge. I want to chrome cast it to the TV, ipad is too small for such a good show, and I am lazy about turning on the TV.

  5. I'll preface this by saying I don't' really love reading about/watching the time period so...but I thought I would love this season so much more than the last one.

    I didn't like Daphne and I love Hate to love but I found the first half so boring. Too many things going on, too much whining and not enough of the couple.

    I did really like the second half of the season though and really liked the older women cast because it showed how yeah- they can be catty and bitchy but they're trying to make it alone in this society built around men.

    I heard somewhere that Pen and Colin are next season but it wasn't official.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. I LOVE the regency!
      Yeah Daphne was...something

      Too bad about the first half, but hey it did get better . Small win

  6. I'm glad you guys enjoyed! The show's not really for me but I do hear it's completely addicting!



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