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Movie Discussion: Persuasion


This month we decided to review the new 'Persuasion'. 

I am in blue and Carole in purple.

Title:  Persuasion 
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Released: 2022
Rating: PG

Eight years after Anne Elliot was persuaded not to marry a dashing man of humble origins, they meet again. Will she seize her second chance at true love?

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Someone called it Austen for GenZ, and yes I can see that. I liked it, but it was also super cringe.

Agreed. They for sure added some modern terms and simplified some of the scenes. I liked it, but it was so cringy whenever she spoke directly to the camera and overexplained her feelings. Just act and show us. No need to tell us. 

When she called him her ex, like wtf woman? Or when she spoke of cappuccinos not yet invented. Or when she talked about her hentai dream to a duchess or whatever she was. Like OMG were you raised in a freaking barn?!

Oh! And when she awkwardly bragged about Mary’s hubby wanted to marry her first. I wouldn’t do well in society….but even I know that shouldn’t EVER be brought up in front of guests. 

So embarrassing, I totally get why her father and sister did not like her. Which is wrong! We are supposed to root for Anne, but srsly, she was a looser. Cringy and ugh Anne, just no.

Anne is supposed to be sophisticated and smart and clever. Kinda sad, but sweet. There were times when she was all those things. But then those out-of-character awkward moments. Like I thought it was sweet and funny when she had the jam on her face when playing with the kids. That wasn’t cringy. But the other moments? That is NOT Anne. Sure, I still liked her by the end but dang…I would be embarrassed to have her around. I would tell her flat out, “Please be normal. Don’t be embarrassing tonight.” lol

 Yes! And walking around with that wine bottle all the time, damn Anne, you are an alcoholic. You can be sad, but if she has been drinking for 7 years then she needs help. She is the embarrassing aunt who should not be invited to things.

Maybe she was drunk during those moments? But no one really thought to be like “Hey girl…I get you’re sad you and Wentworth broke up 7-8 years ago now….put the bottle down.” She has a problem and I don’t think that should be the message sent to Gen Z and younger. I wouldn’t play this version in HS.

Like when she just pulled down her dress to pee in the woods, girl, check behind the dang tree. She was not the Anne I love. How Wentworth still loved he is beyond me.

Not sure if they were trying to make her more relatable? Or just adding humor? But none of the other characters were that off track of their normal behaviors so it was just awkwardly done. I might’ve been more okay with it if she didn’t talk to the camera. Like…is she insane? Who is she talking to?

You can make it fun without making it like this. Dunno about you, but I loved Mary! Mary was horrible, but had the best lines. Pathetic and perfect, without being a loser like Anne.

OMG Mary had me laughing. Like her line about how she is an empath. LOLLLL Girl, you are delusional. Or the one when with Louisa and how she stills wants to be invited even though she doesn’t like walking. She was fun. Anne is supposed to be serious and sweet. The humor comes from her siblings and dad and even Mr. Elliot. They are supposed to be comic relief. 

They were great and like they are supposed to be. But what can one expect from this really, I mean Anne sits in her nightdress when Wenthworth comes in and they worry about the jam. And did one of the sisters dance with a footman? It was not the times, not even pretending to be. So I guess Anne can be a loser alcoholic then. Maybe she can go to rehab

I don’t remember the footman, but I remember Anne being in her PJs. I think the creator/writer/director, threw decorum out the window. Anne and other women at that time would’ve rather been dead then been caught in their nighties. Same with the dudes. But yes, this version of Anne was a bummer. What makes me sadder was that there were times she was the PERFECT Anne. The one we all love. It’s like two different writers did different scenes and didn’t talk about it. LOL

Sad. I liked watching it, but if I had to re-watch I will go with the version that brings all the feels, and with a letter that makes me believe in everlasting love.

Same. That was a classic and a Wentworth that I drool over. Like I said on Facebook…I would’ve loved if the Wentworth and Mr. Elliot switched roles. I think Henry Golding would have been better at brooding and making the heart go. But again…I could be biased because I adore that actor more. LOL. 

And I say no, because Golding was perfect as pretty boy Elliot. As Wenthworth he should be more rugged as he spends all his time on a ship.

I think Golding could’ve pulled off rugged ;) But I will say, I applauded the end and what they did with Mr. Elliot. I also liked that Mr. Elliot wasn’t necessarily “evil” or “bad”. He just wanted the title. 

I liked this Mr Elliot. I can’t say more than that :D Go Mr Elliott. Boo Anne. Oh and I hated the Anne is not pretty in this one, ahem, who are you kidding. If you had say Anne has no manners then I could be onboard lol

Team Mr. Elliot! LOL. Never thought I would type or say those words ;) But right??? Anne was BEAUTIFUL. They should’ve had the older sister play her. She was so plain…like how Anne is supposed to be. This Anne was lovely. 

I thought the same, the older sister was the least pretty of them all.

Agreed. And it wasn’t that she was ugly. Just very plain and in the background. She would’ve been the perfect Anne. 

We do seem to feel the same then, except for who should play Elliot ;) You just want Wentworth to be eye-candy too. Now he was rather boring

Hahahaha I am biased because Golding is my favorite and I’ve liked him in other things. 

Oh god, what if they make other new genz versions?! Like could you see Lizzy going around drinking wine while walking around and just, ugh, now I am scared.

Ughhhhh I hope not. Maybe they just tried to make Anne more interesting because I’m sure GenZ think she is boring because she is so nice. At least some of the other gals from JA have related flaws. Like Lizzy has a big mouth and can be super judgey herself. So maybe they’ll leave those alone. This made me want to rewatch the original Persuasion and even the Bridgerton show. Bridgerton walks the line well. It keeps the tone of the times but has enough sprinkle of modern-ness. This tried too hard to blend the lines. 

Bridgerton is good without going crazy like this. You can still change Anne without making her like this, I would not want to meet her.

And yes I wanna watch Persuasion again!!

I have the DVD. I may make my hubby watch it tonight ;) But like I said, I didn’t HATE this film. It had it’s moments but I was really sad how they did Anne dirty. She and Wentworth are some of my favorite characters of all time. 

I used to love PP the most but when I got older I liked Persuasion more. I would NOT have done that after this version.

Same. And I really wanted a newer version, because PP ALWAYS gets a new version every few years. I was so excited, but I guess I gotta stay with the classic. 

Though…I could still do with a new PP, just do not destroy the spirit of Austen. That lady was witty!

For real. I want all the books to get a new movie, but maybe NOT from this team. Poor Anne. 

Not from this team.

The end?

*shakes head* not this team at all. 

The end!


  1. Oh my! Sounds like one of my favorites has been destroyed :( I wasn't aware of it until this post and about halfway through the preview I got worried. I see I was right to be. I think I'll pass. But I enjoyed the chat!!!

    1. I enjoyed it, but it was not Persuasion, gods no

  2. Oh, bummer! I hate it when a film adaptation doesn't do the story justice. My daughter liked this one, but she hasn't watched previous adaptations. I'll lower my expectations.

    1. If you just watch it without knowing then sure then it could be fun. But it was not a romance like those before, where your heart felt it

  3. If I had never read or seen the past stuff I think I may have liked this a lot more.

    1. If you are clueless this will be good, which is sad

  4. I was looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this, figured you would review. Do not like the cringe!



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