Monday 26 September 2022

Carole's Monday: Cream caramel and murder


Author: K.E. O'Connor
Title: Cream Caramel and Murder
Series: Holly Holmes #1
Genre: Cozy mystery, Fiction
Format: ebook
Pages: 175
Published: July 25, 2019
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

Holly Holmes loves her new job working in the kitchen at Audley Castle, home to the eccentric and wealthy Audley family.

With her faithful corgi cross, Meatball, by her side, she enjoys a quiet life full of baking, researching old recipes, and trying any fun fitness fad – weighted hula hoop, anyone?

When the bumbling, and cute, Lord Rupert Audley requests some of her scrumptious desserts for his school reunion, she happily gets baking.

Everything is going great until Meatball discovers a hand sticking out of the ground, Princess Alice faints, and Holly gets stuck in the spotlight for murder!

If Holly can’t clear her name, she’ll lose her amazing new life in the beautiful Audley St. Mary, Meatball will go back to the animal shelter, and her freedom will be history.

I grabbed this Amazon freebie a little bit ago because I love cozies, the cover is adorable, and the summary sounds like fun. Plus...PUPPY!

Holly loves her new job working in the kitchen at Audley Castle. Holly also loves her faithful corgi cross named Meatball. She loves to bake and trying new fun fitness fads. Everything seems perfect until Lord Rupert Audley requests her to bake some desserts for his school reunion. Everything seems normal, until the next day when she, Meatball, and Princess Alice find a hand sticking out of the ground. If Holly can't clear her name, she may lose this amazing life. 

I simply adored Holly and her puppers. Epic duo! They are so sweet and kind and just fun. I would love to be their besties. 

Alice and Rupert are fun too. Alice is sweet and Rupert is adorable. I do wonder why he is only a Lord while Alice is a princess, but they are brother and sister? I'm not quite sure. Maybe book 2 explains this more? Like he turned down his right to the throne? IDK. I'm not an expert and maybe I missed something...

The Duke and Duchess (Alice's and Rupert's uncle and aunt) were funny. So was the grandmother. A weird family, but they are endearing. 

Now, I did struggle with how the police let Campbell (the head of security) lead the investigation. Sure, I get these folks are royal, but it seems so unlikely and unrealistic. What if it was Campbell who did it??? He's not unbiased....he's being paid by the family....seems odd to me. 

But yes, this was a very cute and sweet cozy mystery. There are some questions I have and some parts that and far-fetched. Ignoring those things though this is a nice quick read for fall. Some fun characters and a cute puppy! Plus baking? Yum. 3 stars from me. 



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